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A Greek Love Song to the One I Love

I was best MAN at a Greek Wedding some years back. It was a really nice event.
You should have seen those $ notes they stuck on her.
Really it was nice.
Anyways a little afterwards I was practising My moves and thought I had better learn the Greek alphabet in case I could take some of those $ notes off her and we could go shopping.
In Greece, they have not yet learnt English even like 2000 years later.

The Greek alphabet letters are 'ho' 'he' and 'ha'.
In Greece they always say things twice in case you forgotten the first time
so you never actually say ho, he or ha singly you say them twice:

A Greek Love Song to the One I Love

ho ho ho-oh, he he he-eh, I love You,
ho ho ho-o, he he he-ee, I love You

hum hum ipu, hum hum ipoo, I love You,

ho ho who-o, he he heee, ha ha ha-ah I love You,

Actually Greeks nowadays are a little hard of hearing, so you have to do it in threes.
They only observe 2 of them, one on either side.

In a Greek wedding, well it lasts a long long time, so you just need to keep repeating
the same letters to both of them, over and over and over again, not in, not out, not under,
it got to be over.

So, this song, it lasts actually for Greek men about 1 minute,
Greek women, left side about 12 seconds
and for your mum on your right hand side, oh let Me see now, about 75 years until death.

So you got to just go with the flow and keep repeating yourself until she understands you,
at time of death.

Just to annoy her, you want to say this like you are a woman,
I mean in Greece that is the norm,
and you got to say it softly.
And as you dance, you practice trying to make it mean something.

Greek is not a language like Sanskrit where even every letter has a meaning,
in Greek EVERY letter, word, email, etc has NO meaning.

The last time anything of meaning was said to a Greek was when he was in his mother's womb,
as discussed above:
hun bunnn, hun bunnn, hun hunnn, I love you...

As a Greek you are the boss in the family, it is your maa's happiness that counts
So you can do other variations, 3 times and then the 3 words I love you at the end, eg

no oh ooo
no no nooh
Euclid,Euclid, Euclid
heya, heyah, heya, hejah, I love you,
humpty humpty humpty dumpty, I love you (part of a very emotive childrens song in England).

When you dance for your loved one, you need to be happy and saying
what comes into your mind as you sway your hips and wave your arms
eg from your child hood days is a good place to start.
The exact words you say does not matter, it is the meaning and the feeling that count.
And if nothing comes to mind, why not just go for what came into My mind,
ho ho ho, ho ho ho , I love You.

The meaning of the Greek letter ho is, loosely translated

"heya please quietly listen to My love song to You"

Soft and easy, slow and gentle, with a smile, with a wave of your wrists,
or a click of your fingers, or a touching of one heel onto the other ankle.

If you do not yet have a loved one, well of course that matters,
but you dance away anyway, exactly the same with a smile, practising for him/her.

And you got to practice saying this song with feeling.
When there is a bucket of water filled up on account of him/her not being with you,
or happiness tears when he/she is with you, you done your 2000 hours of duty
to please him/her and then to bed etc.

Of course, this song is very difficult to memorize, particuarly for non Greek people and so really you should try humming it to yourself whenever you are naked (see above for what a typical Greek bride looks like) or in a coffee shop.

Actually, let Me be humble here, I do believe that this song is a touch better than 'she loves my neighbour I turn the other cheek yeah yeah' from the Beatles.

Which makes Me number 1 singer, musician, song writer in the world.

ho ho hummm, ho ho humm, I love You.

Personally, I definitely prefer a woman (well actually man) who loves Me rather than you,
but you know how strange Japanese women are.
Whoops am I treading on anything here.
Of course I am happy for Him to love you rather than Me.
I think if you examine ANY 'romantic' song in the world,
Mine excepted, they are EVIL.
So I am number 1, because there is no competition.
There are NO other romantic songs.
("Tie a yellow ribbon", Beatles, for example,
is tradition amongst Buddhists when family member dies, ..)
I think a BRITISH education makes all the difference and particularly
because music and mathematics are so related to one another.
I been to many many music lessons to pucker up what I learnt.
But, in terms of dancing, you cannot really beat pole dancing much
unless you want the woman and so My dance is possibly #2.
Of course, with My dance you need to practice and best is to hold a guitar up close
rather than a modern girl. It has a better tune and shape too. Now a guitar, that is romance.
Indian drums and tubela are pretty lovely romantic too, but possibly the piano is better.
Gets in the womans nerves more easily, particularly if you apply 10 fingers to her hair.

Can do, if to a woman: heya, heya, hay, hay, I love You.

Of course a Japanese should do a translation and go for yoyo yoko we love you
and what pooh tin will say, I already mentioned on My home page.
Russian best translation from Pravda (means Russian truth) dictionary
is 'ya ga i got another babe'
Hindus best translation I think is ' yanko, yankee, we want you'
And Indian and also French man will say 'cum and get Me if yoo can can'
You got to see what is custom in your country.

Step 1 is romance, next is what you really want. Love?

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