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The Holidays Act 23 October 1871

Beauty is the thing that lifts up one's heart and gives one the joy of life.
If you are with a stunningly beautiful man or woman, with 100% beauty, and you are with
him or her 24/7 with no sleep, you have 100% joy of life.
You do not need a holiday. A holiday is there to give you back some of the 100% joy of life that you lost
when you left your mother's womb.
You do not have 100% joy of life because you have in the course of your soul's existence done evil.
Suppose you go on holiday to a stunningly beautiful place, you regain joy of life to the maximum
extent possible given how beautiful your partner is and how little you sleep.
Obviously if you sleep 24 hours per day, then such a holiday is useless, you will have no joy in life.
But, for example, if you have a 100% ugly spouse, and sleep 8 hours per day, you can still have
67% joy of life by not looking at him or her and just being surrounded by 100% beauty for your 67% waking hours.
Clearly for most people this joy of life is temporary, because if you have done evil, you will get pain
and whilst suffering pain you cannot see beauty.
So, in short, most people are not 100% healthy and do not have a 100% beautiful spouse.
Such people will overall be happier, will regain some joy of life by going on holiday to a beautiful place.
Of course, if the cost of the holiday is a fortune, and they are not rich, they will need to pay with pain.
So, the cheaper the holiday the better.
Now, in 2017, there is no place in the world that is 100% beautiful. Every location has been spoiled by Westerners.
If you happen to live in Sexy India, South West India, My article Best Holidays in the World
gives the best relatively cheap holidays from South West India.
None of these places are 100% beautiful.
In reality, anything is possible at some cost.
If you want to visit a 100% beautiful place on your holiday, or to live in, all you need to do is ask
Lord Vishnu. He will calculate an appropriate cost, and transport you, for example to India 1871.
But, clearly, if you are not rich, you will need to pay with additional pain, and you need to ask Him
whether the additional joy of life you get from visiting a 100% beautiful place, or going to a lovely place
is worth it for you.
Of course also, if you have a partner, the costs are in part shared, for example transport costs per person are halved.

There is one more thing to consider. As you know from the home page various and ultimately all places in
the world will have cyanide. If you are 100% healthy, this is not a problem.Cyanide takes a long time to
disappear from a region, far longer than your lifespan. Hence for an optimal holiday, you need to choose a place
that has not yet been cyanided, or go back in time.

Similar considerations apply with regard to the arsenic in the world's water supply, only here you need to have
a holiday soon,unless you are reasonably fit or rich, location is less important.

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