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Is being crucified a pleasant experience?

Now this actually is quite an interesting question.
Over the coming months and years as time drags by, I will try and add some comments from
My readers about what it is/was like for them.
Of course, most of My readers are Christian, and one thing you can easily do is ask baby jesus:
"my darling, how did you feel up there whilst you were being crucified? Should I copy you?"
You know when you are the/a son of God, and have been reborn after crucifiction to live forever,
I do believe that you will be happy to share your feelings about really quite an interesting (former) life event.
Actually, if you do your research, you will find that Mohammad, Krishna,Rama, Sita, etc.
also had quite interesting life experiences which maybe if you ask your beloved's soul
they will be happy to discuss with you. In their cases, it was not actual crucifiction,
but for example with Mohammad, hair being plucked from his left hand. I have not done it,
but for example you could type in Google search 'sita goddess death please how'.
I have no idea what Google will say.
But, Google is chinese and so personally my experience of being married to yellow lady for
oh my god was it 20 years plus is that truth is not so easy to come by.
So really when you pray to Goddess Sita, I suggest you ask her 'please kindly tell me,
after Rama did such horrid things to you, how did you die, was it a pleasant happy experience,
did you enjoy death as much as you enjoyed being raped by Ravana for 14 years?'
There is no real reason for her to lie is there, I mean she was Indian woman who are
so so unlike Chinese. This is because the colour brown is much nicer than the colour yellow or black or white,
for example.

For Me let Me as I always do tell you the truth about My experience of crucifiction level pain.
Elsewhere on this website I set out what steps to take afterwards to recover.
In My case, it lasted about one hour, I do not have a watch so cannot tell you exact length.
I had a bit of a tummy ache beforehand which I ignored as I walked over to icici bank branch.
All of a sudden, My tummy it hurt. I really could not walk further.
Luckily for Me, just nearby there was a coconut milk street vendor.
Real charming man, who ripped Me off Rs 35 for coconut milk. But he had a chair for Me to sit on.
And that actually was all I could do, I managed to sip coconut milk, no problem,
I took that slow, but, I could not stand. Nothing much else to report, I felt pain,
My mind was pretty convinced (certain) that this was pain and I did not want it.
After about 20 minutes, usually I never ask Lord Vishnu for anything, for which I apologize to Him,
I asked Him nicely, I cannot remember the exact words 'My love, I am sorry to ask,
but would you mind relieving Me of this pain', and in that other article on this website,
I reported to you Our discussion. Well, for Me to ask, it meant that the pain was quite bad.

What more to say? After the hour sitting, I said to Myself look I cannot waste time doing nothing,
let Me continue to icici bank so I can finish off this website.
But, it took Me quite some effort to stand (I could hardly do it, it took maybe 2 minutes with Me
having to use table for support, and instead of walking at eg 3 km per hour
I was doing eg 0.5 kmph, and really could not cope with walking,
I just managed maybe 50 yards, 50 metres), and I had to breathe quietly (each breath hurt a little)
and hold My stomach in firmly with My left hand.
On the rickshaw ride back to My hotel, recovery had started, and I was once again happy,
not just peaceful, albeit painfully happy.
I lay down soon after reaching the hotel and struggled a bit, but soon fell asleep,
about 1 hour or so. When I woke up, I was feeling much better, albeit a touch on the sore side where My tummy is.
No real problems, after a couple of more hours, I just had a bit of tummy ache,
and only slight difficulty walking the 4 km (2,5 miles) to (try and, wankers just messed with Me)
finish the icici business, and then 4 km back.
To tell you truth, with this 'bit of tummy ache', I think most people would be lying in bed
complaining, for Me it is nothing at all.
Because I am an extraordinarily relaxed person, a rick shaw can hit Me at say 30 kmph (20 mph)
as one did yesterday, and I feel no pain whatsoever, just more fun, would have broken someone else's arm.
He is going to feel pain, though.

Next day, the tummy ache had almost gone, and now about 2 days later,
it only hurts very slightly if I press in firmly with My fingers.
I had for example no difficulty at all with the 40 or so sit ups that I wrote to you all
about yesterday about how to do them.
Being relaxed, being peaceful, being in love are important when you get pain.

You know it really really almost troubles Me this crucifiction, Me marrying a man who says

She is a woman, lying to Me, putting a caterpillar in My room etc.

My peace of mind, joy, desire for immediate death, peace, hardness, happiness etc. are nearly disturbed

So, if you are any woman, and you look at this website and you look wank etc. on My photo while saying to

yourself 'gosh, this is the most handsome man I have ever seen' and
'I must have him for/over breakfast and I am going to do My very best
to make his life as miserable as hell, you gotta believe me, I can do it'
I say 'you just cum maybe I should really say come, and you just try Me'
(English word meaning both experiment on and also what happens prior to being put to death), and
you mess with Me and I am going to enjoy messing with you, nicely and with love', and
you dont mess with Me and I am going to enjoy messing with you, nicely and with love', and
same for any man.

No woman nor even man dead or alive Lady Vishnu or other is going to disturb My equanimity,
because only Lord Vishnu He/She can do it, and probably/might will not.
And as far as I am concerned,
I will try loving Him harder.

If people write in with their experiences, if it is interesting, I will include it below.

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