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Dealing with arsenic, illness, etc.

A. Introduction

This article focuses mostly on arsenic poisoning, because almost everyone in the world now has this.
The amount of arsenic being consumed per day is rather small and it is only when it accumulates to a significant amount will it affect you.
The first organ that it will hit at this rate for most people is the heart.
The precise timing of when you will feel ill depends on how well you are, mostly.
For an average person in the world today, he or she will notice the arsenic in about 12 months' time,
Oct 2018.

This article also deals with being unwell.
I discuss in detail about cleaning off the arsenic, but it should be said that a Western house and toilet/bathroom are
very poorly suited for this purpose.
For example, with an Indian bathroom and toilet, there is a hole in the wall at ground level for water to drain away.
There are no carpets where arsenic can accumulate.

B. Will I be impacted by arsenic poisoning?

The purpose of giving arsenic poisoning to most people is a catch up on the pain and suffering they have tried to avoid
by having operations and pain killers, or going to the dentist.
In reality virtually everybody in the world has tried to avoid pain due to them by one or more of these means.
The amount of pain you will suffer from arsenic poisoning will equal the amount of pain you have avoided.
It is I who decide how ill you will be, whether you go hungry or thirsty,..

C. List of topics covered

The topic headings in this article are as follows:

Feeling faint or not well
Hot and cold
Cleaning your eyes
Cleaning your ears
Cleaning your nose
Washing your mouth
Cleaning your teeth
Cleaning your navel
Cleaning your groins
Cleaning your balls, penis or vagina
Cleaning your bowels
Cleaning your feet
Cleaning your hands
Clothes, sheets and towels
How to walk
Carrying something

D. Preparation

You should prepare everything beforehand:

  • You will need a torch in case the electricity switches off.
  • Your bed should preferably be near a water tap and also the toilet.
  • You need to make arrangements for delivery of food (preferably milk) on the days you are not well.
  • A large stock of water (6 litres per day is ideal) is necessary, as sometimes the water taps are cut off.
  • Put the stock of water in large bottles so it is easy to handle.
  • Have a bucket and 3 jugs full of water ready at all times.
  • Have a stool near your bed to help you get around.
  • E. Arsenic

    It is a difficult substance to get rid of.
    You may think that only a small amount in the water supply will not be too bad.
    This is not correct.
    It is important to avoid drinking any water, drinks made with water etc.
    So, for example, you need to avoid salty food.
    In fact, all cooked food is particularly bad for you when you are not well.
    If you have cooked food, you will definitely struggle with arsenic poisoning.
    The best is to switch to a milk only diet. With the internal bleeding, see below, you will still have digestive problems.
    Because arsenic makes you thirsty, you will need 4 litres of milk per day, when you are better 2.5 litres will suffice.
    In addition you will need something sweet, for example one laddoo per day.

    Arsenic causes a lot of internal bleeding.
    This internal bleeding makes you feel faint, not very well, etc.
    The body's internal healing mechanisms means that arsenic is expelled from every pore of your body.
    It is in your urine, your sweat, in the dry skin that comes off you, in your saliva, in your pooh, in your eyes, nose..
    Your skin will sometimes have small lacerations, later with skin coming off.
    The particularly affected areas will feel hot.
    The faster you clean off the old skin, the quicker is your recovery, as e.g.the pores are unblocked and can release the next batch of arsenic.
    When the skin has come off, your skin will feel silky sometimes, at other times it feels leathery.
    The wet arsenic oozes out particularly from the bottom, the backs of the legs, and the groins.
    It also accumulates particularly on the feet, causing lacerations as the body tries to excrete the arsenic.
    The whole foot gets painful, and the toe nails may start to come off.
    Hence it will be difficult to wear slippers, sandals, etc. and you may need to wear traditional Indian dress.

    With sore feet you will find that it is good to tread on a wet floor, a milky floor, and also on agarbatti ash,
    to help avoid slipping on arsenic which gets everywhere.

    But, it is present everywhere, you will notice how silky your arms, scalp etc. are.
    To clean yourself see Showering, below.
    First rub a little with water, which should be cool, not hot or warm, and not too cold.
    But, in fact, the only thing that will remove the arsenic is milk: after applying water, you should apply milk. The skin may be raw and so for example if you sit on the loo, it may rupture (and disease spreads).
    Hence if possible you should stand for going to wee-wee, maybe do it into your sink.

