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A. Lord Vishnu shop keeper

I will supply any not evil item to you, upon polite request, at the following example costs.
In reality, you may want specific items with specific features and of course I know what these are.
Hence actual costs may vary from those shown below.

Item: Typical Price, Rs: Typical requirement/day

Restaurant, 1 veg meal: 50
Rubbish collection, 1 litre: 5: 2.5 litres per person
Water supply (eg shower), 1 litre: 5: 2.5 litres per person
Cinema, 2 hr movie: 3
Room per day, 10 sq m: 0
Fan for 1 day 0.7
Milk, 1 litre: 49: 2.5 litres per person
Bread, .5 kg: 10
Rice, 1 kg: 30
Eggs, 1: 4
Apple, 1: 14
Chikki, 100 gms: 10: 150 gms
Chocolate, 100 gms: 10
Coconut water,1 coconut: 20
Bananas, 1 kg: 30
Oranges, 1 kg: 30
Tomatoes, 1 kg: 25
Potatoes, 1 kg: 25
Onion, 1 kg: 20
Lettuce, 1: 15
Taxi, rickshaw, per km: 6
Bus, per km: 1
Airplane, per km: 0.14
Train, per km: 1
Kitchen, 5 sq m: 0
Electricity, 1 kw hr: 2.4: 1 room, winter, 12 kwh (if just lighting etc. 1.5 kwh)
Mobile phone, basic: 1600
Talk time, 1hr: 48
Labour, per hr: 31
TV, per hr:0.3
Ability to watch any channel 1 hr:40
Internet use, 1 hour: 10
Chappels, 1 pair: 200
T shirt: 400
Jeans: 650
Underwear, top or bottom: 120
Bra: 200
Coat, for warmth: 4000
Jacket, for warmth: 2000
Jumper, warm wool: 2400
Leggings, stockings: 150
Socks, for warmth: 160
Hat, for warmth: 800
Shoes, leather, pair: 2000
Gloves, for warmth: 400
Tablet: 12000

B. Cost of living around the World

a. Sometimes, it is useful to know about living costs.
For example, you may be thinking of finding someone to do some work for you and want to know how much you should pay them.
Or, you may be considering marriage and want to know what is a fair financial basis for the marriage.
Or, you may be just interested in knowing how much money you need to survive.
The best starting point is knowing about food costs in your area.
The following table gives a reasonable indication of what these are.
Look down the table and find your country (or a similar country if yours is not shown) and look for the cost for the city shown which is nearest you.
For example, I used to live in Kovalam, and the nearest city was Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The cost shown is USD 15
This was roughly how much I spend on My weekly shop.
The rupees dollar exchange rate is about 64.15.
So My cost of weekly shop in rupees is about 64.15 times 15 = Rs 962.
Actually, this is really not My cost, but the cost for a typical local person in My area.

Anyway, when deciding how much to pay someone and designing an agreement between the two of you, you should bear this figure in mind.
In My web page Example service and also marriage agreements
I include two example agreements that you can download and look at, in case you want to have a formal agreement with your contractee or partner.
I use the figure from the table below for designing My contracts, and you can too.

b. What have been and what will be reasonable prices for main living costs?

In socialist countries like India, theft by the ruling class (Muslim barbarians for 800 years, then British barbarians from
the 18th century until 2017 is the rule rather than the exception.

There are two main means for these criminals to make money.
Hidden (and even not hidden!) taxes: for example, farm workers are forced to sell their produce at low prices which are then sold on at
huge mark-up, with the difference being gjven to Modi, etc.
Extortion: instructing taxi drivers, hotels, blackmailing people etc.
The money made by Modi mainly but also the 4 oligarchs in India is absolutely huge.
Of course, they will now deposit this in My bank account and I will distribute it to:
recompense those who have suffered under British rule, and
ensure a reasonable life style for those with minds are filled with good rather than evil.

