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How to Entertain a Woman II

You know I wake up this morning and think to Myself would it not be nice to look at some videos.
And then I notice that My tablet is only 4% charged. SAMSUNG.
Now man woman is not just about sex, I think.
When she loves a man more than 30%, she can take her clothes off for him, and vice versa.
So, women first of course.

Woman lies down, lifts up her legs and spreads her legs.
And then man sits on the fleshy part of her left thigh at the top near her vagina.
So obviously, because of his weight, the leg goes onto the bed and the other one lifts up.
The thing now is that you do not necessarily need to do sexy things, you he or she can

*talk to each other, about childhood or school, or parents, or previous loves,
or holidays you have had or want, or jokes or silly things that come into your head,
or what you want in a prettier woman
*sing the ho ho I love you song, maybe take it in turns or together or with the kids
*talk to the kids and teach them English
*read from this website
*have a bite to eat
*stroke each other or one gently and lovingly, softly
*touch each other with see "The Glancing Blows Act"
*poke out tongues and try and stretch your tongue to your nipple,
or stretch your nipple to your tongue
*he can tickle you or you him
*you can just look quietly into each others eyes
*if you are in the countryside or beach and alone you can just admire the surroundings
*peacefully he or she can gently stroke her thigh, or pubic hair upwards, or her arm, or groins
*deep massage, with four fingers pressing firmly maybe in circular movement with
pads of fingers
trying to soften muscles in abdomen or thigh or arm or calf
*close your eyes and fall asleep
*cover your breast or eye or mouth or vagina and let him gently firmly lift your hand up
with one finger so you develop arm or finger muscles
*pretend to bite each other
*taste each others fingers
*children to sit on your arm or your tummy, snd you try and raise them off when
they are on your arm
*practice sit ups and try and hug him
*make one or both legs ramrod straight all the time smiling and being relaxed.
*grip your buttocks and make them hard
*suck your anal spincter muscles to make your anus tight and small
*practice keeping your abdomen down.
*straighten right leg back or to side or up or towards head, kicking into straightness or slowly
with determination keeping it straight, wrapping arms around thigh and then straightening
or catching toe, or lifting it up and down from bed behind you up or from side
*swinging your body from side to side
*working your ankles or your fingers
*scratching off poison pimples so your skin becomes smooth
*scratching off dead double skin
* taking your shin behind your head so your foot is on the other side of your head
*eating your right toe
*jabbing your elbows into the air to work your shoulders
*raising your head to work your back of the neck
*doing bent leg things with your right leg, taking knee to near your ear, to right side, to up, to left
side, to down near your right armpit, then all of these straightening it.
*practice lifting up by using strength in your little finger, man lifting you up..

After all this or some, boys turn, but do not sit on child. Then man.
With man, you can help him when ge does bent leg things to assist him going further,
but not when he does straight leg things. Then girl's time.
Then do opposite side, him sitting on your right leg.

Here no Western music, sex, etc. just nice time with your family or anyways
with those who you love considerably.

When a woman sits on a man, both persons get more pleasure if their legs are straight.
Hence this programme is good for everyone.

When a thigh gets tired of the weight, you can go to the next person's turn.
The boy or man should be facing Varkala beach, when sitting, and with their head
when lying.

And of course, if you are on your own, you pretend there is a man or woman
sitting on your thigh and whistle or sing and do exactly the same things as above

You need to go to Settings, Applications, and disable and uninstall

Google maps
Total commander
Voice recorder
and anything else that does not say 'samsung' if you have a samsung device,
except for things you use,
such as gmail, google, your office programmes, video players,
music player, photo editor, file explorer, and internet browser such as 'Chrome'.

All evil software suppliers will pay a heavy price.
As will the manufacturer of 'TAN'or 'ATN' tablet to power supply chord/adapter manufacturers.
YUP, a heavy price.
Then close down your tablet and power it up again.
Today, TWO almost major tragedies struck Me.
1. There was a caterpillar in My bathroom. I said to Myself, this is WAR.
So, I emptied 2 buckets of water next to it, to encourage it to FLEE.
Which it did.

2. BUT, My bathroom drain is not used to a whole 2 buckets of water coming at it
at the same time.
So the bathroom floor was about 0.75 inches, 1.9 cm, water flooded.
So, I take 0.5 litres of Indian milk, ie yoghurt (known as die in India) and pour it onto drain.
Water drains away reasonably.
In 6 hours I will pour another bucket of water onto floor, in the mean time let Indian milk
kill off germs etc.

You know soon water will cease for some.
Today I had an incling of how horrible this is.
I had had My shower etc. and then Kerala water supply switched off!
I was shocked. It only happens eg once or twice per week.
Why pick on Me and why pick on Me today of all days?
Anyways, luckily for Me I always fill a spare bucket of water plus 1 jug in case
I ever have to live in India.
I was without running water for 2 hours.


You know, I am a very very kind person, a huge intellect and also a great inventor.

Possibly you are by now upset at how My Lord treats Me.

3 days ago, He put 2 ants on My hotel desk top surface where I keep My food supply of chocolate, toffee and Indian 'milk'.

So, I invent the ANT CATCHER.

Used milk and chocolate and toffee wrappers left on the desk top surface.

Binned once per day.

Now I must admit, so far no actual ants or anything actually caught, but you never know what
hostile ACT Lord Vishnu will inflict on Me next. I mean I do, but you do not.

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