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Little known facts: the horrible truth and nothing but

the truth:

1. Brain size is proportional to body weight, although most of the brain is not located in the head. An elephant or dinasaur for example or a fetus or a 7' American prove My case.
2. The amount of pleasure you give is proportional to penis length. Elephants, dinasaurs, fetuses, women..
3. The anal hole in a woman is bigger than for her man even though her body weight is smaller and brain..
4. Oranges have enough nitric acid to kill a man, but being nice they do not do it.
more cuming:


Really, science is a subject where one starts off with definitions, applies logic and
with such logic REACHES conclusions.

Well, on this website, we have talked a lot about women.
Let us have some definitions.
1. Indian man. A person born in India with a penis at the time of birth.
2. Indian woman. A person born in India without a penis at the time of birth.
3. India. A country with borders which change from time to time but known in English as India.

In Definitions, I define
Indian. One who does or wants to follow Lord Vishnu's instructions to him or her,
resulting in him or her becoming kind, for example.

Man. Is one who wants to give love to a woman.

Woman. Is one who wants to give love to her husband, the first man who entered her and gave her fluid.

It so happens that these definitions are consistent with each other.

For example, suppose that you are someone who when you were 0 months old

had a penis and was told by your dad to pray to Allah.

If you were born in India, you are an Indian man, see above, and you are therefore a Man, see above, and you are also an Indian.

With similar application of mathematical logic, an Indian woman is a non man born in India and therefore is a woman and is Indian and therefore

*wishes to follow Lord Vishnu's instructions to her and also, as it happens,

*wishes to love her/her future husband (basically the first person she slept with, or will sleep with)

Indian men and women as you can see from the above definitions, are typically very very naughty people, keen to disobey orders from their parents.

In terms of those not born in India:

Of course, the above does not mean that a Polish person with a penis cannot be or become a man, and therefore wants to love a woman.

Similarly an American may already or may wish to follow Lord Vishnu's instructions to him, and therefore be Indian or become Indian.

It so happens that EVERY person in the world will therefore already or sooner rather than later

*wish to follow Lord Vishnu's instructions to him and therefore become Indian.

And of course, one of Lord Vishnu's instructions to such Indian is for him or her to give love and

*therefore become a man or a woman and therefore EVERY person, foreigner or otherwise will become or is already

*an Indian man or woman (even if born in Timbuctoo).

Actually you will find that there is NO other science.


Now obviously you want to know why a woman's anus is bigger than a man's.

I will get to this later.

Definition. Truth is what Lord Vishnu tells you.

The reason He tells you something is because it is good for you, because He loves you. Do you want Him to tell you something that is BAD for you?

Only a Westerner will do that.

Suppose, for example, Lord Vishnu tells you that the sun is green,

or that this man is good for you, or whatever.

You have to do your best to listen, understand as much as possible even if you think such things are impossible,

and do your very best to believe Him.

Doing your very best is ALL He wants from you,

He does not necessarily expect you to do much more.

And, such things are NOT impossible.

In His world, EVERYTHING is possible for Him.

He may say 'chocolate is bad for you' or 'chocolate is bad'

or 'chocolate is good therefore do not eat it'.

Whatever He says to you, including from this website, is TRUTH:

what is good for you (a science, starting with a definition, applying logic and REACHING logical conclusions)


Well, I went to the BEST (ie BRITISH) university to study

the BEST (ie BRITISH, ie originating in India) subject, mathematics.

The first thing to note is that when a Western mathematician

says 'we will teach you mathematics' or some such, it is complete lies.

They have no idea how to teach.

Mathematics cannot be taught even if they wanted to teach or

were able to teach or tried to teach.They actually 'teach' physics.

They do not even know what the words 'you' or 'we' or 'wee wee' or 'will' means. EVERY single utterance by a Western mathematician is RUBBISH, FALSE OR EVIL.

We, you= to do with your soul, not to do with your mind.

Mathematics. Just to give you an example, at University, about 60% of what 'I' was 'taught' was what is conventionally known as 'physics', for example about relativity. The rest was also in reality also physics, albeit not taught.

Well, mathematicians have a hotch potch of theories

called eg 'algebra' or 'set theory' or 'number theory', or 'calculus'...

Here is not the place to teach you about the nonsense that is algebra, for example, but let Me give you a flavour of what mathematics really is, number theory.

So, budding mathematician goes to Western school and his teacher says to him '1+1=2', or '1 million is 1000 with three more zeros on the end'.

The bright ones amongst you will immediately see that 1+1=1+1 and obviously not 2, and similarly that '1 million' does NOT even have 1 zero in it let alone 6.

Suppose you ask this 'mathematician' 'why does 1+1=2' or 'prove to me that 1+1=2',

he is completely stuck. Obviously, since it is not true he cannot prove that it is true. Further, he is such an idiot that he cannot even see or prove that it is untrue.

If you squeeze his balls tightly, he will yell 'my mama taught me'

or some such further falsehood.Every word uttered will be a lie.

Truth: this is the reality of mathematics, albeit it is dressed up in complicated language that mathematicians do not understand.


Well if you now realize that mathematics is complete rubbish,

let Me mention that the ONLY science that Westerners have is PHYSICS and that is based on mathematics.

ALL other 'sciences' so called are just hocus pocus collections of old wives tails.

About physics, suppose, let us be charitable, a physicist is able to speak

and is able to speak English, and tries to tell the truth,

he will say 'I do not know'. Every word if analyzed carefully is a lie.

Suppose you ask him 'is the sun a balloon'.

He will probably say 'no'. or 'no idea man,I am stupid'.

So if he says 'no', ask him, 'have you been there'.

Or ask him, is a wave a particle?

Or ask him, is a cat dead or alive?

Or ask him, does he know his location and momentum.

Truth: In My books 'Science' and 'Physics' I did a really really poor job at coming up with true sciences.

Being a Western physicist and mathematician, at the time, I obviously failed.

Physics, if you ever study it, is a complete farce from start to finish.

If Lord Vishnu wants the sun to be a balloon, that is what it shall be.


History, geography, music, linguistics, medicine, 'Hindu studies', ..

They have absolutely no idea what they are shitting you about.

Wrong, evil etc.

I did a poor job at demonstrating such in My book 'Oxford University'.

From these wankers, not even an attempt at thought, logic, etc.

They misheard or misread or dreamt somewhere that Roman soldiers

wore green hats and then if able to speak tell you that

Chinese ladies eat blue rabbits without even blinking an evil eye.


They have to excrete semen and also food.

Now you may say, but I thought that they excreted semen from their vagina.

Well, you are right, but some is also excreted from their anus.

You may also ask, what about other females, eg Dutch or Hungarian?

The answer is that they too have bigger anuses than men,

because after puberty, an anus NORMALLY does not change in size

and so it is bigger just in case they decide to become a woman.

Of course normally such women stick penises, vibrators etc. into their anuses

and then they also become bigger than a man's.

And in other instances Hindu or other 'men' do this task for them,

when it also becomes bigger.

G.Western 'men'

Yup, every single word muttered or deed done: rubbish, false or evil.

H. Western politicians,used car salesmen, women, widow cleaners, etc.:

Yup, every word or deed rubbish, false or evil.


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