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The Freedom from Fear Act 24 October 2995 BC

In normal circumstances, a man meets a woman and maybe they quarrel, maybe they fight, but she can leave, he can leave.
Fear is absent. It is a socialist myth, hollywood bollywood fiction that men make their wives afraid.
You may have heard of acid attacks on women. Why do such happen? Is it because the women are so so bad?
Well, of course the answer to that is yes, I do not permit a nice woman to be acid attacked.
Most men are basically quite nice. Given half a chance with a nice woman, or even without a woman,
he will never even dream of raping, acid attacking etc.
So what is going wrong? It is SOCIALISM.
The definition of socialism is when a ruling class tells you what you can earn, where you can work,
what to do, what not to do, how many babies you can have, where you can live, what you can or cannot watch,
what will happen if you do not obey, what will happen if you do not have a correct ID..
Of course, their brain washing schools and universities and ruling class controlled media and press..
will tell you lies (we rule you for your own good, we torture you to make you better,
all of you except us must be poor..).

Socialists have two main motives, power or money, not sex.
The more money and power they have the more socialist the society. So for example, countries like the USA and UK, had innumerable, millions and millions of pages
of regulations of what you could and could not do, but were in fact only about 25% socialist.
But countries like Russia, Nazi Germany, China, India with far fewer laws were 80% socialist.
And there is in fact one only one key indicator of socialism: FEAR.
You are afraid that you will lose your job and be blacklisted from getting another,
that the internal security services and police will detain and torture you or take your wife,
that the bank will steal your money, you will be sent to a region where you will starve..
that your credit card will be declined, your children stolen or turned informer against you..

Socialism started with the Buddhist thugs and then in India continued with the Muslim
barbarians, and then with the British ***.Only now from Oct 2017 is India freed of British rule.
Now FEAR, it gets to you.
You may pretend to yourself that nothing is wrong, your mind may believe what the state
controlled media tell you, you may seem to have a tranquil mind, you may make love,eat quietly,
walk in the park,..
But, you are, rightly AFRAID.Everything, anything, anytime, anywhere could go dreadfully dreadfully wrong.

AND so, in this typical socialist country, maybe Muslim, maybe Christian, maybe atheist, you go INSANE WITH WORRY.
Every minor thing you do, or not do, might result in total calamity for you. You cannot trust
your wife, nor your children, the Muslim clerics or special forces might have got to them.

You are completely on your own.
Of course, you are stupid, Western educated, you cannot tell about the state of your mind.It may tell you all is well.
Complete rubbish. You are now insane.
Just as the secret service will take it out on you, you retaliate as best you can.
On your wife, on Hindus, on gays, on your kids, on prostitutes, murderers, you snitch on co-workers.

And your mind tells you there is nothing wrong, even if 50 of you pounce on a man and beat him to death
because someone said he did not know Chapter 2 of the Koran which you also do not know.
Of course, the better armed and stronger person wins.
Most crime is unreported. Women are beaten, burnt, but are too afraid, rightly to go to the police.

Although the 'men' at the top are sexless, rank and file socialists are not.
They too live in a climate of fear and take it out on their victims, women, gays, foreigners,..
HUGE crime happens under socialism.

So, by the simple step of getting rid of socialism, more than 98% of fear disappears.
ALL wars are started by socialists. Hence no more wars..
The insanity you had does not take long to disappear, about 2 weeks.
The remaining fear of 1.5% or so is normal.
You are afraid of your husband because you have been trying hard to upset him for 20 years.
You are afraid of someone because you have stolen a large sum of money from him.
With socialism gone, there will not be much rape, it is a socialist media fiction designed to create
fear and mistrust in people.
The x police will not trouble you. The huge mass of unemployed will ask Me for food rather than cut you up.
A little bit of crime here or there but nothing much. This is capitalism.

Companies will start behaving reasonably, because of competition.

Conclusion: if you are afraid, it is your fault (as always) and I am going to do NOTHING ABOUT IT.

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