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How to deal with a (your) broken heart

Well you lie down and maybe you are a little tearful that he or she has gone or whatever the circustances.
You do not do exercise, you do not watch videos, you keep your mind NOT distracted by other things.
And you say to Lord Vishnu, 'I want this man/woman to be happy if at all it is possible and it is good for them'
please do not punish them unless it is good for them, you may punish me instead'.
And then, when the tears have ceased, you go for a walk.

And then, you get on with finding another man or woman to mess up your life, the same as usual.
And good things they might occassionally to you.

Day 2, onwards, you watch videos and exercise etc. just the same as always.
And day 1, have some chocolate, be quiet and peaceful after your walk, doing nothing much, mundane things only.
After some time a second walk to tire you out if you are not too healthy, and then some sleep.
Or some crying, whatever you like. A third walk if you are healthy. Walking nice and slow, maybe not humming to yourself.

A lot of poison comes out of you from walking, so apply milk or youghurt to your whole body after your walk.
Apply the same to your footwear, and then shower off with water.

To sleep, first lie on your front.
And, then, you know what, more water. Such is this wonderful world. Trees. Birds singing.
Starlight. Cows (in England, a cow is a four legged animal now extinct that used to exist for
the purpose of giving milk to two legged anals that used to exist there).
In India a cow is a two legged female anal that still exists despite all My efforts to the contrary.

It is NOT true that it exists for the purpose of procreation to give milk to more anals.
This species of evil exists purely to give HEART BREAK to nice men who have done nothing wrong, except

the evil of loving them, and
for such men to become wet, and
which is much more than these cows deserve,
which is hardness, and
love, and
kind nexx, and
nail varnish.

Did you know that nail varnish is NOT an original Tamil Nadu invention?
And that it is poisonous?
And that nails do not need to be cut?
And that nails have a specific sexual function?
And that poison is not optimal for their sexual function.
And that poison seeps through nails into a cow in surprisingly large quantities.
And that nice men do not use nail varnish.

And that nice men with HEART BREAK get a two year headache for their evil of loving a cow.
And that you cannot be hard and wet and with headache at same time.
And that any cow will become nice if she has to wait 2 years for a man to become not wet.
And that she will suffer HEART BREAK during those 2 years.
And that even a cow will get to love a man who is wet.
But that only an initially nice cow will get to marry an initially nice man.
And that not nice men do not get HEART BREAK, but do marry not nice women.
And that these not nice women are then due HEART BREAK.
Or pain...

And that pain and HEART BREAK AND wetness and headache can be stopped at any time by Lord Vishnu.

And that when you love a man or you love a woman, you do not want your wetness to be stopped.

The soul of a man or woman you love can always feel your soft touch now gently touching your own chin.

Even if you roughly touch, it knows you love him/her and are hurt.

And even if your mind is asleep or with another man or woman, your soul 24/7 does not forget

And that its soul does not have physical wetness, but its love for you increases.
And your soul can give upto infinite love for upto virtually an infinite number of living feeling beings.

And you should not withhold your love, just because of HEART BREAK.

And with it giving you love, the sorrow of one who has broken your heart it flies away. It takes 2 years. DAY 2

This is the day when you listen to some music to cheer you up real good. Just to remind you.

Today, I had a shower, I mean every day I have a shower, but today also.
On My penis there was a little semen. Now semen does not cum without orgasm.
Even down below wetness on a woman is the same.
But, last day, I have not looked at pictures, videos, I have not wanked.
I have had 2 other things on My mind, apart of course from normal things like wee wee and eating:

Her. fuck, and
My promise to My Lord that I would love another/some women which so far I have not kept.

Anyways, even worse. The music words 'I'll be on my way' came to My mind. I do not know whether you know the song.
And for a moment, My heart it lifted as I thought maybe I was going to meet Him.
And then I remembered My promise.fuck.

So, after some music to really cheer you up, nice romantic Beatles perhaps

You damn remember you are a man (woman). No mere bitch (bastard) is going to mess you up

So, back to videos and pictures and dating sites, maybe the dating article on this website.

