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98% of the things you do are evil and why

In this world, there are 147 nice people.
You can tell whether you are a nice person easily: do you cry if and when you disobey Me?
I reward such tears with pleasure, even if the act of disobedience results in pain.
The other 7.6 billion are evil.
People are rushed. Many, most actions they do without waiting for Me to tell them.
Or if they have a little bit of discomfort, they rush to scratch, etc. without waiting for My guidance.
If the person is sorry when I mention this to him or her, these numerous acts are 'neutral' acts,
and neither pleasure nor pain come to him or her.
But, for an evil person, he or she is not sorry, and then each of these innumerable acts results in
typically slight discomfort or ill-health, not actual pain, for the person.
At age - 9 months every single being starts off with desire to be good.
But step by step as their parents and TV and teachers install in them Western 'knowledge' pride sets in
They cease to listen to Me and rather listen to satanic forces, for sex or money.
Their soul knows exactly what is good, what is bad.
The nicer you are to an evil person, the more evil he becomes.
Thus, for example, all men start off being nice to their first love. It is of course not love, but emotional
attachment. Because they are so nice, the woman becomes more and more evil.
Then she loses him, and suffers more and more unpleasantness, rape, torture, various sexual crimes.
Then nearing the end of her life, she suffers enormous pain.
The only country where this rape etc. does not happen is in the UK, because men there are not nice to their women, but indifferent to them.
Why is it that when you are nice to someone, they become more evil?
It is because satanic forces in them interpret your niceness as being evil, as wanting something..
A trend sets in, the more nice you are to them, the more evil thoughts they have.
And, for men, they have tried their hardest to be nice to this first woman in their life.
All they got in return was evil, wrong, theft, injustice.
They have exhausted the good in them.They now look for revenge, sex, money.
With rage and satan filled minds, the next woman they meet is not lucky.
An average woman outside the UK is not too bad looking up to about 38.
She is raped on average once in 3 weeks, about 3300 times.
And, where she is covered up, eg in Muslim, Jewish, orthodox Christian, she is cut, burned etc.
on average 1000 times.
Of course, she has to pretend to be happy.
And then, later in life true misery commences, for about 10 years.Unimaginable pain.
So there is massive massive sexual, financial and other crime in every country.
And finally, these 7.6 billion people, each given opportunity after opportunity to be good, each knowing
for absolute sure that they are completely stupid to do evil.
Evil people know full well that they are evil and not nice things, rape etc. are coming their way.
But, they watch TV, play cricket etc. in order to drown away such thoughts and pretend to be enjoying
They grab any opportunity to make money or have sex, depending on who they have sold out to.
And their satan instructs them on how to do more evil.
So, they kill, hurt, rape each other and do the same to other evil people born as animals etc.
They can be rude, unfair, etc. to good people, because good people too are not perfect.
But, all that happens, for example, is that the good person's salary has been adjusted upwards to compensate.
Evil people can become good. With enough pain, they decide to mend their ways.
About 3% of evil people, about 230 million in total, will decide to do this.

It should be noted that a good person does not do evil and a bad person does not do good.
A bad person whenever it seems as if he is doing or wishes to do good always has some ulterior
evil motive in mind.
And when I tell a good person to do something he does it to the best of his ability.
This inner decision to be good or evil finalizes by the age of puberty.

I give everyone free choice to do good or bad. And to Me, it does not matter what they choose.
I am in love and happy.
I give love without expecting anything in return. It is the only thing that has no price.
I love one and all, corresponding to how much good there is in them.
If someone is 1% good, I love them 1%, if someone is 99% good, I love them 99%.
At T=-9 months I love them 100% and then mostly My loves are murdered.
Typically, each of the 7.6 billion evil people are responsible for about 24 such murders
plus murders of pet (on average 3600) and animal (on average, eg 9.5 million chicken) fetuses.
Being kind, I overlook these murders, other than to murder these 7.6 billion baby killers
about 9.5 millon times, each.
99% means that 99% of the decisions that he takes are in accord with My wishes, for good.
Good also corresponds precisely to how much this person loves Me or their man.
At 40% good, you are balanced at loving Me or your husband just as much as you love yourself.
For all such people, all 147 of them, in this life they achieve 99% goodness and love,
and after death, they merge into Me and achieve 100%.
A 99% evil person has about 10 years prior to death done so much evil that he or she deserves 700 hours of crucifiction time.
A 99% good person has only done a little wrong, so I spread his or her 7 hours of crucifiction hours over his or her life, so it is not too bad at all.
And some pain is desirable pain, if on account of heathy exercise.
And even if you are in pain, you can be happy, if you are in love.

