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The Act of Forgive xx Act of 580 million BC

1. When hell freezes over, maybe an eternity later
2. When you have decided to be good
3. When you are in utter utter total total absolute agony
It may be that on or before or after such date I will excuse you somewhere beween
0% and 100% of pain due to you on account of you being EVIL, if all or maybe some of the following apply:
1. You have exercised to a reasonable or maximum extent
2. Your weight is reasonably close to optimal
3. You have taken reasonable steps to make reasonable compensation to those you have evilled
4. You are taking reasonable steps to repay all evil you have done, eg by being on the register of call girls and hard men
5. You have given up ALL unnecessary worldly possessions
6. You have taken ALL reasonable measures to bring love and or happiness and or pleasure and or cash to a member of the opposite sex, or to find such a member.
7. You are complying with the various Laws and Acts set out on this website.
8.And you are not breaking any of the 12 Commandments.
OR if you have developed in your heart love for Lord Vishnu, Myself, or any of Lord Vishnu's followers.
If subsequent to the pain due and excused under this Act being made, you breach one or more of the terms and conditions 1 to 8 above, the amount of pain excused is reinstated, and
there may never ever be for you further excusal of pain due.

All the above is subject to one overriding principal, that Lord Vishnu can do whatever He wants,

will or may do whatever He wants, whenever He wants, and also

and also means that ALL laws, commandments, Acts of terror or otherwise on this website or
except for a final only the important key Commandment

You should never hurt My Love, My life



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