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How to exercise and have pleasure when you are not well

1. Eg, Pleasure Day.

For many reasons, sometimes people do not feel well.
It may be that you are so unwell that you simply have to lie down and recover for a few hours or days.
But often, you are not too unwell, you just feel uninclined to have pleasure or do exercise.
For example in the later stages of cyanide poisoning, your body has got used to the poison,
it has pretty much recovered, and all that happens is that you consume poison and it is flushed out.
This flushing out taxes your body and you do not feel perfect.
To do exercise or pleasure, all you do is lie down on your bed, and lift your legs up to the perpendicular.
Then spread the legs apart. Stay as long as you can. Clearly, the legs, which can be relaxed so you do not make any effort, will gradually move towards the floor (sides of the bed beside you).
Your groins will ache a little, which is a good pleasurable pain, good for you and also means you are due slightly less bad pain another time.
Put the fan on if you get hot.
When you are fed up with the ache, stay as long as possible, come up and sit with your legs simply crossed on the bed, back against the wall if you are very unflexible.
Wait until the ache subsides.
Then lie down and sleep or relax on your side for 5 minutes.
Mostly, you will find that you cannot manage 5. There may be a little swelling you know where if you are male.
So, next step is to open up the computer and put on the videos.
Keep your legs relaxed, because the groin ache takes time to go away.
Rub or wank when the nipples are showing, relax when they are not.
It so happens that the timings on the video are exactly what you need.
At times when you can see nipple and vagina you go quick until you nearly reach.
Make sure to do nothing at other times so that your vagina or penis recovers.
At some point you will want to have major orgasm, and so do that.
Then go to the loo, take a jug, and release, wash off wetness or sperm into the loo pan.
If you can close your legs or penis and then urinate, this disinfects the penis head and to some extent the vagina.
If water, urine etc. splash onto your legs, eg off the toilet bowl, shower off the legs.
If you are not well, you may sweat when receiving pleasure and then you should shower your whole body.
Obviously, if you are married, dating, have money for a call girl,.. then you do the same as above,
taking it in turns unless it is a call girl or boy or you want to marry this girl or boy.
Man first to get pleasure, then woman.
If you want love and happiness between the two of you, do not enter her, do not release into her,
but let her desire build and build.
Then lie down for another 5 minutes.
If you are hot keep the fan on.
Mostly, your penis/vagina will be sore. Hold your balls and penis in your hand, or cup your hand over the pubis/vagina to accelerate healing.
If you are with someone, you should do each other.
Obviously, if you have a love relatonship with a woman, then you enter her and neither of you will suffer this soreness.
When you lie down, for the first few minutes, you will have visions of what you want.
Brown pubic hair, or a coloured man or whatever.
If you are good, then this will also be good for you and therefore this is what you will get.
Of course it may be the man or woman next to you.
After a little while, if you have done evil, and everyone does some evil in this world,
you will see the face of evil.
Not necessarily dark dark evil, but eg the face of a woman who does not look good to you.
Then you should get up.
Enough sexual activity for this day, the next day we will instead go for exercise.
About this evil vision, you should reflect on it, and resolve to be good.
Not a single person in this world actually wants to associate with evil.