The following tables give you an idea of the true cost of different items, and you will then be able
to judge for yourself how much money has been stolen from you:

1. Breakfast in hotel $: Cost of food, Labour Accommodation Total+20%

London, past: 1.00 9.45 2.00 14.94

Indian city, past: 0.46 0.46 0.48 1.68

Soon: 0.33 0.25 0 0.7

Obviously, the cost of lunch and dinner are similar, about $15 per person in a Western city and about Rs 100 in India.
In a five star, the food costs are the same, but the accomodation and labour costs are roughly double.
So, a reasonable price to pay for a meal in a five star hotel in the past is about $26 in a Western city and Rs 160 in India.
Anything extra is the hotel cheating you.
There are of course huge taxes etc., but that is something that the hotel can pay if they wish, nothing to do with you.
If they charge you for these taxes they will of course suffer pain or cash penalties, and you will be recompensed.

Costs are coming down, towards about Rs 40- 50 per meal.

2. Cost of hotel room for 1 night, $: Labour Accommodation Total+20%

London, past: 91 6 116

Indian city, past: 3 1 6

Soon: 2 1 4

These costs are for a typical 100 sq ft or so of total accomodation. If you want a suite of 300 sq ft, you should pay
an extra $12 in a Western city, and Rs 130 extra in India.
For a five star, these costs are roughly doubled.
So, when a typical 3 star hotel in India charges a Westerner Rs 2500 or so, the difference
between reasonable cost of Rs 500 (inc wifi) and this, Rs 2000
goes to Modi, Tata or one of the other oligarchs who threaten them with jail, balls off etc..
The only 'person' who is able to give a jail sentence or to cut your vagjna out is Lord Vishnu, and He will not do that unless
you deserve it. Hence, the hotel is foolish to obey police threats and eg hire Modi thugs.

But, of course, your contract is with the hotel, not with Modi, and by charging you Rs 2500 for something worth Rs 500,
they are stealing from you. Now, this is not a problem for you because ALL theft will be recompensed.
But of course it is a problem for those associated with the theft, because they will pay either in honest cash or pain.
Which thief has honest cash to recompense you?
Clearly, it makes no difference to the hotel how many people sleep in a bed, any extra for multiple occupancy is them cheating you.
They of course have no business asking you personal information like where you previously lived, passport details, name of woman
with you, in some cities refusing to accept her as a guest, providing your personal data to police...
Hotels in socialist countries commit multiple multiple crimes, each of which they will of course pay for in pain.

Example cost of hotel from Jan 2018: accomodation Rs 0 (there is huge oversupply of accomodation),
rubbish collection Rs 12.5, water Rs 12.5, electricity Rs 2.4, fan Rs 0.0 (oversupply), wifi Rs 240
TV Rs 487, cleaning 1 x when you leave (their responsibility to give you clean) Rs 15, receptionist for 12 hours Rs 2.
Reasonable cost of room if you do not want wifi or TV inc 20% profit is Rs 53 per night.

3. Cost of taxi or rickshaw, $: Car usage Labour Fuel Total+20%

London, past: 0.00.54 0.04 0.71

Indian city, past: 0.00 0.02 0.04 0.07

Soon: 0 0.01 n/a n/a

The above costs are per kilometre, and assumes a typical speed of 35 km per hour, i.e. the labour cost is for a two minute ride.
What happens is that the British rulers require the taxi driver to buy large cars, pay fees, undergo tests etc.
He can easily refuse this in all countries and just drive 'illegaly'. Hence the above are the true costs of travelling:
about $0.71 per km in a Western city, Rs 5 per km in the past in India, and fuel not available in the future.
4. Cost of tradeable goods.

Some goods in the past have been easily transported around the world: cars, petrol, mobiles, computers, some foods,..
Obviously the cost of these goods is the same across the world, the only diference being illegal taxes.
Clearly, if you have bought a car, for example at Rs 5 lakhs and the British rulers Modi etc. have made the vendor pay 12% tax,
that is his cost not yours and he will pay in pain or cash if he forces you to pay the 12%.

5. Cost of accomodation: room or apartment rent.

In socialist countries, costs are distorted up or down.
In rural areas, costs are distorted down, because Modi etc. pays the local people so little for the food they produce.
Roughly, prices are 50% cheaper than they would otherwise be because of this extortion and theft.
So, if you wish to rent in a rural area, you should pay the local owner double what he asks, assuming he is asking a market price.
In city areas, prices are distorted upwards, because of planning or zoning rules with accompanying police/jail/bribes..
Clearly, if the owner of an apartment charges you for extortion money he voluntarily pays, he is committing a crime.
Hence he will pay in pain or cash and you will be recompensed.

