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'Experts' and 'Gurus'

A. 'Gurus'

Over the years, thousands of people have claimed to be gurus, teachers of the path of light.
Mostly, they wanted to earn money or fame or followers.
What do they know about Me?
I give each man and woman all they need to progress in life, without the need for them to rely on others.

B. 'Experts'

There are millions of these.

I am an expert/know it all/connected with God/ and would like to help you.
My CV is attached.
I do not charge a lot/I charge a fortune, I am so good and rich.
I have on my website listed my credentials:
If you have funds to invest, I can help you invest them.
You will benefit from my services.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
With best wishes
Yours sin

Fools (physicists)
Einstein who failed at school. I said, let us create an atom bomb, and I will tell this mug how to do it.

Know better than physicists what might happen.

Fortune Tellers
Know even better than psychics what will happen.

Mr. Western Psychologist, he has no idea.

What do they build? Boxes. I explain to them how to do it.

A good lawyer? No such thing.

Go to them for advice and one says this and the next the opposite, and a third has a different set of lies.
Why bother using them?

Laugh at these jokes and they in any case will hold you by the balls until you pay $11,000 per threatening letter they send you. Why would I instruct them thus?

The only two things they are good at is tossing a mental coin 50/50 when making a decision and sending you to jail for doing nothing wrong. Why would I send you to jail?

Such incompetence I have never seen, except for:

Language Teachers.
Muddle muddle muddle, they have no idea how to teach.

One says nuts are good and another says they are bad. They have no clue.

More complete nonsense.

Scoundrels and worse, but they do make money from you.


Are paid a lot of money.

Like bricklayers.

Not a single piece of accurate research.

Thousands of pages of jibberish.

Of what conceivable use are they?

Well I could go on, but hopefully you have got the message:

1 Not a single 'expert' listens to God and so they use their 'intelligence'.
2 They went to school and learned nothing, they depended on their father who taught them nothing.

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