2. Eg, Exercise Day.

NOW, for the next day.
You are perhaps still not feeling perfect.
For example, even if you are very healthy, cyanide gets to your gut, etc.
You may have a little heart burn, ..
One day, as above, a little pleasure (the more good you are the more pleasurable), and one day some exercise.
Both are good for you, but if you are unwell, you may not be able to do too much.
So, lie down on your bed, and bend your legs over your tummy.
Wrap your arms around your legs, so
there is little effort.
With 'heart' 'burn', for example, you may not feel too good initially in this position.
But, stay for a little while and you will feel better.
With poison, it accumulates particularly in the feet and ankles.
Of course, all the timings below do not matter exactly, it so happens that if you do your best
to follow the program, whatever you do will be just right for you.
If you are really feeling rotten, do everything, but just 1 minute instead of 5.
If you are in good health, not unwell you can do 10 minutes instead of 5.
SO, next, pretend you are Einstein and are completely stupid.
This should not be at all difficult for you.
Wiggle your feet. First stretch your toes away from you, then towards you.
Putting it another way for those of you who do not understand, press your heels first towards your bottom and then away.
Keep going like this for 5 minutes, quickly away, then towards you.
Actually blood flows if you are human, and the poison is shifted to another part of your body so you can feel even worse.
NEXT, crunch your toes as much as possible, then open them, any movement sideways, upwards whatever is good.
Wriggle or wiggle your toes.
Actually even if you do not have poison, these actions strengthen
even your calf muscles, and your thighs, besides being good for the feet. 5 minutes.
NOW, part your knees, and press them to the sides, downwards towards the bed.
You can hold your ankles.
Move them down by your sides as much as possible.
You would be surprised at how good this is for your back, particularly lower back. 1 minute.
ANYWAY, now no more pretense at being stupid just be naturally so.
Keep your knees down and make any random movements with your legs.
Away from you, wiggling your feet, moving your feet together and then apart,
straightening your legs a bit, bringing your feet back down towards your bottom,
spreading your feet wide apart,..Quickly.
One foot down near your bottom, other foot away like you are cycling.
Work up a little sweat. Keep going like that, but head, face relaxed and trying to breathe normally. Put the fan on if you wish.
All the time hold your ankles so you can keep the knees down near the bed. 5 minutes.
NOW, keep hold of your ankles, keep your knees down, and have your feet up in the air
(lower legs perpendicular to the ground, vertical).
Then quickly press one knee right down to the bed, then immediately do the other, and keep going.
So one knee is down for a second then the other down while the first one is up a little.
Keep going like that, but head, face relaxed and trying to breathe normally. 5 minutes.
MOSTLY, you will feel the poison in your ankles and toes worse. Good. Serves you right.
NOW, just lie down with your legs straight and relaxed on the bed for 3 minutes.
NEXT, again bend your legs with your knees apart and down beside you, feet up
and catching your ankles, as before.
For 2 minutes, again wiggle, wriggle your toes, heels up, heels down, crunch toes,
toes stretched far away, toes stretched towards you.
NEXT, relax there with your knees apart and down for 1 minute.
THEN, move both your knees down towards the bed, simultaneously, quickly, down, up a little,
back down quickly, use your hands on your ankles to help move the knees right down.
Keep going down then up a little, pushed down, up a little for 3 minutes.
Keep your breathing as much normal as you can, relax as much as possible,
keep your eyes closed.
If 3 minutes is too long, do less, wait for 30 seconds and then restart.
Get some momentum going.
As you loosen up, the knees will go down more.
The jarring action as they go down to the maximum
is good for your back.
FINALLY, if you are tired lie down on your back for 1 minute or so.
You should find that the
'heart' 'burn' has gone, but the feet tingle if you are consuming poison.
Also, you might feel like scratching your trunk: poisons inside are nearer the surface ready to be excreted in sweat and also faeces.
Later, the feet feel better but as your blood moves around you feel scratchy also on your back, sides, legs, etc.

Later, the feet will itch, poison coming to the surface, which is a good thing.
Scratching opens up the pores and removes dead skin, and is also a good thing.
Moving the feet, wiggling the toes etc. is good for you anytime if you have poisoning, and even if not.

This exercise programme can be done anytime.
For example, if after 10 minutes you have nothing much to do, or are again feeling a little unwell,
repeat the exercise programme, maybe a bit more gently.
And if you like, do this all day.
The pleasure programme you can also do anytime, repeat after 10 minutes for example,
but only if you have a partner who you are prepared to enter.

You do not need to follow the programmes exactly, do as you wish.

The exercise programme above was all with bent legs. But, it is a little tougher,

and even better for you to do similar things with straight legs,
legs poker straight, knees tight.

Do this if you feel well enough, but not for more than 1 hour per day.


STEP 1. Stretch your legs up perpendicular, eg a little apart.
Stretch the toes down towards you, heels up.
Keep the knees poker straight, tight.
The front thighs tight.
The four corners of each knee at the front pressed back.
The back of each knee really opening.
The heels stretched up more and more.
Stay for as long as possible, with the backs of the knees really stretching.
Keep your breathing relaxed and your face relaxed.
STEP 2. Lie and relax for 2 minutes.
STEP 3. Repeat step 1, but this time try and completely relax your abdomen.
Focus on that. For this, you need to do shorter breaths, exhaling into the abdomen.
For step 3. although you do all or most of step 1.,
the real training is to keep your abdomen soft and relaxed.
STEPS 2. and STEP 3. four times.
STEP 5. Same as Step 3, but toes pointing up, stretching the fronts of the feet as much as possible, crunch the toes.
Then lie and relax and repeat STEPS 2. and STEPS 5 three times.
Enough for 1 day.
TANTRA:Exercise 1