I discuss property prices and rental values below. Clearly these will all decline to zero soon as people die off.

6. Cost of labour

If a person provides a valuable service to you, like taxi waiting, shopping for you, sexual services, etc.
he needs to be paid. I discuss labour costs below, these will settle soon at $0.50 or Rs 31 per hour.
A work week is about 70 hours, and so hiring somebody for 1 week will cost about $35 or Rs 2100.
In My article 'Experts' and 'Gurus' I mention examples of services that gave no value.
For example, you may voluntarily pay say $1000 to consult a witch doctor or astrologer, etc.
It is not a valuable service but it is a mutual agreement to pay $1000 and you are just being foolish.
No crime is involved
Similarly if a solicitor asks you to pay him Rs 1 per hour, or whatever, there is no crime involved.

Even if he charges you $10,000 and does nothing at all, there is no crime, because his doing nothing is no more valuable
than if he had written 1000 pages of nonsense.
However, there is crime if you are required to use him for some purpose like buying a house or whatever.
One, he is given special license to practise as a solicitor and two yiu are required to use him.
Clearly, if he says he is going to write 1000 pages of nonsense and in exchange charge you $10,000, and does not do it,
then that is also theft and he will pay in pain or cash, and you will be recompensed.
Of course, sometimes the solicitor is on the opposite side to you in some dispute.
Clearly, you should not pay him any 'costs' and disregard threats of jail etc.
If he succeeds in extracting money from you without your permission, sends you to jail, etc. that is a crime.
He will then pay in pain or cash and you will be recompensed.

7. Prostitution i.e. sexual services from a wife or other call girl have value which I discuss in:

Call Girls and Hard Men, prices, details, and

Example service and also marriage agreements

8. Airplane travel

A reasonable price is Rs 0.14 per kilometre travelled.
9. Finding a company to provide you with a product or service.

Visit Reasonable Business Dealings AND List of Businesses selling products and services you want

C. Example cost of living in India until Dec 2017

Example weekly costs, 1 person: Western style, Local person, Rs

1 bed apt./shared room: 2400, 400

Clothing: 1000, 100

Electricity, water, rubbish: 1800, 100

Electronics: 600, 50

Home food per week: 1700, 1000

Internet,: 1300, 0

Mobile: 200, 100

Restaurant 1 meal: 300, 0

Small car + driver/local transport: 1300, 100

Total: 10600, 1850

Typical earnings, 70 hrs: n/a, 2200

To summarize, in India, necessities cost a single person about Rs 1850 per week, he or she spends nothing on luxuries and the balance on supporting the wife.

A couple cannot afford to have children.

From October, soon, apartment costs will fall to zero, electricity will be unavailable so electronics prices will be zero
there will be no mobiles, internet, cars will not operate.

D. Example situation in the UK until Dec 2017

For men, full-time earnings are about £560 per week, for about 40 hours per week and 46 weeks per year
This equates to £13.90 per hour, less tax and social security payments
The net after all taxes income per hour is about £10.50 per hour
People like leisure, otherwise wages would not be so high: if they worked 75 hours per week wages in the UK would fall dramatically
For a typical person in the UK leisure time is also worth £10.50 ph
People are wealthy: they need £560 per week for necessities and also the luxuries they desire
If you also include the value of their leisure time, they earn nearly £800 per full working week
Contrary to popular opinion, times are not hard, and people are not prepared to reduce their wages by offering more labour
Unemployed young people are also happy, with parental and government financial support
Because unemployment benefits are much lower than £10.50 ph, there is little unemployment.
In the UK, necessities for a single person cost about £90 per week, about Rs 8000, that is about 4 times more than in India.
So, people apportion their total income including leisure income as 11% necessities, 59% luxuries and 30% leisure.
Wages are Rs 900 per hour, nearly 30 times more than in India.
In England, a shared room would cost about Rs 2500, that is over 6 times more than in India.
Food for a single person is Rs 2500, about 2.5 times more than in India.
Obviously, tradeable goods like cars, electronics, clothing are similar prices in the two countries.
Food and accomodation are more expensive in England because wages are much higher.
Soon, wages in England will decline to Indian levels, Rs 31 per hour, or £0.36.
But see below.

