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ok my darling

´╗┐ok my darling(1)
i apologize.
from now on I am going to be good.
no more complaints.
i will wait until year AD 207165318749.
then i will kill You, like a jap woman would(3).
then i will join jap air force in 1942 and kamakhazee myself to smithereens on 73 yanks(4).
then in pain i will become einstein and invent atom bomb.
then i will join yank airforce and kill myself all over again at nagasakee.
then i will wait until U are reborn as catholic nun.
then i will kill myself.
then i will cry.
because i do not want to marry a dead catholic nun.
and i do not want to die in year AD 2071653...(5)
what do You want from me my Lord?
the website it is done.
tell me to publish it and i will publish it.
tell me to delete it and i will delete it.
i touch You tenderly, softly, with love.(6)
may You forever be in love and happy.
You are wonderful my love
I will wait for You until the end of time,
whatever is Your slightest wish
i am sorry to trouble You
i give You my all, my love, my life, my soul
what more can i say?
i love You.

1. Of course, no woman says 'ok my darling' to a man she loves, she has to be respectful, just as a man
has to be respectful to the Lord.
2. But, it is true that love dies. It is not possible normally to wait even 10 years for a man or a
woman.Every year that passes, about 10% of your love dies.
3. Yes, that is what Jap women are like, different from Indian women.
4. It is a myth that Japs committed suicide, they were murdered. It is not possible to commit
suicide, it is a Western myth. One might get onto a bridge when someone was looking,
or one might cut one's wrist in such a way that you KNOW you will not die.
And sometimes, My Lord says, OK the time is right and then the person dies, unwillingly.
5. It is not normally possible to wait with love for even 10 years, as above.
6. If you are waiting for your man, or your woman or the Lord, these last few sentences are good ones to look at
and ponder on and wish that they were exactly true, even if in your heart you know that your love is
not quite as true as all that, that your husband is not absolutely perfect, like a scum, for example.
7. Maybe, if you look at these, and tears come to your eyes, maybe My Lord will grant you 50% of
your wishes, and then relief, and relaxation and peace and happiness will come to you.

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