    Incidentally, urine is very healing.
    You should stand with your feet together, stoop forward and look down,
    and let the urine fall onto your legs/knees/ankles/feet, wherever.
    Wherever it falls will be exactly the right place for your healing.
    You may want to use agarbatti (incense) sticks to remove the smell.

    Liquid arsenic is very slippery, and you need to pour lots of water on the floor to get rid of it.
    Once you have stopped drinking arsenic infected water, the body heals in about five months.

    F. Feeling faint or not well

    1. As soon as possible, you should hold onto something to avoid falling, and also sit down.
    2. Put a little water or milk on your forehead and temples.
    3. Next, sit on your bed with legs crossed (or sit against something if you are desperate). Stay for 4 minutes.

    4. Next, lie back on the bed, with your head and neck off the bed and
    shoulder blades on the edge.

    5. Spread your legs as wide as you can.

    If you can, relax your arms over the head. Stay for 5 minutes.
    To come up, if you are generally fit, come up as you would for a sit up, without using your hands.
    Otherwise use your partner.

    If you cannot manage that, you need to do a little sexual activity to bring your fitness level up.
    First you need to sensitise your nipples: take a nipple between the tips of your thumb and index finger.
    Pull out for about a half of an inch, and then let the nipple naturally come out of your grip.

    Do this 3 times.
    Lie down on the bed.

    Squeeze your legs together as hard as you can.

    With the tip of your index fingers, or your partner, flick them to and fro continuously. Little flicks. Quickly.

    Then try sitting up.
    If you still cannot manage this, sit up, then lie back and then see if you can do a sit up.
    Practice until you can, and then progress to sitting up from when your head, neck and shoulders are off the bed, using the sexual method.

    6. After lying back with your legs spread wide, sit on the bed with your legs crossed, to recover.

    7. You will be spending quite a lot of time in bed. For this you need a T-shirt and a light sheet to cover yourself.
    8. When you wake up, you will often not feel well, and will usually need to go to the loo (wee-wee).
    You will feel better if you lift yourself up onto your knees and hands, and squeeze your buttocks together and forward.

    9. Then go to the loo when you need to.

    10. While going to the loo, take the time to rinse your face, forehead, neck, nose, hands, and clean your eyes.
    Then wash off from the groins, genitals, penis/vagina and feet and then go back to bed if you are still not well.

    G. Itching

    There are two types of itching with arsenic.
    The small arsenic pimples from time to time make you itch, or minute heat eruptions cause pain.

    Second type is a normal itching when the skin is smooth.

    If you try and get rid of the itch, of course, all that means is you will have more pain elsewhere or later.
    But, instead of scratching, place your hand over the affected part, and very very gently with love allow your hand
    to glide on the area.
    If you still want to diminish the itch, do the following.
    Pour water over your body, a little, until you are wet.
    Then rub a very small amount of milk on the affected parts.
    Rub until the itching, pinching etc. diminishes.

    Then shower off the milk to allow the arsenic to more easily come out.
    For pain, pressure helps a little, so if you sit on a damp cloth on your chair, the itching on your bottom is less.
    H. Showering

    When you are not well, having a cool shower can be daunting, but mostly you will find it good.
    The water you use should be cool, not hot or warm.
    The best is to shower very often.
    Actually, you do not need a lot of water (1 jug will do), in any case it is not the water that removes the arsenic layer from your skin.
    After a quick shower, apply a little milk (half a teaspoon) to each part of your skin that does not feel normal
    or feels itchy, scratchy, tingly or pain, silky, or with pimples.
    Then shower off the milk, but you do not need to do this thoroughly, as milk is not bad for you.
    If you do not have water, you can use milk instead to clean yourself.

    Take a stool so that you can if necessary place one hand on the stool while you wash with the other hand.
    It makes it less likely that you will slip on the slippery floor.
    You need to shower frequently as the arsenic oozes out from all over your body and also you need to convert
    the small pimples into smoother dry skin and get rid of old dry skin.

