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Exercise: Principles

The best way is to do the tantra yoga and other exercises I describe in My other articles.
Actually, many of My articles give exercise programmes, even ones where it is not at first obvious that exercise is needed.

As a fetus you start off healthy and then your parents mistreat you, which cannot be helped,
it is your fault from your past life.

But then you do not look after yourself. This is your fault. You need exercise to keep up your beauty, fitness, ability to give and receive pleasure, to have a good marital partner..

You need to keep your face and abdomen relaxed.
If your face becomes tense, you should stop, relax and start again determined to keep your face relaxed.
Similarly with your abdomen, as soon as you notice it becoming hard, deliberatly relax it.
As you progress, you need to more and more keep the buttocks squeezed hard together.
Also, as you progress, in the straight leg exercises, your legs should become completely completely straight.
You should not sweat. Stop if you do.

As you do more exercise, obviously you become stronger, fitter, more flexible, but it also
becomes easier and easier until you gain perfect health when you can keep going 24 hours per day

You should not become exercise mad. You do not need the extreme flexibility that you see in some of the yoga
models. They have been practising damaging themselves since they were 7. At that age, the
muscles, ligaments, etc. are still being developed. It is easy to overstretch, and because of youth
you appear strong and fit. In reality, from a sexual standpoint, they are losing desire and become unfit
to be a wife or husband. This is the principal effect that yoga has on a person.
Nowadays, you will have noticed that some young slim people are sexy looking and some are not.
This is due to exercise, yoga, ballet, gym, football,..prior to puberty.
Their penis and breasts do not grow properly. So men have penis dysfunctionality and women grow up
without nipples. Obviously anyone can tell whether a man or woman is sexy looking.
On this website, I have included, eg, videos of both sexy and non sexy women, and really you can just delete the
non sexy videos or pictures. They are no use to anyone, except as an education of what you do not want in marriage.
However, with the exercises I have given on this website nipples will grow back,the penis will become functional.

Incidentally, you should learn to hold your wee wee in until after you have finished your exercise or after wanking.
Use your wee wee (after exercise or ejaculation) to disinfect your penis or vagina, by closing them while weeing.

For a normal married life, you do not need extreme flexibility in the shoulders and back.
But, you do need good flexibility in the groin area, as this is where the lowest sex chakra is located.
You can learn to just about do the splits, with difficulty and a little pain, eg by stretching your legs
at appropriate moments when you see something of interest on one of the videos or when your husband
or wife is entertaining you.Spread your legs and come forward, and lie back.
By normal standards, you become very flexible, soft, toned, strong in the legs up to the lower abdomen.
After an absolute maximum of 2 hours of quietly exercising, watching, etc,your groins, penis and vagina
will be a little sore, aching. Then stop. The next day, mostly you will not feel much like exercising more
at least in the same areas with similar movements.
Your brain is your most sensitive instrument. It will tell you whether you feel like further exercise or not.
The key is not to disturb your brain but keep it passive, relaxed, tranquil, close to God.

Do other movements if you feel like it- leg, toe, hand,..
movements. Or just wait for the next day.
With the exercises I give, your whole body will become young, healthy.
If you feel your skin it will be like very smooth, silky, soft leather.
Actually, if you touch it, as I touch Mine, you just cannot believe how soft, sensitive, smooth, cool it is.

Of course, at present, there are little bumps in places as the poison is coming out, as I write elsewhere.

You will become young and your sex function will improve greatly, good for your partner.

This skin I give healthy adults has many many magical properties.It is not like the skin of an artificial 18
year old super model fed on diet coke.It is disease resistant, water proof,..

Well, these magical properties I give to all 2 and 4 legged feeling beings: standard leather.
Your skin is now the same as that of a chicken, elephant or lion in the wild (completely
different from an imprisoned animal). I love all, and will not give an inferior
product to one. Leather is actually thinner than people think, about 0.03cm in all My creatures.
If you are vegetarian, it is sensitive as hell to your partner's touch. You become an erogenous zone.
Until you are healthy, when you wank, (see Man woman fun

on how a man and woman should wank or be wanked),
you release sperm and eggs, even before you reach. These die and decay and germs feed off the decaying flesh.
If you are sensitive, you will smell the semen/wet oozing out of your skin, not just the penis or vagina
But, when you reach 100% health, this does not happen, and even when you reach, nothing comes out,
unless you want a baby. Because the skin is now perfect, neither the man nor the woman need wetness
to stop their penis or vagina becoming sore. With no superflous sperm or eggs, there is no venereal disease.

So, when you have exercised and reached the point where when you reach, no or virtually no ejaculation,
then, you do not need much further exercise, just sexual pleasure 22/7. Or just some exercise to please your partner.
For example, you could just do 20 minutes per day, with different exercises, just to keep up.

One of the very important effects of exercise is that your body excretes Western poison accumulating in you
For a typical person,he ingests 2.5 gms per day of rat or whatever poison. With exercise, this 2.5 gms is excreted, about 1 gm through the eyes, and the rest through pores in scalp, ears, nose, mouth
skin and anus. If you clean your eyes every hour or so for just two days, and rinse off the beige
residue that comes out in the same place in your shower for these two days,
you will find that about a 15 cm(6") diameter area on the floor is slimey. That much comes out of your eyes,
obviously most has been washed away.

See Is taking a walk good for you? for how to get rid of the huge accumulation
in you

You should not develop the one sided abilities of a runner or a weight lifter or a gymnast.
Look what happens to them after a few years.
Weight lifting, gym, etc, disturb the brain and other parts of your body and damage the emotional energy centre.
Although not exercise, a few words about sports are in order:

  • cricket damages your arm
  • football hurts the back of your knee
  • the water in swimming disturbs the delicate balance of intake of nutrients from the air and disposal of waste products through the skin
  • running and jogging jolts the body and harms the feet, knees, spine and brain
  • cycling harms the thigh muscles by making them short, and squashes and makes the abdomen hard
    unfit for sexual activity
  • tennis harms your wrist, elbow and shoulder
  • skiing causes the legs and abdomen to be hard, besides breaking bones..
  • besides all these things, sports are competitive and therefore damaging and wrong.

  • climbing stairs is bad for your knees
  • going down stairs requires concentration that harms the tranquillity of your brain.

  • Obviously many of you are due for a lot of pain.
    So, you need to be pain free from 2 minutes before you start exercise, to one second after you have finished,
    for a maximum total of two hours of exercise per day.
    Obviously, also, the total number of pain-level-hours does not change, it just
    is increased appropriately when you are not exercising.

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