For an explanation of why, you need to read About Money

The cost of living, accomodation, food etc. will be the same in both countries.
Base Cost in England, and across the rest of the habitable world, will become equal to India levels, about Rs 960 per week.

E. Property Values and Rental Levels

Property prices all over the world are broadly equal to the cost of construction plus land value.
Thus in rural/village/small town areas land values are small and property prices equate to construction cost.
Construction costs per sq foot depend on quality: for a 500 sq foot property with minimal facilities, about
Rs 2000 per sq ft in India and Rs 20,000 per sq ft in the UK.
A large 1400 sq foot property would be about 25% cheaper, a small 250 sq ft property would be 25% more expensive.
An average property would be 15% more expensive than this; an excellent quality one would cost eg 45% more.
Coming soon, though there will be a huge over supply of property, as the majority of the population die.
Also, with no savings, no one will buy property, and hence property values will decline to zero.
Rental values are set in the investment market:

Property returns: UK, India

Borrowing cost, %pa: 3, 9

Property yield, %pa: 5, 8

Running costs, %pa: 2, 1

Inflationary growth, %pa: 2, 7

Voids, %: 5, 40

Net excess return, %pa: 1.75, 1.8

Thus, to provide investors with a net yield of about 1.8% pa, rental yields need to be, and are, about 5% in the UK and 8% in India.

The net yield of 1.8% pa is required because property has a Capital Asset Pricing Model Beta of about 0.6, and the long run expected return on equities whose beta
is 1.0 is 3.0% pa.

To take an example, a 50 sq m (480 sq ft) 1 bed, 1 reception apartment outside a city centre, with excellent quality costs about 12 lakhs rupees in India,
and cost ten times that (£138,000) in the UK, and should rent for Rs 8000 per month in India, and Rs 50,000 (£575) per month in England.
Both properties give the same net expected return to investors, 1.8% pa, at these rental levels.

But, what will happen soon?

Rents will decline to zero.

No one will pay for something that is readily available.

F. Food costs, coming soon

So, earlier I said that wages around the world would decline to Indian levels, about Rs 31 per hour.

But, if rental values fall to zero, and there are no electricity costs, naturally market forces will as usual determine the cost of food.

Competition will ensure that instead of it costing Rs 960 per week to buy food, it will cost, working backwards:
Total cost of essentials, as now, Rs 1850 per week, less

rubbish collection (no electricity supply): Rs 10
water collection (to and from the lake/river), eg: Rs 500 per week
transport costs (to and from the lake/river and to collect food and to work), eg: Rs 300 per week
Equals food costs: Rs 1040 per week.

Well, these are of course approximate figures, actual water collection costs and transport will depend on how far it is to a local lake or river.

But, roughly, food costs will remain the same, about Rs 1000 per week.

Obviously, if water collection and transport costs are higher than this in a particular location, you will not have enough money to buy food
because the food seller also has to live and food costs cannot decline to below the level at which he will die.

In other words, people will live in areas where water collection and transport costs do not exceed Rs 800 per week and where the cost of delivering food to the person
does not exceed Rs about 1040 per week.

You may rightly ask, what about rain?
If I live in an area with lots of rain, presumably water collection costs will be less.

This is true and then transport costs or food costs will be higher, as of course market forces will drive supply to equal demand.

G. Who will employ me?

In the new world, there are only five possibilities for gaining income:

1. the garbage collection business
2. the water collection and distribution business
3. the food production and distribution business
4. instructing your wife to be a prostitute (as you know from My other articles, there will be no single women left)
5. Lord Vishnu or Me giving you money

I set out prostitution prices in My article Call Girls and Hard Men, prices, details

H. Base Cost around the world

As of 31 December, these prices will have declined dramatically. The new price everywhere is $15.

