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In India today, whether you are Vaishnava or Shaivite whenever you set out on any venture you think of and pray to Ganesh.
Is it not strange that with all the other possibilities for worship the whole of India has moved to worship Ganesh?
AND. What does worship mean in reality? It means:

Dear Ganesh, 'I want this.'
Dear Ganesh, 'Please please make this business successful.'
Dear Ganesh, 'I want more.',
Dear Ganesh, if you give me $10,000, I will give you Rs 2,000' and
Dear Ganesh, if you give me a baby, I will give you Rs 4,000'.
This is all nothing whatsoever to do with worshipping God.
It is Satan worship, It is $$$ worship.
What is Satan worship? It is when you promise to sell your soul.
You think he will give you what you want, and you give him what he wants: attention, worship, followers.
NO. When you worship Satan, it is very serious. He will give you bad thoughts which you will act upon.

His origin is in the four Buddhist Vinayakas, evil spirits, of the Manavagrhyasutra who cause various types of evil and suffering
Why worship a friendly face who in reality wishes you harm?

You should not worship a secondary god whose head was chopped off.

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