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The gruff growling spiteful act

Listen babes, I had a discussion with My better half, Me.
I have decided to turn Myself into a GOOD Christian woman. Just for 5 minutes mind.
Now you may be shocked, how can a Christian woman be good?
Of course it is not possible, EXCEPT for Me.
So the following unfairness overrides for example The No Mercy Ever to Cockroaches etc. Act -585 million AD

as follows and in this and no other respects:

1. If a cockroach, spider or other rat, with 2 or 4 legs or 1 or 3 if one is absent or 0 or 2 if 2 or more are absent
*falls in love with Lord Vishnu (men) or with Me or another man (women), and
*surrenders his body, possessions, mind and soul to the one he/she loves, and
*avoids thereafter littering the streets
*drinking beer
*murdering babies aged 0 months and over
*murdering chicken, cows etc.
*difficult one: avoids murdering fetuses (see below)
*complies with ALL the acts etc. on this website of not thieving, disturbing the peace..
*has in excess of or equal to zero noses, but not more than 14
*wants and has resolved to OBEY Lord Vishnu and is determined so to do, then:
2. Such rat, cockroach or other horrible horrible human being will
*suffer no pain from the time that Lord Vishnu determines which just might be the time of surrender
or perhaps within 50, 000 years later.
*suffer no sorrow from the time when very rightly he or she exterminates him or herself and reaches in heaven.
3. Pain however will be TRIPLED if such cockroach etc. litters streets etc. or does anything BAD.
4. Such TRIPLING OF PAIN will not just be in respect of EVIL done post the act of surrender,
but also in respect of ALL prior acts of evil from the date 581 million BC unless such have already been suffered for.
5. So, fetus murderers, I give you pain free sorrow free option if you so wish it, and I give this to you with love.
6. For which you owe Me big time.
7. Men: did you know that a pretty woman only wants a man every other day (see below)?
And she only needs him once in about possibly 27 years except for her cash requirements.
So if she pretty, you can send her over to Me every other day (the ones where she wants a woman).
Now, there are about 3,000 million witches in the world today. Of these 2073 million approx are over age 18.
So, I would like 927 million less ugly ones makes let Me see, 185.4 million under 18 year olds.
Now, I can reach once in 20 minutes and so I NEED 72 women per day maximum.
So therefore I need to stay on earth for the next 7055 years (185400000/72/365) in order to properly love them.
So you treat her good no killing and her turn might come some time in next 7055 years
unless you all have babies in which case it may be a little longer for them to wait.
8. Or you can repay your debt with Me giving you EXTREME PAIN, in which case this act of loving does not apply to you
9. Or you can repay your debt with a significant HUGE cash equivalent.
10. Or you can repay your debt by loving Lord Vishnu some more provided if and only your whole heart then belongs to Him.
11. Or, if you are a single woman, you can repay Me with gift of your heart.
You just cut it out and courier it over, but drain blood out if you have any.
Or, you can repay Me with gift of your heart to any man. Kidding maybe on these two,
I know full well possibly you do not have a heart.
12. And pretty under or over 18 (if married or single) women. You just wait 7055 years or more.
And then I might wack it (tongue?) in 20 mins max. It all depends on how wet you are,
possibly either end. kisses.
13. And, apologies. I got the maths wrong, there are only about 218 million under 18 year old women,
ie 43.6 million pretty ones so you only need to put up with wait etc. for Me for about 1400 years
NOT 7055 years and then I WILL love you all in heaven.