Prices up to November 2017:

City, Country: Amount spent in an average week on food shopping for one person (assuming you eat at home)

Tirana, Albania: USD 26
Algiers, Algeria: USD 28
Buenos Aires, Argentina: USD 40
Cordoba, Argentina: USD 38
Yerevan, Armenia: USD 24
Adelaide, Australia: USD 60
Brisbane, Australia: USD 59
Cairns, Australia: USD 62
Canberra, Australia: USD 58
Darwin, Australia: USD 63
Gold Coast, Australia: USD 55
Hobart, Australia: USD 59
Melbourne, Australia: USD 60
Newcastle, Australia: USD 55
Perth, Australia: USD 63
Sydney, Australia: USD 63
Graz, Austria: USD 52
Linz, Austria: USD 61
Vienna, Austria: USD 53
Baku, Azerbaijan: USD 22
Nassau, Bahamas: USD 76
Manama, Bahrain: USD 42
Dhaka, Bangladesh: USD 25
Minsk, Belarus: USD 24
Antwerp, Belgium: USD 59
Brussels, Belgium: USD 57
Gent, Belgium: USD 59
Leuven, Belgium: USD 59
Hamilton, Bermuda: USD 103
Banja Luka, Bosnia And Herzegovina: USD 27
Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina: USD 29
Belo Horizonte, Brazil: USD 35
Brasilia, Brazil: USD 38
Campinas, Brazil: USD 39
Curitiba, Brazil: USD 34
Florianopolis, Brazil: USD 35
Porto Alegre, Brazil: USD 37
Recife, Brazil: USD 38
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: USD 39
Sao Paulo, Brazil: USD 39
Plovdiv, Bulgaria: USD 27
Sofia, Bulgaria: USD 29
Varna, Bulgaria: USD 28
Phnom Penh, Cambodia: USD 37
Barrie, Canada: USD 55
Calgary, Canada: USD 53
Edmonton, Canada: USD 53
Fredericton, Canada: USD 51
Gatineau, Canada: USD 52
Guelph, Canada: USD 50
Halifax, Canada: USD 58
Hamilton, Canada: USD 45
Kelowna, Canada: USD 52
Kingston, Canada: USD 50
Kitchener, Canada: USD 45
Lethbridge, Canada AB: USD 56
London, Canada: USD 50
Mississauga, Canada: USD 52
Moncton, Canada: USD 49
Montreal, Canada: USD 50
Nanaimo, Canada BC: USD 52
Ottawa, Canada: USD 49
Quebec City, Canada: USD 51
Red Deer, Canada: USD 56
Regina, Canada: USD 51
Saskatoon, Canada: USD 59
St. John's, Canada NL: USD 60
Surrey, Canada: USD 50
Toronto, Canada: USD 50
Vancouver, Canada: USD 53
Victoria, Canada: USD 54
Waterloo, Canada: USD 55
Windsor, Canada: USD 49
Winnipeg, Canada: USD 50
Santiago, Chile: USD 38
Beijing, China: USD 33
Chengdu, China: USD 26
Guangzhou, China: USD 32
Shanghai, China: USD 40
Shenzhen, China: USD 36
Bogota, Colombia: USD 26
Cali, Colombia: USD 22
Medellin, Colombia: USD 24
San Jose, Costa Rica: USD 44
Osijek, Croatia: USD 33
Rijeka, Croatia: USD 39
Split, Croatia: USD 39
Zagreb, Croatia: USD 38
Limassol, Cyprus: USD 43
Nicosia, Cyprus: USD 45
Brno, Czech Republic: USD 33
Olomouc, Czech Republic: USD 30
Ostrava, Czech Republic: USD 30
Prague, Czech Republic: USD 35
Aalborg, Denmark: USD 63
Arhus, Denmark: USD 58
Copenhagen, Denmark: USD 66
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: USD 37
Cuenca, Ecuador: USD 31
Guayaquil, Ecuador: USD 35
Quito, Ecuador: USD 35
Alexandria, Egypt: USD 17
Cairo, Egypt: USD 18
San Salvador, El Salvador: USD 36
Tallinn, Estonia: USD 39
Tartu, Estonia: USD 35
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: USD 35
Helsinki, Finland: USD 60
Tampere, Finland: USD 56
Turku, Finland: USD 56
Lille, France: USD 52
Lyon, France: USD 61
Marseille, France: USD 48
