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Feed em Act 28 11 2017

Now a man could get hard on this.

1. Location. Planet Earth (My watch)
2. Certain Laws as set out below appy from 28 11 2017
3. Scope: All beings including fetuses, lions, babies, dogs, kittens, giraffes, cows, rats, women, ie. anything living other than grass, flowers, trees etc.
4. Condition. You have captivated them, ie they live with you, in you, on you, on your property eg zoo farm, house,..,
you typically feed them, wash them, kill them, eat their shit etc.
5. Law. Starting from 6 hours before you next visit or they are on Appropriate Property under the Free em Act,
you feed em milk and chocolate and or chikki and nothing else.
If they want something else they are free to have something else just as you are.
7. Penalties for breaking this Law: none, but
8. All Laws on this website apply in regard to them just as much as they do to humans for example.
If you feed em cat poison well chances are you will be fed cat poison.
If you feed em straw or cabbage or raw infected horse meat,
you will be fed straw or cabbage or you will be fed raw infected horse meat

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