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1. 1. You get a headache when you have hurt someone who loves you or wants to love you.
The intensity of the headache depends on how badly you have hurt them.
The duration of the headache is the same as the time from when you hurt them to when they no longer hurt.
2. Mostly, men do not get headaches.
After a year or so in a Western marriage, women do not usually get headaches, they just pretend.
Nowadays, children do not often get headaches.
You may not intentionally have hurt this person.
The cure for an unintentonal hurt are tears in your eyes.
You should try and investigate what the unintentional hurt was.
For example, you might have been miserable and you had better pull up your socks and avoid doing it again.
Or someone might have hurt you, messed with your heart, and this hurt hurt hurts someone who loves you.
You make sure you never let it happen again which means you hurt the person who loves you.
Poke your tongue out and swear at them, why do you want to love Me?
For example you might have been made miserable because you married a Hindu woman and you are still in the first week of honeymoon when she thinks she wants to love you.
Do not worry, she will soon be gone and then you will be happy unless you marry a Christian.
Everybody does a little evil or maybe more in this world, so a headache is highly desirable,
compared with 1000 hours of crucifiction.

You want to get rid of these babes soonest so they do not get 2000 hours.

Now that is some head ache to be deserved.

3. If someone hits you on the head with a hammer or blows off part of your head, that is not a headache. That is enemy action.
A headache is when you do it yourself, ie. your intelligence is about zero and you want it to go lower.
The real solution to this is to join the Tamil tigers and go to Sri Lanka some years back.
You get it both ways.
4. A headache seems to come to you from poor posture or reading with strained eyes or in a train, or from having chocolate.
This is why I recommend large chocolate consumption, particularly if you want to lose weight. You feel so rotten you do not want to eat.
However such are not the true causes of headache.
Poor posture will not of itself give you a headache, for example.
Taking a headache pill, aspirin etc. might.
Aspirin etc. otherwise has no influence on intensity or duration of a headache except,
since taking it
will hurt the person who loves or wishes to love you, it will make the headache worse.
But, since it destroys brain cells, you may experience the headache later when these have grown back.
Chocolate is actually good for you as is milk, another innocent party, when people are looking to assign blame.
5. Look on the bright side.
When the headache goes it converts to neck ache if you have poor posture, vomit and damaged vision.
If you have good posture, digestion and do not try and damage your eyes, you will not hurt anyone who loves you or wishes to love you, eg you will not be miserable.
6. To have good posture you need to conscript yourself into the USA army at age 3.
If you did not do this then you have bad posture.
To have good digestion you need to not conscript yourself into USA army at age 3.
7. To correct bad posture, and poor digestion you need to do exercises as set out on this website, plus for
7.1. curved stooping spine, lie on bed with a brick or other hard object between your lower shoulderblades
so your chest opens.
7.2. for curved in neck, you need to lie on your bed with your head and also different parts of your neck off the bed.
Thus sometimes your head, neck and shoulders will be off the bed, and sometimes
only your head and neck off but shoulders on, and sometimes
your head and part of your neck off the bed.
Your arms sometimes over the head dropping downwards towards the floor,
sometimes touching and doing things to your nipples,
sometimes using one hand and then when tired the other to WANK.
If you have a partner he/she can sit on your thighs and do you while you mess with his/her nipples.
You should relax in these postures, breathe easily etc.
When you have had enough, you can do head ups, raise your head high then drop it down off
the bed again, and keep going up and lowered down slowly until just before you get a headache.
Too much up and down with your head is as bad as swimming or getting Mohammad Ali to practice
his boxing skills.
This will upset your wife etc if you are still in honey moon period and then will lead
to headache.
On reflection, maybe these are good things and so you also take some aspirin.
8. Really, you have choice between head ache or heart break. She sticks around you get both.
You stick around and you get both.
I am sticking around.

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