Nantes, France: USD 52
Paris, France: USD 62
Toulouse, France: USD 56
Tbilisi, Georgia: USD 23
Aachen, Germany: USD 47
Berlin, Germany: USD 49
Bonn, Germany: USD 49
Bremen, Germany: USD 45
Cologne, Germany: USD 48
Dresden, Germany: USD 46
Dusseldorf, Germany: USD 58
Frankfurt, Germany: USD 58
Hamburg, Germany: USD 56
Heidelberg, Germany: USD 52
Karlsruhe, Germany: USD 49
Leipzig, Germany: USD 45
Munich, Germany: USD 55
Nuremberg, Germany: USD 48
Stuttgart, Germany: USD 50
Accra, Ghana: USD 47
Athens, Greece: USD 43
Heraklion, Greece: USD 43
Patras, Greece: USD 38
Thessaloniki, Greece: USD 42
Guatemala City, Guatemala: USD 34
Hong Kong, Hong Kong: USD 56
Budapest, Hungary: USD 33
Debrecen, Hungary: USD 30
Reykjavik, Iceland: USD 91
Ahmedabad, India: USD 20
Bangalore, India: USD 21
Bhubaneswar, India: USD 18
Chandigarh, India: USD 20
Chennai, India: USD 20
Coimbatore, India: USD 17
Delhi, India: USD 23
Goa, India: USD 20
Gurgaon, India: USD 25
Hyderabad, India: USD 19
Indore, India: USD 19
Jaipur, India: USD 20
Kochi, India: USD 18
Kolkata, India: USD 20
Lucknow (Lakhnau), India: USD 20
Ludhiana, India: USD 22
Mangalore, India: USD 16
Mumbai, India: USD 23
Mysore, India: USD 19
Nagpur, India: USD 19
Navi Mumbai, India: USD 21
Noida, India: USD 23
Pune, India: USD 22
Surat, India: USD 20
Thane, India: USD 21
Thiruvananthapuram, India: USD 15
Vadodara, India: USD 20
Visakhapatnam, India: USD 18
Bali, Indonesia: USD 32
Bandung, Indonesia: USD 28
Jakarta, Indonesia: USD 35
Medan, Indonesia: USD 27
Surabaya, Indonesia: USD 30
Yogyakarta, Indonesia: USD 26
Tehran, Iran: USD 29
Baghdad, Iraq: USD 35
Irbil, Iraq: USD 38
Cork, Ireland: USD 55
Dublin, Ireland: USD 60
Galway, Ireland: USD 54
Limerick, Ireland: USD 64
Beersheba, Israel: USD 59
Haifa, Israel: USD 56
Jerusalem, Israel: USD 62
Ramat Gan, Israel: USD 58
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel: USD 63
Bergamo, Italy: USD 54
Bologna, Italy: USD 53
Brescia, Italy: USD 48
Florence, Italy: USD 57
Genoa, Italy: USD 57
Milan, Italy: USD 58
Naples, Italy: USD 50
Padova, Italy: USD 55
Parma, Italy: USD 53
Rome, Italy: USD 54
Trieste, Italy: USD 53
Turin, Italy: USD 49
Kingston, Jamaica: USD 49
Osaka, Japan: USD 56
Tokyo, Japan: USD 69
Amman, Jordan: USD 42
Almaty, Kazakhstan: USD 26
Astana, Kazakhstan: USD 27
Nairobi, Kenya: USD 31
Pristina, Kosovo (Disputed Territory): USD 20
Riga, Latvia: USD 36
Beirut, Lebanon: USD 45
Kaunas, Lithuania: USD 34
Vilnius, Lithuania: USD 36
Luxembourg, Luxembourg: USD 60
Skopje, Macedonia: USD 25
Johor Bahru, Malaysia: USD 35
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia: USD 34
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: USD 33
Penang, Malaysia: USD 34
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: USD 35
Selangor, Malaysia: USD 32
Malta, Malta: USD 46
Sliema, Malta: USD 52
Cancun, Mexico: USD 26
Guadalajara, Mexico: USD 26
Merida, Mexico: USD 26
Mexico City, Mexico: USD 28
Monterrey, Mexico: USD 28
Puebla, Mexico: USD 24
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: USD 25
Queretaro, Mexico: USD 26
Tijuana, Mexico: USD 26
Chisinau, Moldova: USD 23
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: USD 31
