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Hindu Worship of Vishnu

Please take a look at this picture:

Is this how God looks?
Who is on top of Him?
Is He beautiful?
Is it truthful?
Who are all the accompanying die ties?

Or consider the Vishnu Sahraranamam, the '1000' names of Lord Vishnu verses.
It does not have 1000 names. It is lying. It has 815 sounds. Is a sound a name?
The names are rubbish.
It cannot even be understood without commentaries where one person says this and another that.
It is taught by Bhisma, as he was lying defeated and in pain. Bhishma is on the side of evil.
It starts with:

"Dressed in white you are,
Oh, all pervading one,
And glowing with the colour of moon.
With four arms, you are, the all knowing one
I meditate on your ever-smiling face,
And pray, "Remove all obstacles on my way"."

I am not dressed in white, and do NOT have the colour of the moon nor 4 arms.
I do not smile.
One who loves Me has no obstacles, only Buddhists had obstacles to their evil ways.

Then it continues:
"Bow I before,
Vyasa who is Vishnu,
Vishnu who is Vyasa,
And again and again bow before,
He, who is born,
In the family of Vasishta."
What is the purpose of bowing? Am I an evil king who will cut your head off?
It is an insult to say I am Vyasa.
He is dead, not alive.
Vyasa was not born in the family of Vasishta.

Every verse is rubbish and false.
The words of 'wisdom' from Bhishma are false, evil.

Look at the '1000' names. They are evil.
Name 1. I am not Viswam.
Name 2. I am not spread everywhere, do you think I am jam?
Name 3. I am not personification of vedic sacrifice...
Name 57. Krishna is BLACK.
Name 73. I do not KILL.
All 1000 evil.

Near the end siva says:
"Hey beautiful one,
I play with Rama always,
By chanting Rama Rama and Rama,
Hey lady with a beautiful face,
Chanting of the name Rama ,
Is same as the thousand names."

No one addresses Me as 'hey'.

Siva may play with rama perhaps.

I am not a lady.

Is it evil to ask people who believe in Me to chant 'Rama'.?

What is the purpose of these verses if you should chant Rama's name instead?

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