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Dating Service India

A. Introduction and how this works

If you wish to screw a man for money or if you wish to screw a woman and then leave her, this page is not for you.
You are advised not to use it.

You are also advised to be truthful in everything you write, photos sent, etc. if you wish to use this service.
But, you may be a man or a woman wanting to MEET a same or opposite sex person for purposes such as:

*going out together, eg to cinema, dance, holiday, parks,.. public places ["PUBLIC"]
*meeting in private places, eg apartments, hotels, to remove your clothes and have nice fun but not actual penetration and release
initially ["PRIVATE"]
*marriage, which only happens between a man and a woman, and is when the man enters her vagina and releases semen into it.["MARRIAGE"].

The next step is to send an email to "" headed "PUBLIC", "PRIVATE" or "MARRIAGE" in the SUBJECT LINE,
together with the city and state where you live or work (i.e. the location where you would like to meet your date), and
the sex of the person you want to meet.

In the body of the email, please include as much information as you would like to share, preferably as a minimum at least the information set out in B., C. and D. below.
You can also attach ONE photo.

If you do not specify 'Public', 'Private' or 'Marriage' or do not specify city or state in the subject line, or you attach more than one photo,
I will arrange for your email to be deleted.

I will next arrange for your email to be forwarded to ALL men or women who are in that city and who are also looking for the same "PUBLIC", "PRIVATE" or "MARRIAGE" dating possibilities.
If they are interested, they can email you, and then it is up to you, but it is only polite to at least reply saying 'I am interested, and here is further information about me, where and when would you like to meet, or could we get to know more about each other through email', or simply write to him or her saying 'Hello, many thanks, but I am not interested, yours sincerely, [your real or false name]
Obviously, at present, there is no one on the database, so it may take a little time before you get responses.

B. Public dating

If you are initially just looking to meet someone in some public place, for one or more meetings, then you should be prepared
to share at least the following information about yourself with your prospective date.
Obviously if the two of you get on, you may decide to proceed to private meetings or to marriage, that is up to you.

*your sex male or female
*if there are costs, eg for a holiday, what proportion you are willing to pay, eg 50% or 0% or 100%. It is only fair to select 50%, but that is your choice
*what sort of activities you would like to do, be as specific as you can 'foreign holiday', 'trip to Himalaya', 'park walks', unless you are just happy to meet someone when you could leave this blank

C. Private dating

With private dating it is advisable to at least share a photo.
You should be truthful.
Private dating is only suitable if you are attracted to each other.
There is no point in meeting a man/woman for private dating if you are not attracted to him or her.
You are wrong to think that prostitution, i.e. dating a man or woman for his/ her money will work.
What does this word ‘attracted’ really mean? It means several things:

You want to be with this person
You want to have sex, i.e. penetration
You want to be pleasured by him/her
You want him/her to touch/kiss/look/smell/listen to you
All of this you can just tell with one reasonable photo.
Of course with modern diseased minds, one may get angry or annoyed.., but
the reality is that even when angry one actually wants pleasure etc., one simply says
the opposite of what you, the soul, not the mind, really wants
Of course, with enough argumentation, attraction will go, and then you do not want any of these things.

Once you have seen the photo, why not look up both of your prices in:

Call Girls and Hard Men, prices, details

If both of you have a similar price, it means you are well matched.

It also means that if you meet and pleasure each other equally, neither of you will owe each other money.

The prices are based on how sexy a person is, how healthy, how long he/she can last etc.
Also, do not forget that if you are pleasuring someone you are pain free for that period,
albeit more pain afterwards.
The following file can be downloaded, modified and printed, if you wish:
Private Dating Suggested Agreement

If you are single, and get on after some time, you should think about marriage, where the man
enters the woman and his semen flows into her:

D. Marriage

This is a serious committment, a life long committment,on both sides.

There is no additional information that you need to share, but clearly, you may wish to include lots of other information, such as:

*hair colour
*eye colour
*build (slim, average, a little over..)
*strength (weak, average, strong)
*ethnicity (Indian, European,..)
*education (up to school level, uni,..)
*your profession/student/retired/housewife..
*your income
*whether you own your own home
*whether you drink, socially, never,..
*whether you take drugs,..
*your status eg single/divorced/..
*number of children, whether they live with you, ages..
*what you do in your spare time, eg sports, tv, reading.. / no spare time
*type of food you like
*whether you like to eat out
*any physical ailments, disabilities..
and of course you can also share any more private information about yourself if you wish

Also, you can in the same email ask for any information you want to know about your prospective husband or wife, eg from the above list.

But, the reality is different for a man and a woman.

For a woman, she does not need any of the above information, she just needs to see the man's photo
to see whether she is attracted to him.
Any such man will be good for her if she is good to him.

For a man, he needs to be very selective of whom he chooses. Women are mostly evil and the
best is to do private dating first, not worry about any of the above information, except:

1. photo. Are you attracted to her?
2. her weight ideally less than 55kg: if not, wait before marriage until she slims
3. no physical ailments or disabilities
4. how many hours does she sleep per night, preferably less than 7.

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