Podgorica, Montenegro: USD 30
Casablanca, Morocco: USD 27
Rabat, Morocco: USD 29
Kathmandu, Nepal: USD 24
Amsterdam, Netherlands: USD 60
Eindhoven, Netherlands: USD 52
Groningen, Netherlands: USD 51
Maastricht, Netherlands: USD 56
Rotterdam, Netherlands: USD 52
The Hague (Den Haag), Netherlands: USD 56
Utrecht, Netherlands: USD 55
Auckland, New Zealand: USD 63
Christchurch, New Zealand: USD 59
Hamilton, New Zealand: USD 62
Wellington, New Zealand: USD 58
Lagos, Nigeria: USD 28
Bergen, Norway: USD 78
Oslo, Norway: USD 80
Stavanger, Norway: USD 80
Trondheim, Norway: USD 80
Muscat, Oman: USD 38
Islamabad, Pakistan: USD 23
Karachi, Pakistan: USD 20
Lahore, Pakistan: USD 22
Panama City, Panama: USD 45
Asuncion, Paraguay: USD 25
Lima, Peru: USD 32
Cebu, Philippines: USD 31
Davao, Philippines: USD 23
Makati, Philippines: USD 39
Manila, Philippines: USD 29
Quezon City, Philippines: USD 24
Valenzuela, Philippines: USD 22
Bydgoszcz, Poland: USD 29
Gdansk, Poland: USD 30
Gdynia, Poland: USD 30
Katowice, Poland: USD 27
Krakow (Cracow), Poland: USD 30
Lodz, Poland: USD 29
Lublin, Poland: USD 28
Poznan, Poland: USD 29
Szczecin, Poland: USD 29
Warsaw, Poland: USD 31
Wroclaw, Poland: USD 30
Braga, Portugal: USD 35
Coimbra, Portugal: USD 36
Lisbon, Portugal: USD 38
Porto, Portugal: USD 37
San Juan, Puerto Rico: USD 52
Doha, Qatar: USD 47
Arad, Romania: USD 24
Brasov, Romania: USD 25
Bucharest, Romania: USD 29
Cluj-napoca, Romania: USD 27
Craiova, Romania: USD 23
Iasi, Romania: USD 26
Sibiu, Romania: USD 26
Timisoara, Romania: USD 26
Moscow, Russia: USD 34
Novosibirsk, Russia: USD 27
Saint Petersburg, Russia: USD 32
Yekaterinburg, Russia: USD 29
Kigali, Rwanda: USD 28
Ad Dammam, Saudi Arabia: USD 36
Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia: USD 35
Jeddah (Jiddah), Saudi Arabia: USD 35
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: USD 34
Belgrade, Serbia: USD 28
Nis, Serbia: USD 23
Novi Sad, Serbia: USD 26
Singapore, Singapore: USD 61
Bratislava, Slovakia: USD 36
Kosice, Slovakia: USD 35
Ljubljana, Slovenia: USD 44
Cape Town, South Africa: USD 32
Durban, South Africa: USD 30
Johannesburg, South Africa: USD 33
Pretoria, South Africa: USD 34
Seoul, South Korea: USD 62
Barcelona, Spain: USD 46
Bilbao, Spain: USD 50
Granada, Spain: USD 39
Las Palmas, Spain: USD 34
Madrid, Spain: USD 46
Malaga, Spain: USD 39
Palma De Mallorca, Spain: USD 48
Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain: USD 37
Sevilla, Spain: USD 39
Valencia, Spain: USD 40
Zaragoza (Saragossa), Spain: USD 44
Colombo, Sri Lanka: USD 28
Gothenburg, Sweden: USD 58
Lund, Sweden: USD 56
Malmo, Sweden: USD 55
Stockholm, Sweden: USD 63
Uppsala, Sweden: USD 53
Basel, Switzerland: USD 100
Bern, Switzerland: USD 96
Geneva, Switzerland: USD 100
Lausanne, Switzerland: USD 92
Lugano, Switzerland: USD 86
Zug, Switzerland: USD 100
Zurich, Switzerland: USD 106
Kaohsiung, Taiwan: USD 44
Taichung, Taiwan: USD 50
Taipei, Taiwan: USD 52
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania: USD 35
Bangkok, Thailand: USD 39
Chiang Mai, Thailand: USD 35
Pattaya, Thailand: USD 33
Phuket, Thailand: USD 39
Tunis, Tunisia: USD 21
Ankara, Turkey: USD 30
Antalya, Turkey: USD 28
