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Do you want ecstasy?

1. Well nowadays you can buy lots of pills.
xtc, good stuff, costs about $1 (Rs65) per point (100 gms), can be a little more depending on your luck.

In the old days, I mean 2053 BC and before, you had a woman.

Now which do you think gives you a better headache?

In those days, I think I remember, the cost of a woman was about $0.00.

Which do you think is cheaper?

Well on this website I have hopefully upset women kind.

Now is My turn to upset men folk.

Let Me try hard.

Although it is true that women are like EVIL EVIL EVIL, the lot of them,

men are actually DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY, the lot of them.

When you fall for a woman and you want to screw her, maybe once she says 'ok, I wanna get
married and have love in my life, I had better give in, just this once mind'.
So, after one year of trying hard and $1000 of roses, you finally get in.
Success you think, now I can screw whenever I want and it will only cost me about Rs 1000 per week.
Well you pay the Rs 1000 per week, no more roses of course.
So then this bitch gets a head ache, joins the police force, to offset the cost of you keeping her
and when she gets home after a typical hard 3 hour work day, she says she is too tired for 1 minute of penetration.
Now you think to yourself, 'but is 1 minute so hard, cannot she do what a wife is meant to,
which is damn simple for her, just part her legs'.
So, a year later you are barely on talking terms and the most love making you do is slap her one.

Although it is true that with receiving pleasure from your man or woman, love develops, actually
it should be the OTHER WAY AROUND.

You should love a woman before giving or receiving pleasure from her, and similarly you
should love a man before giving or receiving pleasure from him.

A woman is naturally NOT interested over much in servicing a man who has little or no love for her.

A man is not much interested in pleasuring a woman whom he does not love.

Anything he does in that direction is purely for his own pleasure, not hers.

Of course they will say 'oooh, and i love you my darling, that was wonderful, we must do it next year also'.

And so they do.
She gives in yet again on the off chance that she will get love/pregnant/venereal disease.
She is that stupid.


These minds want to listen to a man, be with him, love him, do what he wants, be kind to him, have babies for him, give him their heart, their body, their soul.
They do not think of anal sex except to please him.
When they enter a room full of men and women, stupidly, they do not first think who can I lay,
they look of course for beauty: other women first.
This is partly what eyes are for, to seek out beauty and enjoy that.
When they are single, they are always putting on make-up, perfume, make men happy.
When a woman sees this website, the first thing that comes to her mind is
'how can I use it to make my man or future man happy'.
Of course, she is also evil, her mother only at the last moment decided not to murder her,
she was educated in a Western school, her first love she was used,..
Dark thoughts enter her mind, naturally.


He sees this website and thinks 'how can I use it to give myself more pleasure'.
Only later he thinks well maybe love is not a bad thing.

Food falls on the floor and he does not mind picking it up and eating it.
He does not mind picking up a drain outlet cap in the bathroom to 'clean' it with American dirt.
He does not mind, if he is poor, to look in a rubbish bag for food or clothes.
He does not mind wearing second hand clothes or even shoes worn by Westerners.
He does not mind, if he is a poor smoker, picking up used cigarette ends.
What he thinks about doing to women is dirty.
Even his sweat is dirty. When a man or woman with a clean mind sweats, poison comes out of
them. Licking off this poison is no problem, it will not harm you. But sweat from a dirty man will.


There are several things that eradicate such:
1. Penis removal and male nipple rings pulled off. Actually, the Romans and Greeks
had quite a few eunucks in the old days. I wonder how they managed to get them to be eunucks?
Nice people the Romans and Greeks.
2. Pain. A man or woman will never go to heaven until such time as their minds are either
cleared of filth and evil or until their minds are extinguished, whichever is earlier.
And for such to happen they need either to give love or to experience pain.
3. Exercise as set out on this website clears the chakra system in order for kundalini sex
energy to enter the anahata chakra in the heart where your soul is located,
and for orgasm from there upwards to clean the mind.
4. Love. See How to make a nipple hard

5. Lie down nude on your back, with your arms relaxed by your sides. And say:
'Dear Lord, I do not want filth and evil in me. Please kindly get rid of it for me.'

6. And then you might want to say:
'Dear Lord, I am over - 9 months old I would like to receive love if appropriate for me, and I would like to give pots and pots of love and whatever else is appropriate to whoever you think is appropriate as and when you think such is appropriate and please if you so wish remove any obstacles to my so doing'.

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