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Directions to those wishing to continue doing evil´╗┐

´╗┐There are 3 types of people.
1. Who still wish to do evil.
2. Who are not sure whether they wish to do evil.
3. Who do not wish to do evil.
This directive is addressed to the first type of person, called hereinafter evildoer.
Such people are for example, those who wish to steal, overcharge, etc. litter the streets,
make noise, rape, murder,..
Evil doers are directed to leave their homes, offices, cars, hotels, and take their pets,
and children and flee to the capital city of the country where they are currently located.
If after you reach the capital city, you decide you wish to stop evil doing, you are free to do so
and to leave the capital city.
You are also permitted to ask Me for private land space to live on with privacy, see
The Land Act 21 October 2017
If after leaving the capital city you revert to evil then you are directed to go back to the capital city.
If you have historically lived in the capital city, then upon committing the next evil, you are required
to go to the next largest city, taking your pet and children with you.
Male pets and children belong to males and female pets and children belong to females, unless
there is no male/female couple in your home, when you are required to look after both sexes.
If there are 2 males or 2 females heading up the home, or more you decide between you who looks after what.
As an encouragement to good behaviour, evildoers are given sufficient pain to encourage them
to head to the capital city, or second city, no or little pain while they are going there, etc.
Of course this pain means they suffer less pain later on.

This directive takes immediate effect.

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