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1. Poison.

These days people consume a considerable amount of poison.
Sit on your bed with the feet on the ground, knees apart.
Then lie back and sit up as many times as you can. If easy, place your hands behind your neck.
Rest for a minute and then do 6 more.
Then lie on the bed and stretch yiur arms over your head.
Bring your legs together and then raise them
to the perpendicular and then down again, as many times as possible.
If difficult raise your legs to perpendicular first.
As you go up and down stretch your toes away from you then towards,
tighten and untighten wiggle, clasp etc. your fingers and toes.
If easy squeeze your legs together. Rest 1 minute.
Then, bend your legs so your feet are near your bottom.
Quickly raise your bottom up and go down, up and down as many times as you can only keeping
your throat and head relaxed. When they are no longer relaxed, do not come down,
but stay with your bottom raised and relax there. Then come down.
Next, again raise your bottom, but this time harden your buttocks, keeping your arms and head relaxed.
With every breath or every other breath, grip your buttocks harder and raise them higher.
Then, lie on your back and bend your legs over your tummy.
If not too easy, wrap your arms under or over your shins.
Then work your ankles, stretch your toes away then stretch your heels away, many times, quickly.
Then raise your legs to perpendicular and again work your ankles.
If your legs etc. feel scratchy, scratch away. Do not wiggle your toes.
Then, lie on your bed and relax, with your arms over your head, relaxed straight, on the bed.
Scratch if itchy. Then have a shower. First your legs, then anal/genital area, then arms.
Use your hands to quickly firmly rub off poisoned dead skin and poison. Then chest.
If the water is cold, breathe in, wait one second and put the water while you breathe out.
Then back body, under arms. For your scalp, apply water and then scratch to loosen the dead skin
and poison: the greasiness is not from shampoo etc., more Western poison usually.
To clean your eyes, put 3 handfuls of water on one eye, and then with little finger gently rub
top of eyeball from inner side to outside, clean finger then outside to in, then same for lower part of eyeball.
Ears, scoop out rubbish with your left little finger nail. Then clean rest of ear.
Nose, block one nostril, breathe in and blow out quickly from other.
Then scoop out rubbish with your index finger. Navel use index finger. Between and under toes.
Clean penis and vagina area properly, balls and around anus. Then final quick shower.

2. Definitions

Mind. An instrument of the soul given to mankind in 835 BC by Lord Vishnu, giving them the ability
to think using language and to assist good: in wanking and loving, or evil. If evil, you step by step lose your mind.

Language. A collection of words each with separate meanings.
The first language was Tamil with a collection of words given to each mind in 835 BC,
later corrupted and extended into first Sanskrit, then Pali, and other words as the Buddhists left Tamil Nadu to do evil.

Script. A written representation of language, developed by the Buddhists first as Pali
outside Tamil Nadu in 807 BC, later as Brahmi in Tamil Nadu and then later as
Tamil and Sanskrit scripts, with a view to promoting evil, ie their own interests.

Pure mind. One which has no intentionally evil thoughts.

Akashic record. A bank of all thoughts in the world.

Brahmim. Buddhist priest serving the interests of Kshatriyas, and of course their own.

Ksahtriya. Buddhist leader or warrior serving such a leader serving the leader and also their own interests.

Vaishya. Buddhist traders supplying goods to Brahmins and Ksatriyas, serving their interests,and also their own.

Shudra. Buddhist slaves supplying services to Brahmins, Ksatriyas and Vaishyas.

Hindu. A Buddhist brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya or shudra born in India.
After the Buddhists Kshatriya males were exterminated in India, local Indians copied
Buddhist practices with the employment of Brahmins to serve them.

Buddhist. A person who wants more than he or she has.

Hinduism. A set of beliefs and practices where a Buddhist sells a part of his or her soul
in exchange for a hope that a Hindu deity will then provide him or her with goods or services
that he or she is lacking. Hinduism started in 453 AD as the Buddhist priests taught the Hindu kings and children.

Bhakti movement. A branch of Hinduism which started in 1105 AD in Tamil Nadu and Kerala,
principally as a result of the philosopher Ramanuja,
with various beliefs including that God was pure good not part evil.

Marriage. An initiating act whereby a man enters a woman and his fluid flows into her.

Married. A man is married to a woman and she to him if after the act of marriage
they continue to have marriage when they both want it.

Muslim. A buddhist who has sold a part of his or her soul to Allah in exchange for a hope
that Allah will then provide him or her with goods or services that he or she is lacking.

Jew. A buddhist who has sold a part of his or her soul to God in exchange for a hope
that he or she will then be provided with goods or services that he or she is lacking.

Christian. A buddhist who has sold a part of his or her soul to Jesus in exchange for a hope
that he or she will then be provided with goods or services that he or she is lacking.

Honeymoon. The one period after marriage when a Kshatriya woman does not realize that
she has a headache. Usually these days, it lasts about 5 minutes.

Headache. A (Buddhist, i.e. one who wants more than he gets) male human Shudra.

Fetus. An unwanted human inside a Kshatriya woman and who she forgot to kill. Nowadays 3999 in 4000 humans are killed.

Baby. One who desires sucking a Kshatriya woman whom she forgot to kill.

Child. A human who has escaped death at the hands of a Kshatriya woman who is also unable
to get hard or wet. It wants to receive love, to roam freely in the countryside and
wants the company of an opposite sex child.

Man. Is one who wants to give love to a woman.