Stretch your legs up as above, knees poker straight, heels pointing up as in Step 3, abdomen perfectly relaxed with short breaths exhaling into the abdomen.
STEP 6. Spread the legs far apart. Then relax the legs. Relax, and keep the abdomen relaxed. When you cannot stay longer, lie down and relax completely.
You will feel like rubbing, etc. etc. Do not do this. Wait. Wait. You may feel like urinating. Do not do this.
Wait. Do not even touch.
When you are about to touch,
STEP 7. Draw in your abdomen downwards towards the bed, but try not to hold your breath, do small short breaths. Then squeeze the legs together hard. Stay as long as you can. Keep your hands on the bed relaxed, a little away from you and resist all urges to touch your body, do not even scratch.
When finished 7, relax completely.
If you are not very sensitive, you may not realize, but when you relax you are having orgasm.
It is very good for you. For some people, if they are sensitive, their stomach will go up and down, perhaps 2 or 3 times, maybe in the videos you have seen what happens to women sometimes.
This will mostly be a little more potent and also not faked.
With orgasm, if you have poison in you, you will scratch, as it comes to near the surface.
Anyways, repeat Step 7, five times, each time trying to squeeze the legs a little harder together,
they are as tight together as can be.
The second time you might find that not only the tummy but also the chest moves up and down, and this time for a little longer than the first time. Eg up and down 6 or 7 times not just 2 or 3 times.
Do not touch. Do not go to loo.
Four more times to go of the total repetitions of 5.
This time, when you lie and relax afterwards, it seems as if nothing much is happening.
The up and down is a lot less, just 2 or 3 times. You feel quite relaxed and the itching is less.
Mostly, unless your tummy is well trained, you might have the beginnings of a slight tummy ache.
Next of the 5.
Well somehow, you are reluctant to do anything, you just want to lie there, or actually you do not want anything. You just lie there. So this next step does not happen unless you force it.
It is because the orgasms are moving upwards, in India it is known as the higher chakras.
Your kundalini energy which was sleeping near the base of your spine is moving up, and igniting chakras on the way up. You will experience 1 or 2 late up and downs, near the upper chest area.
Once these have happened, you force yourself to squeeze the legs together, hard, harder, hardest.
Abdomen down, short breaths to keep the abdomen relaxed.
Just before you manage to do all that, your abdomen starts moving up and down, not violently violently, but for about 8 times and certainly more than for the video women.
So after that has finished, you try and force yourself again, after the previous unsuccessful attempt at force.
Anyways, you lie down and relax and are just about to start the next forced attempt at keeping your legs together.
And your neck jerks up and down and then your abdomen and later your chest. And you emit a strange quite nice manly or womanly noise or shall we say music.
Something is going on but because you are not very sensitive you will not receive any pleasure, or indeed any sensation.
So, later, next attempt at squeezing legs together hard.
Well before you start to force, your neck goes up and down and then your abdomen, and your breathing becomes harder.
If you really wish, you can squeeze your legs together, but before you do you get some BIG up and downs in your head, etc.
So lie down and be patient.
A few more ups and downs, head area, abdomen, you feel relaxed, you yawn, softer manly or womanly music comes out. You want to go to loo but not desperate.
Turn off fan if it is on.
One or two small ups and downs. You feel relaxed, peaceful. quiet. your mind is free of thoughts. if you touch yourself, the touch is soft. You do not need anything, your breathing is relaxed. You see a vision of a woman's fallopian tube.Your skin feels on fire as the poison comes nearer still to the surface and you have turned the fan off. You have slight tummy ache. You feel a little hungry.
You lie down on your right side, pillow under head.
You are itchy as poison comes to surface. You are hungry, not a little. Soft utterrings come out of your mouth.
NEXT. You lie down again. Hunger is a little less, itching is a little less, burning is a little less, except toes burning. Wait.
NEXT. Lie on your back, bend your legs and bring feet close to your bottom, and let knees fall apart to the sides.
2 or 3 ups and downs. You feel less hungry, you see fallopian tube again, and also glancing images from some of your past lives, a few of what you saw in them.
NEXT. Lie down again(knees etc. still bent apart). 6 up and downs or so.utterings from your mouth.
NEXT.Again lie down. 1 arch of the neck. your legs feel real itchy so you have a good scratch. After that, you lie back again and see hint of breast.
NEXT. There are some small blotches on your legs as poison goes near surface. But, when you touch your legs, they feel sensitive, soft, not like usual. You touch your trunk and immediately you go up and down: orgasm from slight touch.
NEXT. If you are evil you will see same evil image that you saw before. You should stop now and resolve to be good.
Otherwise, you see what you want, the man next to you, or a woman you have not seen before..And this is what you shall get.
NEXT. Touch your nipples. They are back to being as sensitive as when you are well. If you are vegetarian you can scarcely touch them, orgasms just happen. After touching you still continue to make utterings from your mouth, soft manly or womanly ones.

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