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A short while ago, My boss asked Me to lie down and sleep.

Well to tell you truth, I disobeyed, I did NOT go to sleep, although of course I did lie down.

Anyways a little later I hear some noises in street near Me.

Then My love asks Me to turn light off.

What the fuck is this all about I say to Myself which actually means He heard Me loud and clear.

Then He says, why not go to the bathroom.

I got a sort of incling now that He was trying to scare Me.

Well, of course I did not go to the bathroom.

But, I think I mentioned on this website a few weeks ago, the hotel manager where I was staying
in Kovalam first got a few yobs to knock as loud as they could on My door,
try and break in and then called in the Kerala police to spend a few hours
doing the same thing before finally succeeding in breaking the door down.

Then I stayed in the bathroom for about 2 hours or so, not because I was afraid,
but just messing with them. It is good training for legs to stand occasionally.

The point I am making is that it is as easy as hell for Lord Vishnu to make Me or you shit scared.

And part of the process is just slow build up. A few omens mentioned on My website,
where you KNOW I am telling truth, a few noises, reading this article,
a missing foot or toe, and a whisper in your ear:

"Be afraid"

and you are done.

Of course the BEST horror movies were BRITISH with Hitchcock.

It is easy as hell for Lord Vishnu to make your life 1000 more terrifying than that.

The reason why many enjoy horror movies is that they are evil and enjoy seeing someone else
lose an eye painfully etc.

But, the fact of the matter is that not one single person in world wants
FEAR AND HORROR happening to them.

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