But, in the back of your mind, you remember you love her (him).

And you cry.

DAY 2.5

Today is not the day to go to a mobile shop and find that airtel does not put the mobile number
on a sim card and that the internet tariff plan they advertise all over India does not work.
Nor to find that samsung do not indicate on their tablets which way to put in a sim card.
It is also not a real good day for music or wanking.
In fact to sum up, it is not a good day.

You know these days people's chakra system is all messed up. Like rotten to the core.
The exercises I have given will heal the lower sex chakras.
But what about the heart chakra, located guess where?
For this you need British military training. I am your colonel today.
You do not slouch. You keep your chest open. You take a hard object like a brick, or if this is
too big for you, a minute book (2"* 2", 5 cm) or a cotton reel and you lie down with
this brick under your chest, under your heart, between the lower shoulder blades.

So your chest opens.
And your tiny soul, opens and blossoms and gives out love energy which is a tangible non
physical energy.
And this heart energy of yours is captured, stolen, by everyone in the world in a receiving
mode, ie no one. They want $$ or rupees.
But those in heaven in sorrow appreciate your love as does the bitch (bastard) whom you love.
And in heaven, they are forbidden to steal. So she (he) falls a little bit more in love with you
and gives you her (his) love which after what they did to you is the last thing you want.

And while you lie there in agony, you can also lightly softly touch your index finger and thumb
together, or eg touch your naked thigh. It might make you cry but it gives her or him sexual pleasure.

And of course, you giving pleasure to someone means you will get the same back.
The bitch/bastard in heaven cannot give you pleasure so owes you.
So, for this debt they give you their love which is what you wanted when you were a baby.
Completely useless, the hell I want this love from this woman/man, you think. True.
But, she/he is no longer in debt.

Anyways, you have done your best for her/him, she/he does the best for you, and your gift of
pleasure to her/him will come back to you.

Looking at pictures. Well, of course, you appreciate beauty. But, you do not get hard,
you just get wet like a woman.

So, let Me sum up HEART BREAK: 1. Next 50 years or whatever you will have moisture, but 2. If you are with another man or woman whom you love, i.e. concrete togetherness like dancing
holding hands, cuddling, will forget your HEART BREAK, but
3. If she/he looks away or goes shopping or sleeps, your wetness will come back, unless
4. Instead of being with another man or woman, you focus your mind 16/7 on another love
like knitting, or $, or killing Japanese.

And in the new world, known in India as the start of Satya Yug, golden age, item 4 is not an option.

You can have tears for another man or woman, with love and mostly happiness, and pain if you have wronged.

Just to remind Myself constantly about the cause of HEART BREAK, I created a file called
'Sod.html' which you can access by clicking on it and I can access by crying about it:
The Lord Vishnu Nothing Will go Right for You Act

(you cannot on this page actually see the file name).
In there I define the terms 'brother, sister, mum, dad, child, wife and husband'.
With sufficient good fortune you can get heart broken on any of these sods.
Now, you may ask, please let me know how I can get heart broken?
These sods are all the same these days, evil, so I will just explain how to get heart broken
relative to a brother.
The method for ALL other categories, bitches, bastards, whores, bankers.. is EXACTLY the same.
STEP 1. You fall in love with him. This with a brother is NOT sexual. If you both faced a firing squad,
you would ask the British to 'please kindly kill me, not him'.
STEP 2. You kill him, or, if you are prepared to wait to be HEART BROKEN, you wait until somebody else does this good deed.
Now, you may rightly say, 'but surely the death of this wanker is an occassion for great joy, not at all grief'
This is actually not true. The real heart response is 'the hell I care whether he is dead
or alive, it is a matter of complete indifference to me'.
Only Irish people celebrate wanker deaths with great great joy. This is because they are so drunk
they do not realize that they could not care less.
When a body passes away, the soul lives on and goes to heaven.
If you love a man, or a woman as a married couple, you will both go to heaven at precisely the same time.
You could not care less in the slightest that she has died.
And, with a brother whom you love, you will never be unhappy at him going to heaven, unless
he has been as evil as can be whilst on earth and therefore is sorry about it when in heaven.
Your heart break is nothing whatsoever to do with death, but is
*actualized at death
*more if you love him (her)
*more the more sorrow he or she has
*less if you are evil

So, now you know:
*if you do not want heart break, all you need to do is become evil, and if you do want it,
*pick an evil person to love.

