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How Healthy are You?

You can tell from two factors: how many hours you sleep and how old you are.

You are in as perfect health as you can be given your age if you sleep zero hours per night.

If you are an average person, sleeping for example 4 hours if old and 8 hours if young,
the younger you are the less healthy.

Thus a 60 year old who sleeps 2 hours per night is roughly 4 times more healthy than a 15 year old who also sleeps 2 hours.

And this is all connected with sex. If you are so bored with life in reality that you are not engaging in sexual activity
you have a lot of sleep because you have nothing better to do.
And if you do not have sexual activity, your health declines.
If your mind becomes dull, your body becomes dull too and poor health sets in.

Try an experiment. When you are next feeling dull, low, not interested in your usual activities,
rub or wank, you do not even need to reach, you will immediately feel better.
Actually, if you want to gain health and become like a 60 or 80 year old,
you need to have prolonged orgasms, not to reach immediately.
See below of how to do this.

Almost everyone in the world is due for quite a lot of pain.
There is a set amount of pain due to you, depending on how evil you have been.
But, not all pain is undesirable.
Pain associated with getting your body healthy is something people like.
Such pain of course reduces the amount of other pain you will have.

In My several articles about exercise, you will suffer such good pain.
But, it is not exercise but sexual activity that builds up your health.

So, for example, try this:
1.Take your computer, tablet, wife, phone,. and eg open up a video.
2. Here I just give an example of a single man without wife or call girl, or single woman, with video.
3. Sit on bed with your legs spread as wide apart as possible.Rub etc. whenever you see nipples.
4. When no nipples, stretch forward keeping your legs poker straight. Obviously it will hurt a little.
5. This is good pain and will give you less bad pain later.
6. But, you need to avoid tearing a ligament, which is bad pain, albeit this will also mean you have less bad pain later
7. If you go slow with the rubbing, you will not reach, but you still have subtle orgasms which maybe you can sense or not
8. This builds up your health.
9. The longer the better.
10. But, you will only have small subtle orgasms this way. The health and pleasure benefits are small.
11. If you wank fast,you will if you are healthy, quickly reach.
12. Good but then you will have to wait a while unless you are very healthy to have more orgasm.
13. So, the best is to be disciplined withdraw from her etc. before you reach.
14. Then wait a few seconds if you are not healthy, or just continue slow if you are healthy.
15. Then after 5 minutes, go fast again, stop before..
16. Sexual activity is the ONLY way to build up your health.
17. Obviously the best is to have a wife whom you are attracted to who is healthy.
18. The next best is a prostitute, the more expensive the better, see Call Girls in India
19. The next best is My videos.
20. The next best is photos, they look better perhaps, but you last less long.

21. With a call girl, you should not enter her unless you are extremely disciplined and know you will not reach
unless you want marriage for life. Clearly, a single call girl will want you to enter her.

There are some things that are good not bad signs of health.

1. Sweating is not caused by heat but by healthy body excreting poison through the sweat glands,
the warmer the climate the better for this. Obviously not 50 degrees like Delhi. Exercise too.
You should shower whenever sweat accumulates. And then fan to get bacteria in sewage water to fall off.
2. Almost everybody gets 'heart burn' eg about 1 hour per day. This is not heart burn but poisons
messing with your internal organs. You cannot lie flat. Lie on your side, or if still not good,
lie on some pillows or clothes under your back. It is NOT sign of poor health.
3. These poisons heat you up. Eg put fan on or have icecream. It is not sign of poor health.
4. After heart burn, the poisons leave the body from anus, not in urine. Most people will have blood coming out.
It is good thing not bad.
Most poisons are slimy when wet and so your anus will have slime in it. It is best to try and get rid of it.
5. If you have not exercised enough or not hot enough, your skin will burn, itchiness happens
when British poison nears surface of body ready for sweating out.
Similarly, boils, pimples, blotches..all are due to poison and are good signs.
If a problem you should apply milk to the affected parts and then rinse off with water.
6. All these are good signs of healthy body, poison can stay in you for months otherwise.
7. Obviously better to be in country, and in warmth (not artificial heat from heaters), etc.

8. If after some time with any activity, particularly sexual, you are flagging, again this is not
necessarily due to ill health. The healthier you are the less food you need but even with 100% health
you need the equivalent of 2 litres of milk and 150 grams of chocolate per day to remain sexy, alert etc.
Even if you are engaging in sexual activity 22 hours per day, you still need this.

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