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How long does it take to melt a heart?

Let us try a thought experiment and try 3 different approaches.

A. American 1965 plus way

You take a cockroach (US term is pig, UK term bobby and Indian term British), skin it, and put it on barbeque
skewer. Then you do a slow heat. Things happen, but 'roach is messed up bad too too quickly and heart does NOT melt

B. Pope Francis, Vatican Christian way

You take a young British, could be male, could be female, strip it.
Wait 2 weeks.

Then put it on cross.
Experiment again fails, heart does not melt.

C. Lord Vishnu way

You take poo Francis and get it to walk 5 km (3 miles), Vatican to Rome. And then back and forth until heart melts.
At 2.5 kmph, he reaches in 2 hours. Heart melts 5%.
Sound sleep and next day back to Vatican, another 5%.
Now, if you are a genius, you will figure out that there are 20 5%'s in 100% melting

It takes 20 days.

In case you have been misled at school, this is what a heart looks like when melted:

A horrible purple colour, with crystal to chisel off the barbeque dead flesh.

And this crystal is Lord Vishnu's penis, the hardest substance in world.

Or it may be Indian heart, a little mishapen etc.

I painted these in 2002.

Well, the Krishna painting, I was young and foolish. I loved wicked blue with his 1008 girl friends and their 1008
broken hearts with all My heart before marriage.

Shyam (in Sanskrit, dark, blue).Shyamal (Bengali), Shyam (Kannada), Shyam (Malayalam), Shyam (Marathi),
Shyam (Nepali), Shyam (Tamil), Shyam (Telugu)

Later, 705 BC, the Buddhists took My name and created Krishna, another name for Shyam.

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