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Exercises for Sex

A. Introduction

In My article Exercises for Health, I set out a number of exercises specifically for health and strength.
This article shows how you can also become much more flexible.
Obviously, it is also for health, and, another aspect is that it builds up sexual desire in you.
Overall, it is a tough programme, but you can do what you can manage.

The first day, with enthusiasm, do a lot of the programme.
You may feel sore or ill afterwards. Each day until you recover, do a little Upavishta Konasana, see below
to maintain the flexibility you have gained.
In what follows, I only mention doing the right side, but you should do both right and left.
As you progress, you can turn more, stay longer, bend further..

B. Feet and ankles

You need to stretch your toes away from you, with toes curled under, as much as you can, in any of the postures.
Then stretch the heel away from you as much as you can, with the toes pointing towards the shin.
Sometimes do this many times quickly, and sometimes hold the two positions for as long as you can.

C. Ankles

When standing, bend your knees as much as you can so you are close to the ground.

Stay as long as you can

D. Groins

Sit on your heels with your legs apart:

Next stretch forward.

Have your knees as much apart as you can.

E. Baddha konasana and variations

Base: Sit straight:

Bend your legs and bring the soles of your feet together, near your pubis.
Allow your knees to drop to the side.
Press your knees down towards the ground. This is the basic posture:

Variation 1: Then sit up, and turn your trunk to the right.

Variation 2: Then sit facing forwards again, and then turn your trunk to the right and bend down
to touch your head onto your knee.

Variation 3: Then sit up, face forwards, and bend forward to bring your head onto the ground in front of your feet.

Variation 4: (Supta baddha konasana): From sitting up, lie back (supta baddha konasana).

F. Upavishta Konasana

Lie back onto the bed.

When you are lying down, kick your right leg as far as you can to the right side. Then the left.

Then sit up, as a sit up without using your hands, or if you cannot manage this, sit up using your hands.

Now, this is the way to tear your muscles, so you should NOT be careful.
Then stretch forwards, press your head down in between your legs twards the bed.
The more you stretch and straighten the legs the more you will be able to go down.
Unfortunately, the more you stretch and straighten your legs the less likely it is that you will
hurt yourself, so you keep them nice and relaxed and take it easy when you go down.
Then (DO NOT) completely straighten your legs by gripping the inner thigh muscles:

Stay with your head down and legs completely straight for as long as you can.

G. Sit Ups

Lie on your bed with your legs together.

Squeeze the legs together hard and stretch your toes as much back away from you as possible.
Then sit up. Then lie down, sit up etc., all the while squeezing your legs together and stretching your toes back.
As you do this, keep your arms stretching forward. Try and touch the toe nails when you are sat up, even though your toes are
stretched away from you.

Variation 1: Do the same thing, but keep your legs wide apart.

If you find it difficult to sit up from when your legs are apart and you are lying down, strangely, sexual activity helps.
So, when lying down with your legs apart, pull your nipples up half an inch using the tips of your thumb and first finger.
Then try and sit up.
If this does not work fully, masturbate with your left hand, do not reach, and keep your right nipple pulled away.
Soon, you will be able to sit up.

H. Happy Baby

Lie on your back and draw your knees onto your chest and hold the ankles.
The soles of the feet should face the ceiling.
Open your knees with the help of your elbows.
Press the knees down towards the ground, by the side of your trunk.

If the knees do not touch the bed, bounce your legs up and down a little, and you will go further down.

Variation 1: From the Base, take the knees wider so they are no longer by your side, but still on the bed.

I. Frog Pose

Sit on your heels.

Then spread your knees apart as far as possible.

Bend forward, in between the legs.

Then come up, move your knees further apart, and stretch forward as much as you can.
Your feet should come apart.
Grip your buttocks, and press your pubis down towards the ground.

Then sit up. It is difficult to do this, so first come up most of the way with the support of the hands.

Next sit up completely.

Variation 1: For this it is easier to start from scratch. Kneel on the bed, and move froward and place your hands on the
bed in front of you

Then spread the knees as much as you can, and lie forward and down.
Move further forward until the whole of your body and the insides of your legs are on the bed.

J. Bhekasana

Lie on your front.

Bend your right leg double, and catch your ankle with your right hand.(see below)
Stay for a few breaths, and then press your ankle down further towards your bottom.
Stay for another few breaths, and again take the ankle down further.
Again, take a few breaths and then take the ankle down further.
Now, swivel your hand so that the fingers are pointing out.
Then move the palm of the hand onto the toes, keeping the fingers pointing out.
Press the foot down towards the floor again.
Raise your head and chest.
Grip the buttocks hard, and press the pubis down towards the ground.