1. A man enters you, or you enter a woman.
2. You sort of go in and out.
3. Then all of a sudden IT happens.
4. The IT releases typically nowadays 350 million sperm into the vagina.
5. A 100% healthy man if he wants a baby, stupid fellow, will release about 500,000 sperm into her.
6. Of course most of these die. No problem.
He is complete wanker for wanting 500,000 babies and since they are his they deserve to die.
7. Typically, sperm live for about 36 hours
8. Female eggs live in a woman's fallopian tube, and each sperm rushes to try and meet its mate.
9. In a healthy male they reach. In a very unhealthy male they are so tired some die off en route.
10. Anyways, the male has spent about 1-2% of his life span travelling to meet a woman,
only about 30 minutes, but for him time drags because he is really anxious to penetrate her.
11. And then woman trouble. She is nowadays Christian. She does not want a man,
I mean she wants a man but says no.
12. Let us now look at the woman's perspective. In the old days, at age about 0 months
(when the little horror starts gasping for breath nowadays) this baby has about 1.3 million
eggs in her ovaries.
Lord Vishnu does not give her new eggs each day, unlike for a man where He is of course much more generous.
13. This 1.3 million has to last her from age 14 to 14 years 9 months before her death, eg for 60 years.
14. But these eggs are not made of metal, you feed them poison and they die off.
So in the old days she could release about 60 eggs per day.
And, in the old days, she typically reached once per day, although she was healthy and could
in principle reach every 20 minutes or so ie about 60 times per day, she mostly waited to find a man,
because it is hugely more pleasurable when you are healthy to be done by a man.
Because she was this evil, most of her eggs died when she died.
15. Nowadays Lord Vishnu gives a woman about 6 million eggs not 1.3 million.
The truth is that most of these are maimed and killed while in her ovaries, by the poison she feeds them.
Good, they are single female, no punishment for mass murder.
By puberty only about 0.5 million are still alive and of these only about 100, 000 are broadly healthy.
Once the eggs have grown into adults, the healthy ones are pretty strong and resistant to Western poison.
So she only has 100, 000 eggs to last her 60 years. But, nowadays it is not 60 years,
her ability to have children rapidly declines, even by age 25 she is growing old
(kid you not, eggs released at 25 way way down compared with 14, leave alone 35 or 45 or 55 or 65).
By the time menopause arrives (early) lovely woman has killed or maimed such that they
prematurely die 6 million females, only eg 1000 living.
[Note for men: if you wanna find a healthy woman, you need to open up her ovaries and count,
or else just trust Me that absolute max max age for marriage is 1 day after she reaches
which is on the basically only day she can which is about age 14 on the exact day she can)
16. A typical woman masturbates once in two days (or has sexual activity with a partner,
I think that is about once in 27 years) and gets wet once per month (kid you not).
At each masturbation, she releases typically 10 eggs.
So, there are about 350 million male sperm for every 10 eggs.
So, like 99.999999% of women's eggs die. Good thing too, they are single female.
About10 are left to find husband.
And for a man, Lord Vishnu gives him about (kid you not) 3.6 million boys EVERY HOUR,
24/7 age 14 up to premature death, of which 1 brave brave warrior maybe 2 live to enjoy
themselves and get broken hearted with a woman mass murderer.
17. Anyways net net 1 of these babes sometimes with error of judgement 2 kiddies
of 6 million given to woman and typically 1,900, 000 million (kid you not) boys given with love and affection to men are killed.
18. Now you may say look Shyam no one in their right minds minds about mass murder of
single people, how many united couples do people murder these days?
19. And this babes is where I get upset. I do not, could if I wished, do the maths. It is rather a lot.

So in relation to not murdering fetuses
if you want it in you (what mother fucker these days has self control to stop before fluid seeps out)
1. you gotta be 100.00% healthy, she and you.
2. you both gotta be on pure milk only diet plus chocolate or chikki
(Indian sweet famous in Lonavla, near Mumbai, sugar plus nuts mixed in)
3. you gotta have zero arguments etc. for 9 months minimum
4. you gotta BOTH be in damned good love for each other
5. you gotta BOTH love that babe, such that you would give up your criminal life for it
6. you gotta have zero sex or sexual activity for 9 months minimum
7. woman gotta have zero work and USA activities for 9 months minimum
8. man has to be rich enough to support woman for life so she has no worries in the 9 month period
9. he needs to promise Lord Vishnu that he will not abandon woman so she has zero worries
10. he needs to promise Lord Vishnu that his kiddie will be brought up with care, love etc.
so woman has no worries about her loved one.

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And My painting right up top is for My love and you if male, or anyone.

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