The Loving Heart Centre

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I am a being with the following characteristics, perfect in each:

  • ability
  • accuracy
  • adventureousness
  • analyzing
  • communication
  • consciousness
  • contentment
  • creativity
  • decisiveness
  • determination
  • faultlessness
  • foresight
  • goal focus
  • goodness
  • happiness
  • harmlessness
  • humour
  • imagination
  • importance
  • intelligence
  • intent
  • interest in detail
  • invincibilitity
  • joyfulness
  • knowledge
  • lover
  • marital partner
  • memory
  • morality
  • originality
  • patience
  • peacefulness
  • playfulness
  • power
  • romantic
  • sanity
  • sense
  • sense of beauty
  • sense of justice
  • sinlessness
  • sufferlessness
  • teacher (guru)
  • watchfulness
  • will power, and
  • wisdom
  • With these characteristics, I imagined this universe, and everything in it.
    The universe is real.
    Because it is in My imagination, I can do anything in it.
    Thus I can turn a dead dog into a living baby or a pen into an atom bomb.

    I have given each living being the task of learning to love Me, as I am a being looking to love and be loved.

    Every being does end up loving Me, but, if they have chosen to be evil, I terminate it out of them out of kindness.
    On earth, I am known as Vishnu.

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