Woman. Is one who wants to give love to her husband, the first man who entered her and gave her fluid.

Vishnu. God, the creator and sole proprietor of everything in this universe.

Evil. Thoughts, words and deeds leading you to hate and pain. Stupid thinking

Good. Any instruction from Lord Vishnu. Such lead you to love and pleasure.

Indian. One who does or wants to follow Lord Vishnu's instructions to him or her,
resulting in him or her becoming kind, for example.

British. Another word for unkind. For example, one who will happily cut off your balls
even if you politely ask, 'please do not do it'.

Husband. The first man who did the marriage act to a woman.

Adultery. A woman allowing a second or subsequent man to enter her and release fluid into her.

Marital contract. This accompanies every marriage and has two components:
1. the woman owes the man as much pleasure as he wants, and vice versa, for the rest of life, and
2. both parties will look after each other. However, from 3 11 2017, the couple have no commitment to look after each other once they are apart.

Look after. To ensure that you or another is not thirsty, hungry or dirty
and that your/their sexual needs are catered for.

Theft. Where you take in cash equivalent terms more goods, services or pleasure than you give.

Free choice. From 835 BC, every mind has the ability to choose between good and evil.

Feelings. These are what your soul has:
of being peaceful or agitated, of being happy or unhappy, of being sorrowful or delighted or in pain.

Soul. A miniscule unimportant independent part of Lord Vishnu with feelings and the ability to feel,
for example you touching your chin or a woman doing the same.
Created in 580 million BC and part of a love story.

Love. Something you give. You start off life loving yourself and all 2 and 4 legged feeling beings.

101% love. If forced to choose between having your arm cut off or his/hers/its, you will reluctantly choose your own.

Being in love. (i.e. 'in love'). When you are giving in excess of 100% love:
you love some feeling being more than you love yourself.

Purpose of creation. For your (i.e. your soul's) and Lord Vishnu's fun, love, pleasure and happiness.

Soul mate. A person, soul, whom you have messed around with for 580 million years
who is optimal for you, who is male in one life and female the next,
and is the first person you meet in this life whom you are attracted to.
It is the person who will give you the most orgasms, and you him/her.

Common sense. Where you can see idiocy, foolishness everywhere around you.

Nice. A person, including a child, is sorry when he/she/it has made a mistake.
Thoughts of sex or sexual activity do not enter such mind, except only with their wife or husband,
and that too only after marriage arrangements have been made.
A nice man or woman is actually repelled by the thought of touching the private parts of people unsuitable for them.

Brother or sister. An equal in play or work or whatever,
with whom you do not want to have sexual activity with - the whole world, potentially.

Mum or dad. A person other than brother, sister, child, wife or husband or illicit husband, not necessarily a blood relative.

A wife or illicit husband is an adult with whom you want sexual relations.

Caring for a child (including a baby or fetus):
Being friends and patient with it, not hurting its feelings, giving it happiness,
tenderness and physical contact, not sending it away to school etc.
but getting it to do useful things (if appropriate).

Harm. This consists of giving pain and also drinking alcohol and doing other things to damage your body and mind.

Steal. This is where there is some transaction or theft and one party gets less than his or her fair share.

Family. From 3 11 2017, this consists of a man and all women whom he has married
who currently give sexual pleasure to the man, and any children he has had.
It also includes all two or four legged animals (and their children, grandchildren, babies etc..)
that have been deprived of their liberty.

Agitation. The soul gets agitated when it (does not give orgasm and therefore) does not receive it.

Happiness. A soul becomes happy if it is in love (eg on account of giving orgasm which leads it to
receive love which enables it to give love)

Unhappiness. A soul is unhappy if it is not in love.

Peacefulness. A soul becomes peaceful if it receives orgasm, which comes as a result of
giving orgasm. Opposite of agitation.

Delight. Ecstasy. A soul experiences delight at the time it is experiencing orgasm.

Pleasure. When receiving orgasm, the mind experiences pleasure according to how good it is.

Pain. Both the soul and mind feel pain in the body. It comes from doing evil, but is of two types,
desirable (giving the mind pleasure) and undesirable (not pleasurable).
The former is for example associated with getting your body healthy.
Both types of pain are the opposite of delight for the soul.

Heaven. A place where you go after your body is no more, after
a man has surrendered to Lord Vishnu, or a woman to a husband or illicit husband of hers.
You can only surrender when evil has gone, which happens to everyone.

Expert. A person whose mind is near perfect at knitting, accounting, thieving, swimming,
running a mile, piano, gossipping, doing yoga, meditating and has no mind for anything else.

Nirvana (buddhist term) or samadhi (yoga ie Buddhist term):
Heaven for experts, where there is no mind but its soul is:
1. Perfectly peaceful
2. Unhappy, on account of love not given
3. In love, ie giving love to a small extent
4. Delighted, ie receiving orgasm, to the extent that they loved Me and therefore receive pleasure from Me.

Moksha (Hindu term). Heaven for a soul which had achieved being in love prior to going to heaven:
1. Giving love, by continued use of the mind.
2. Perfect peace, coming from Lord Vishnu giving love on account of good deeds done
3. Being perfectly delighted, ecstatic on receiving orgasm.
4. Happy, on account of having given love

Yoga. Two systems to obliterate the mind, cease evil and also cease good.
They were originally called Hatha yoga and Patanjali yoga.
As one practices these yogas, ones ability to get wet or hard step by step decreases.

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