    To dry yourself, if you need to, you should not use the towel for your bottom, back of legs and groins,
    there is too much arsenic on these even after showering.
    The main parts to dry are first your chest, then upper arms, then face and head and lower arms, and back (in that order so you do not get cold)
    everything else can remain wet and dry off naturally.
    You need one small damp towel to sit on, as your bottom will get sore sitting on regular wood, plastic or leather.
    After sitting on it for 15 minutes, fold it in half and sit on the now clean side, then next turn it over
    and again sit on the clean side.
    You need to rinse the cloth very often.

    I. Hot and cold

    With arsenic poisoning, sometimes your legs, bottom and feet will feel really hot.
    Run them under the cold shower until they cool off.

    Sometimes, your bottom and legs and feet will feel cold, even though when you touch them they are normal.
    There is nothing you can do about this.

    J. Scalp

    Once a week you should clean your scalp with water, then a little urine, and then water and then milk.
    Let the milk stay for one minute and then wash your scalp with water.
    But, you should clean your scalp with water frequently (eg every 2 hours), not once per week.
    Arsenic oozes out and what you should do is use your finger nails like a comb to go up and down your scalp to free up the cells.

    Cleaning your eyes

    Arsenic tends to ooze out here a lot. You will be surprised how much yellowy gumpf accumulates.
    Clean your fingers, and then pour a little water into the cup of your right hand.
    Bend forward and place your right eye into the water and try and open the eye, three times.
    Then gently swipe the wet tip of the index finger between the eyelids (over the eyeball) from outside inwards.
    Then do the middle finger, then the ring finger and then the tip of the little finger, same thing.
    Rinse the fingers.
    If anything is still coming out of the eye, if it feels glazed over from inside, do it again.
    Then do the left eye.
    You may need to go through this routine, at some points of your illness, every 3 minutes.

    K. Cleaning your ears

    Use your wet right little finger and scoop out whatever you can.
    Then clean the finger with a little water and rub the inside of the ear with your wet finger
    to clear off any debris.

    L. Cleaning your nose

    Keep one nostril blocked with one finger, and blow your nose over the sink or toilet bowl.
    Then do the other side.
    Wet your little finger and scoop out whatever is necessary.

    M. Washing your mouth

    Every hour or two, put a little water in your mouth, swirl, and then spit it out.

    N. Cleaning your teeth

    There is nothing to do, besides rinsing your mouth.
    The milk you drink is good for the teeth and gums.

    O. Cleaning your navel

    Use your wet right little finger and scoop out whatever you can.

    P. Cleaning your groins

    Arsenic and sweat accumulate here quickly.
    Use your nails to lightly scratch off the arsenic and sweat with water, then apply milk, then rinse off.

    Q. Cleaning your balls, penis or vagina

    You should use water and milk and rub off until everywhere is clean.

    R. Cleaning your bowels

    You need to go as often as possible, certainly when your bowels prompt you.
    The more you can get the liquid arsenic, faeces and/or blood out the better it is for you.

    First, take your jug, and wash your bottom, anal, genital area with water.
    Next, take 3 jugs of water and have them nearby you. Have the stool near you also so you do not slip.
    Then squat (Indian toilet) or sit (Western toilet) and release your faeces.
    If you feel faint, sit quietly for a short while, relaxing and breathing quietly.
    When nothing more will come out, wet your index finger and scoop out all that you can,
    go as deep inside as you can.
    You may need to push to get the faeces to come out also. If so, wait a minute, relax and try again (and again and again..).
    When you have scooped out as much as you can, rinse your finger, and then insert it again into the anus, and clean out the mess.
    Rinse your finger again, clean out,.. until the finger comes out clean or the anal mouth closes.
    Then lift the seat up, if Western toilet.
    Then with your other hand pour water onto your finger and clean the finger with your other fingers, over the toilet bowl.
    Clean the hand with more water.
    Flush the loo, close the lid, pour some water over the loo.
    Wash your bottom, anal and genital area and backs of the legs with water.
    Then sit on the stool.
    Then wash your feet, see below.
    Then rinse the stool.
    Finally, as you have exerted, rinse your forehead, underarms and groins.