You know, evil is very keen to threaten, kill, hurt, hire wogs,..
They like to order you to strip, go, ..
Whether you are good or not, you should know that Lord Vishnu is in charge.
If you have done wrong, maybe He will punish you.
But, you should never listen to evil. You should do precisely what Lord Vishnu instructs you.
When evil takes the law into their own hands, it is Lord Vishnu messing with them.
If they just threaten, well, not much evil has taken place.
They can call you names, you can call them names or just be friendly or ignore them.
Whatever Lord Vishnu tells you.
If he says strip, then you should do it, if not you should not do it.

If you want to annoy evil, it is very easy. They hate you being happy. Listen to some music. They hate you being nice to them, 'let us be friends, how are you today?' They hate being kept waiting. They hate being ignored. Ignore their orders. Wogs hate email, because they do not like a paper trail, so best is to turn your phone off and not reply to the banging on the door. Best not to write or respond to their emails. Best of course is to do exactly as Lord Vishnu advises. Any of these things will make them wild with rage. And when this happens they go crazy, nuts, deranged. The longer it goes on the crazier they get, rage. It is permanent damage. And when you are nuts, you cannot give pleasure, you cannot receive it. So, one's life span is therefore short. But of course they still get the pain they deserve. Naturally, when they are trying to break open your door with all their might (Lord Vishhu forgot to create locksmiths etc. in India) your concentration might go, you may get slightly worried. This is not good for you and of course they will pay in pain. It is good training for you, it helps improve your concentration etc. Their concentration is destroyed and they get worried about what will happen to them. Rightly so. Rage though cannot be kept up. It lasts two days maximum. Then despair sets in. Despair is usually the time when pain happens. And after sufficient pain they choose between good and evil. And mostly they select evil. You should not worry about supplies etc. Whatever Lord Vishnu wishes it will happen. Life is about love and happiness and pleasure.
Lord Vishnu did not create beautiful flowers, pristine forests and lakes and rivers and the night sky, nor
man and woman with good health and beauty and sex function for people to be unhappy.

There are three types of wrong people do: to others (including cows..), to their family, and to themselves.

You have a soul, as well as a mind, and Lord Vishnu communicates to you exactly what you should do
both how/what to do for good and telling you what is evil.
But, with modern day 'living' your mind listens to Satan, mostly.
There is perfect justice and so when you listen and do what Lord Vishnu tells you, good and not evil befalls you.
And, if you do evil, evil befalls you.
Well, it is not actually evil that befalls you, but it is pain and unhappiness.
And this pain and unhappiness has a purpose: to bring you to your knees and switch direction
to good and love and happiness and pleasure.
Well, in this article, I am not going to discuss you doing good:I talk about this elsewhere on this website.
Which of you is 22 hours per day making love?

Instead, I give examples of how almost everything most people do is evil:

1. office work where step by step you destroy your health and desire.
2. buying, eating, selling cooked food which damages health, all the goodness being destroyed by the heat.
3. drinking, selling water, coffee, coca cola,..which drowns your brain and systems in poison and nowadays in faeces.
4. using/selling make-up, cosmetics, creams, oils, soap,..which clog up your skin, keep poisons inside you..
5. gym, sports,..which create tension and stress besides harming you physically.
6. watching TV, cinema, newspapers which damage your brain with violence and evil and sloth.
7. taking/selling completely useless drugs, painkillers,..which cause enormous harm being tested on animals.
8. listening to foul 'music', 'gossip'.. which cause enormous damage to the brain.
9. harming your children by sending them to school and not looking after them, feeding them rubbish...
10. wearing clothes which deprives your spouse of seeing you as you are and deprives others of seeing your assets if you are single.
11. stealing, by selling goods worth nothing for profit: books, food, clothes..
12. upsetting others by being late, breaking promises, being impolite/rude, not answering promptly and fully,..
13. other criminal activities like depriving children, murderers,..of their liberty..
14. assisting socialist governments in depriving people of their money through tax theft.
15. working as a government employee and accepting salary being money stolen through taxes
16. accepting social security or other payments from the government, being tax stolen money
17. having government licenses etc. to work as a taxi driver, lawyer, etc.
18. giving to charity in order to deprive people who Lord Vishnu has made destitute of opportunity to become good.
19. being given a husband (the first man who enters you) and then making love to someone else
20. spoiling a marriage.

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