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Exercise: Principles

The best way is to do the tantra yoga and other exercises I describe in My other articles.
You need to keep your face and abdomen relaxed.
If your face becomes tense, you should stop, relax and start again determined to keep your face relaxed.
Similarly with your abdomen, as soon as you notice it becoming hard, deliberatly relax it.
As you progress, you need to more and more keep the buttocks squeezed hard together.
Also, as you progress, in the straight leg exercises, your legs should become completely completely straight.
You should not sweat. Stop if you do.

You should not develop the one sided abilities of a runner or a weight lifter or a gymnast.
Look what happens to them after a few years.
Weight lifting, gym, etc, disturb the brain and other parts of your body and damage the emotional energy centre.
Although not exercise, a few words about sports are in order:

  • cricket damages your arm
  • football hurts the back of your knee
  • the water in swimming disturbs the delicate balance of intake of nutrients from the air and disposal of waste products through the skin
  • running and jogging jolts the body and harms the feet, knees, spine and brain
  • cycling harms the thigh muscles by making them short, and squashes and makes the abdomen hard
  • tennis harms your wrist, elbow and shoulder
  • skiing causes the legs and abdomen to be hard, besides breaking bones..
  • besides all these things, sports are competitive and therefore damaging and wrong.

  • climbing stairs is bad for your knees
  • going down stairs requires concentration that harms the tranquillity of your brain.

  • Obviously many of you are due for a lot of pain.
    So, you need to be pain free from 2 minutes before you start exercise, to one second after you have finished,
    for a maximum total of one half hour of exercise per day.
    Obviously, also, the total number of pain-level-hours does not change, it just
    is increased appropriately when you are not exercising.

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