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Food and rabies

Most animals kept for slaughter are kept hungry.
Often they are fed improper 'food' which fills them up, fattens them, but they are still hungry.

The time has come when (non-vegetarian) human beings should similarly feel hungry.
The way I will arrange this is to remove milk from the food chain.
Cows, goats and sheep will die in the run up to 15 August 2017 when people will start to feel hungry.
Chicken and pork will still be available, but many people will be reluctant to have these,
knowing that consumption leads to Avian flu and to foot and mouth disease, see My home page.

It takes about 16 days for someone to die from lack of food, and in the run up they are absolutely desperate.
Many people will therefore think of eating their family members and other easy targets.
The penalty I give for killing a person from 15 August 2017 is rabies.
You will probably have noticed how many stray dogs there are in your locality, and all over the world.
Since birth, these dogs have not eaten, I have arranged affairs so that they do not feel hungry.
From 15 August, whenever they see someone who has killed a human being they will feel a little hungry and bite.
In this way, rabies will be transmitted.

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