Then do the left leg.
Repeat twice, on both sides.
Then do the same thing, with both feet pressed down at the same time.

K. Leg Opening Poses

Lie on your back and stretch your legs straight up.
Catch hold of your toes.
Spread the legs as wide apart as you can.

Remember to keep your legs completely relaxed not straight and tight so you can hurt yourself

Variation 1:Supta Padangushtasana 1

Lie on your back with your legs together.
Raise your right leg, keeping it straight, up towards the ceiling, and then over above your head.

If you cannot catch, use a belt.

And then straighten your leg.

Variation 2:Supta Padangushtasana 2

Lie on your back with your legs together.
Raise your right leg, keeping it straight, up towards the ceiling
Then take it down to the right side.

If you cannot reach and keep your leg straight, use a belt.

To go further, bend the leg, hug the thigh to your side, with your right arm,

and then straighten it, so you get more of a stretch.

L. Leg Lifts

Base: Lie on the bed, stretch your arms over your head. Keep your legs tightly together.
Raise your legs to the perpendicular (90 degrees), keeping them squeezed together.
Do not stay there but quickly come down so your legs are again on the bed, and immediately raise them to 90 degrees.
Keep going up and down with the legs as much as you can.
You can build up slowly, the first day do 5 batches of 10 times up and down, then the next day 7 batches..

Variation 1: Lie on the bed with your arms over your head, but feet on the ground (the legs bent and only the tops of the thighs on the bed).

Raise the legs from the floor right up to 90 degrees as before.
Do not stay, but go up and down as many times as you can.

Variation 2: Lie on the bed with your bottom on the bed and your legs stretched straight away from you, feet on the ground. Relax.

Then bring the feet together.

Then, stretch the arms over the head and then raise the legs right up to 90 degrees and again go up and down as many times as you can.

M. Hanumanasana Initial Stage

First kneel on the bed, with your knees a little apart.

Sit up (raise your bottom), so you are upright.

Then bring your trunk forward and touch the bed with your fingertips, so you do not fall to one side.
Then take your left leg as far back as it will go, and straighten it.
Bring your right foot forward one foot.
Press your buttocks down.

N. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

Lie on your front. Squeeze your legs together hard.
Place your hands by the sides of your chest.

Lift your front body up by straightening your arms, but keeping your pubis down, so that you are doing a back arch.
Grip the buttocks, press the pubis down hard.

You can do this posture (and Variations 1 and 2 below) either with the legs straight, or with the legs bent,
soles of the feet pointing towards the ceiling.
If you do it with legs bent, you can at the same time practice stretching your heels away from you and also stretching
your toes away from you, and wriggling your toes.

Variation 1: Move your hands one inch further back towards your waist before coming up.

Then, after you have done this, go back another inch, etc. until your hands are near the waist.

Then straighten the arms and lift the trunk up, pubis down.

Variation 2: (Bhujangasana): Move your hands one foot forward before coming up.

This is Me on Indian Government postage stamps when they held a competition for best yoga postures:

Variation 3:Back arch and leg opening 1

Kneel on the bed.

Bend forward and rest your hands two feet in front of your knees.

Next, spread your knees as much as you can, lie down, and straighten your legs, keeping them apart as much as possible:

If you can, lift up onto your elbows.

Variation 4:Back arch and leg opening 2

As in Variation 3, kneel on the bed and bend forward and rest your hands two feet in front of your knees.
Then bend your right leg double and bring it as far forward as you can. Stretch the left leg back, try and keep it straight.

Then place your shin on the ground, press your buttocks down and raise your trunk:

Variation 5:Baby Bow

Lie on your front.
Bend your legs up, so the soles of your feet face the ceiling.
Then raise your chest by placing your hands on your face and elbow on bed: stage 1:

Next, press the pubis down by tightly gripping your buttocks.

Then lift the trunk up higher by straightening your arms, hands beneath your shoulders (bottom down).

O. Recovery

After a good workout, your legs will feel stretched, and your back may also need rest. The best posture is:

Stay for four minutes.

Next, bend your legs to the right side.

Stay for two minutes and then do the other side.

P. Corpse Pose

Lie on your back. Legs a little apart and relaxed, arms over your head.

Then place your arms beside your body, hands facing upwards, and relaxed.
Relax for 15 minutes.

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