    S. Cleaning your feet

    Rinse your bottom and then sit on the stool.
    Then wash your feet with a little water (lift one leg and place it over the thigh of the other),
    use your hand to rub very lightly, and then a little more water.
    Use your index finger to go in between each toe, removing a little of the dead skin and arsenic each time.
    Then rinse the stool.
    T. Cleaning your hands

    Particularly after cleaning the wet arsenic off your bottom, groins and backs of your legs, your hands may feel grainy.
    Nothing will get rid of the grainyness, but it wears off over time as old skin comes off.
    The best thing is to put water on your hands and then wipe them on your front thighs.
    Then use your hands as normal, for your eyes or whatever.

    U. After exertion

    After any exertion, (washing clothes, bowel movement,..) after your shower, rinse your neck and forehead, your underarms, and your groins.

    Clothes, sheets and towels

    You need one preferably small damp towel to dry yourself.
    You need two small damp towels, sit on one, when it is filled with arsenic, which happens quickly, use the other.
    To clean them, soak in half a bucket of water for 5 minutes.
    Throw the water away, repeat.
    Next, and with all your clothes, towels, sheets etc., to clean them,
    lift one of them at a time and let water run all over it in the shower (you do not need to ring etc.)

    Everything should be cleaned every two days if possible.
    After running the shower, pour clean water onto the floor to get rid of the arsenic.

    V. Exercises: lying on your front

    With the following back arches, as you become more flexible, instead of having your hands by your chest to get up
    place them closer and closer to your waist.
    Then the final position is to bring your hands forward, under your shoulders.

    Now, keep your legs straight and place your hands by your chest.
    Squeeze the legs together, press the pubis down, squeeze the buttocks together.
    Lift your trunk up by straightening your arms. Arch your back as much as you can.
    Press your shoulder blades in.

    Next lie down, keep your legs straight and bring your hands 6"(15cm) forward, by your shoulders.
    Squeeze the legs together, press the pubis down, grip the buttocks.
    Lift your trunk up by straightening your arms. Arch your back as much as you can.
    Press your shoulder blades in.

    Now lie down and spread your legs, and bend them. Come up onto your elbows.

    Then press your pubis down and squeeze your buttocks together.

    Next, straighten your arms and lift your body up.
    Move your shoulders back and down, press your shoulder blades forward.
    Again, clench your buttocks together, bring your pubis hard down.

    Next, curve your back more and more, bend your legs more and try and touch your feet to your head.

    Next, the same thing but the hands a little forward.
    Raise your trunk, curve your back more and more, bend your legs more and try and touch your feet to your head.

    Now, lie down and spread your legs as far apart as possible.

    Then come up onto your elbows, press your pubis down, contract your buttocks.

    Then, if you can lift your trunk further by straightening the arms.
    After these backbends lie down.

    If you get a back ache after the backbends, lie on your side with your legs bent.

    W. How to walk

    Whenever you are lying or sitting down practice relaxing your feet, particularly your bad foot.
    To start, it is extremely helpful to put your foot on water (eg if there is water on the floor, or if you can pour some water onto it).
    Hold onto the stool, using the hand corresponding to the good foot.
    Put your heel of the bad foot in front of you.
    Sometimes, it is the heel that is more painful, then go on tip toes.
    Take 4 easy normal breaths.
    Relax the more painful foot, and if you can put all of it on the ground.
    Put your weight on the chair and bring your less painful foot forward, as far forward as you can.
    Walk forward putting the heel or toes of the bad foot on the ground, then slowly carefully the whole of it if you can.
    Sometimes you may just be on tip toes, or only on the heel.
    With arsenic the floor may be slippery so you need to take small steps and go slow.

    X. Sleep

    Well, you do the best you can.
    Because of the digestive problem mentioned at the beginning of this article, sometimes you will need three or four pillows
    to place lengthwise under your trunk and head.

    Tier them, so that the bottom pillow is against your buttocks, the second is a little away, closer to your head, and the third is more away.
    You will need some clothes or something under the top pillow to stop it dipping down.
    When lying in bed you should wear a T-shirt for warmth.
    Also, you should cover yourself with a light sheet, from the ankles up (your toe nails may be too sensitive to be covered),
    and cover the head also.
    This stops flies etc. disturbing you, keeps you a little warm, and also limits how many bed bugs bite you.

    Y. Carrying something

    Hold it with the hand of the good foot.
    When walking, if necessary, put it on the ground in front of you as far forward as possible.
    Then when you have walked further pick it up and again put it in front of you.

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