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Free Act 28 11 2017

Captivity on account of that feather disturbing the peace. She stays.

1. Location. Planet Earth (My watch)
2. Certain Laws as set out below appy from 28 11 2017
3. Scope: All beings including fetuses, lions, babies, gogs, kittens, giraffes, cows, rats, women, ie. anything living other than grass, flowers, trees etc.
4. Condition. You have captivated them, ie they live with you, in you, on you, on your property eg zoo farm, house,..,
you typically feed them, wash them, kill them, eat their shit etc.
5. Law. Every 3 months, more often if you wish, to the best of your ability, you take them onto Appropriate Property,
maybe they are already on it, you open any gates, trousers, panties, car, can, truck doors etc. and you say to em,
"in 60 minutes I am going back to My living quarters, you the hell get out, stay, do what you wanna do, but I may give up on you".
You stick around 60 minutes, then leave all gates open and you close only your van, car,
truck door etc. and you go. If they happen to be in the truck with you,
you put them back where they came from before you took them onto Appropriate Property.
6. Appropriate Property. Any beautiful area you choose where there are not many humans,
eg if you are in a safari park, the gates open safari park, or the countryside or a forest,
or a lake or seaside or swamp if you keep crocodiles, if it is a nice beautiful farm, zoo,
just keep the gates open.
If it is your personal living space you are permitted to lock the door, if it is their living space,
they are also permitted to lock the gate or door.
7. Penalties for breaking this Law: none, but
8. All Laws on this website apply in regard to them just as much as they do to humans for example.

So I say to My boss, "what am I going to do next like. Watch a movie? Go to loo? Sleep?
Maybe visit 3 brothels? Look at some pics? Get married to a proper woman?
Give Me her above email address? Have some chocolate?"
Answers: "no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. never also. update the website, then 2 grams of
chocolate then punishment for asking a question and disturbing My piece.
You going to be chained to bed by ankles and stuff."

"thank you, that is really wonderful news, the last I think"
"sorry boss"

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