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What does your female property want?

So, your woman has given you her heart, her mind, her body, her gold jewellery, upon surrender to you.
You are now free to do with her as you wish.
But, the reality is that she is still a person, albeit only female.
She still has a mind, albeit that you own it. You have acquired an additional mind.
You have acquired an additional body, and you now have two souls.
This body, mind, soul still feels pain, pleasure, happiness, peace, etc.
Obviously, it cannot give you love again, because it has nothing left.
You cannot give yourself more love, because that quantum is fixed at T=-9 months,
plus the additional similar amount you have been given.
You cannot give her anything because you own her, anything you give would just be giving to yourself.
So, net net, you are a thief: you have acquired property of value in exchange for giving NOTHING back.
Hence you will suffer eternity in hell.
In Saudi Arabia, they cut the hand off for stealing an apple. Surely a woman is worth more than an apple?
Well, do you wish to reduce your life sentance?
One thing you can do is give yourself to Lord Vishnu. He might accept you if you are not a thief, bad, dirty etc.
So, that is not an option.

Anyway, back to the question of what does your female property want.
She wants as follows:
1. to give you even more love, happiness, pleasure, fun, cash

Sometimes, if you hurt her, initially she will have other thoughts.
Does he love me? She cannot read your soul, because she is too stupid.
These are the only other thoughts of relevance that she has, of course other than day to day matters
to do with eating so that you will be happy, sleeping so she can wake up refreshed to service you,
going to loo..
But after a few tears when you hurt her, her mind and soul will revert to her basic 5 wants:

to give you even more love, happiness, pleasure, fun, cash, whatever she can.

Well that has dealt with her.

Now to revert to more important matters, you.

Maybe Lord Vishnu will accept woman stealers, fetus murderers, childhood deprivers and such,
and suffer eternal damnation at His own hands?
Another possibility is to dispose of your stolen goods.
God Rama of Hindu fame disposed of Sita to Hindu (i.e. Buddhist) god Agni.
Such evil are happy to accept stolen property if of value.
But Sita was not. She had no value so Agni spat her out and returned her to Rama.
So next Rama builds a pit and offers Sita to Goddess Mother earth.
No luck, Sita is worth nothing, so not accepted.
So next Rama impregnates her with sperm and then abandons her in a forest.
Lions accept her and go to heaven because they have disposed of evil and have male child in their
wombs and of course males are good not evil.
So this is your best bet, wack it in, go to Africa and find a lion in a Safari park and do the necessary.
Because you are so brave, let her stand in front of you, and then possibly the lion will not harm you.
Look around you in case you are frightened of other lions. Maybe they want impregnation?

Strangely, you will (truth) find that your female property, of course she will be frightened etc.
will soon recover her mind before being eaten and wish she had given you more

love, happiness, pleasure, fun, cash.

When you hurt her, another mundane ie evil thought will come into her ie your mind.
What have I done to deserve this. And then quickly, she will think, because she KNOWS,
I have done my very best, I have done nothing wrong, only good am I capable of.
Then she will think let me give if I possibly can him more love, happiness, pleasure, fun, cash.

But if you are evil, she will also know that you are evil. It will make no difference to her at all.
She is yours for all eternity even if you murder her.

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