Both are very very easy possibilities.

When you are heart broken, the only thing that brings relief is searching for love:
i.e. putting yourself on a dating site, looking for children to love, meeting possible marital
and of course if/when you are with such person.

AND the reason for this is that
such person(s) NEEDS your love. So, you should make best endeavours to give it to him/her/it.

Once you have found such person, then is the time to seriousy slim, exercise, wank, etc. as per his or her needs.

There is of course no reason not to do some of that beforehand, if you can manage.
A man may cry when looking at beauty, but a woman will not.
So both men and women should continue looking at pictures, videos etc.

And you will be pleasantly surprised at how your manhood and womanhood perks up.
Maybe you can manage to wank after all? It would be surprising if the Lord wanted heart broken people to catch VD.
For men, it is best to look at pictures you have not seen before.
And, men and women, maybe if you can get it up, or are ready, maybe you can do some exercise,
even if only a sitting posture while you look. Does it take 5 seconds, or is it 10 for you to perk up? At least it whiles away the time when you are crying. Or maybe you forget to cry?
You know, if your penis or vagina get sore, you should stop and just look.
But before that, try twisting the penis, or moving the vagina lip quickly to one side
whenever you see a nipple. There are different movements one can make before giving up,
maybe go very soft and gentle. If you flick the penis, or vagina skin up towards the navel
that is another movement. And, you can just keep the skin peeled back (away from the penis head
or the anus for a woman). And, if you go real quick opening and quickly releasing the skin,
another possibility. Or, you can peel back to the maximum, and hold it peeled back.
Or you can do 2 very quick successive movements, one for each nipple.
It is also the very top of the penis head or vagina part nearest the navel that often get most sore.
So if you do not peel back too much, ie just a little, there may be no problem.
Or try twiddling very quickly from side to side.
Or, you can peel back quite a lot and then flick penis or vagina lip up and down.
Or, in a very relaxed way just quietly opening and closing very slowly.
Or, for a woman, just holding one end open, or for a man just letting the penis head to be exposed for a while. Timing is also interesting. You can leave a little time gap between openings.
You can go real real quick maybe all the time holding your tummy muscles in, until you nearly reach.
Or you can go real real quick for a short while and then again and again.
Or go for maximum groin opening while wanking. Or moving your body from side to side.
Or gripping your anal muscles together for as long as possible, maybe with maximum groin opening
or tummy tucked in. Or trying to spread the
knees apart as much as possible.
Or sitting in some position, knees wide, and trying to lean back as much as possible at same time.
Or going forward.
When your knees or groins ache, relax your legs to the front.
Or, if you want your legs straight for a while, squuezing them together hard, both when sitting or lying or doing sit ups.
Or, touching your nipples with many variations, turning, pulling maximum, touching very lightly,..
When the nipples are not sensitive again go for the vagina/penis.
And you can repeat some of these actions, because obviously the penis/vagina is in a constant process of healing.
And before giving up, you should sit in some postures that challenge
your endurance and make you flexible at the same time.

When you have reached, obviously tears will come back to your eyes.

Remember to disinfect your penis/vagina with urine by closing them. You can do this 3 or 4 times.
In a healthy man or woman it takes about 20 minutes for the soreness to go. But, for most people
it takes a day.
But there is no reason to stop looking once you have reached. You should find a relaxing position,
eg lying on your front, resting on your elbows, and peacefully enjoy beauty.
I think you will find that you happily pass the time without much moisture.

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