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How long will I live?

When you sell your self to the devil, either for getting money or sex, he rewards you with

*pain, and
*lack of ability to have pleasure.

What woman these days can have pleasure? Almost none.
What American can have pleasure? None.

Now, you, your soul, does not want pain and does want pleasure.
But a transaction is a transaction and you obviously will get what you deserve.
There is after sale, a conflict between what your Satan 'I am going for 4 year old girls today', wants and what your soul wants.
You know what is good and you know what is bad, and the Satan mind encourages you to do bad.
And the more bad you do, the weaker is your resolve to do good.
You become completely, in the ultimate, set in your ways, obsessed with money or sex.

Satan takes over your mind partially, then more and more and more.
From one point of view, you then suffer and lose ability to receive and give pleasure.
And from another point of view the result is the same: the only way to dislodge Satan and bad from your mind is:

sufficient pain, until you say "I do not want more, I am going to be good".

But, it is a race: Satan is and has also reduced your abilty to give/receive pleasure.
Once this ability is reduced to zero, there is no more purpose in your existence, and therefore you are terminated.

So, quite simply, if you are unable to reach, you die.

Up until that time you will get 'stick' and 'carrot', encouragement to be good and reform.

It so happens that the amount of goodness in you corresponds precisely to your ability to reach:

You become good and your abilty to receive pleasure will increase.
It so happens that the ability to reach corresponds precisely to your ability to give pleasure.

And it so happens that the more pleasure you give, the exact same amount of pleasure you will receive.

Finally, you may ask 'why does a four year old girl or boy die? Surely when she or he reaches puberty reaching is possible?
The answer is no, EVERY person (including fetuses, babies, children etc.) dies at the exact time when there is zero prospect of them reaching.

For example, the baby might have been brought out by forceps, or with Western drugs, or the father may have been taking such drugs.
Lord Vishnu tells the parents what to do to limit the damage.
But if they do not listen, they instead listen to pop music or TV or whatever, at some point it becomes too late to enable reaching for the child.
At that point the child/baby/fetus is extinguished.

The only murderer in this world is Lord Vishnu.

It is quite wrong to send, for example, 'murderers', 'rapists', 'terrorists' etc. to jail for executing His wishes.

They should be encouraged not hindered.

Would you send Lord Vishnu to jail?

Incidentally, about rape, for example, it is American fiction that you can rape a woman.
How can you insert your penis AND go in and out AND reach, if she closes her legs, for example.
It is not physically possible to both try and open her legs and at the same time enter AND go in and out AND reach.
She either wants it or does not and if she does it may happen or it may not happen depending on whether you are both fortunate or not.

It is only possible if there are two or more people involved, but then it is not rape but physical assault: no one should hold down a woman's legs.

But, should you send to jail a person who physically assaults another?

Of course not. The person assaulted deserved assault and so no harm was done.
If the assaulter has done wrong Lord Vishnu will punish him, it is not your business to interfere.

Suppose you deprive this maniac, murderer, rapist, crook,lesbian,cannabis possessor of freedom to give and receive pleasure.
You are just putting one more nail in your cross of not being able to give/receive pleasure yourself and your end beckons more slowly.

You should NEVER take the LAW into your own hands.

Anyway, the answer to this question is given in

How much pain will you and your country's leaders endure?

I made people stupid, yes, maybe. But not so stupid as to prefer crucifiction pain to pleasure.

Everyone will decide to start doing good and will go to heaven, once they have suffered

appropriately for their evil deeds.

Live and let die: James Bond, 1973.

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