Bursa, Turkey: USD 28
Istanbul, Turkey: USD 32
Izmir, Turkey: USD 29
Kampala, Uganda: USD 25
Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine: USD 19
Kharkiv, Ukraine: USD 19
Kiev, Ukraine: USD 21
Lviv, Ukraine: USD 18
Odesa, Ukraine: USD 22
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: USD 46
Dubai, United Arab Emirates: USD 51
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates: USD 43
Aberdeen, United Kingdom: USD 56
Belfast, United Kingdom: USD 47
Birmingham, United Kingdom: USD 48
Brighton, United Kingdom: USD 51
Bristol, United Kingdom: USD 51
Cambridge, United Kingdom: USD 56
Cardiff, United Kingdom: USD 49
Coventry, United Kingdom: USD 52
Edinburgh, United Kingdom: USD 54
Glasgow, United Kingdom: USD 51
Leeds, United Kingdom: USD 49
Liverpool, United Kingdom: USD 47
London, United Kingdom: USD 60
Manchester, United Kingdom: USD 51
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom: USD 48
Norwich, United Kingdom: USD 51
Nottingham, United Kingdom: USD 52
Oxford, United Kingdom: USD 54
Reading, United Kingdom: USD 57
Sheffield, United Kingdom: USD 48
Southampton, United Kingdom: USD 49
York, United Kingdom: USD 52
Akron, United States OH: USD 60
Albuquerque, United States NM: USD 49
Allentown, United States PA: USD 59
Anchorage, United States AK: USD 72
Ann Arbor, United States MI: USD 50
Arlington, United States VA: USD 65
Asheville, United States NC: USD 58
Athens, United States GA: USD 44
Atlanta, United States GA: USD 57
Augusta, United States GA: USD 54
Austin, United States TX: USD 55
Bakersfield, United States CA: USD 51
Baltimore, United States MD: USD 60
Bellevue, United States WA: USD 64
Berkeley, United States CA: USD 67
Birmingham, United States AL: USD 53
Boise, United States ID: USD 46
Boston, United States MA: USD 63
Boulder, United States CO: USD 60
Brooklyn, United States NY: USD 71
Buffalo, United States NY: USD 53
Burlington, United States VT: USD 62
Charleston, United States SC: USD 63
Charlotte, United States NC: USD 54
Chattanooga, United States TN: USD 52
Chicago, United States IL: USD 59
Cincinnati, United States OH: USD 51
Cleveland, United States OH: USD 55
College Station, United States TX: USD 47
Columbia, United States SC: USD 53
Columbus, United States OH: USD 51
Dallas, United States TX: USD 49
Dayton, United States OH: USD 54
Denver, United States CO: USD 57
Des Moines, United States IA: USD 56
Detroit, United States MI: USD 56
Durham, United States NC: USD 53
Eugene, United States OR: USD 58
Everett, United States WA: USD 59
Fayetteville, United States AR: USD 56
Fort Collins, United States CO: USD 59
Fort Lauderdale, United States FL: USD 54
Fort Myers, United States FL: USD 51
Fort Wayne, United States IN: USD 51
Fort Worth, United States TX: USD 51
Fremont, United States CA: USD 50
Fresno, United States CA: USD 54
Gainesville, United States FL: USD 49
Grand Rapids, United States MI: USD 55
Greensboro, United States NC: USD 56
Greenville, United States SC: USD 54
Harrisburg, United States PA: USD 55
Hartford, United States CT: USD 59
Honolulu, United States HI: USD 74
Houston, United States TX: USD 53
Huntsville, United States AL: USD 47
Indianapolis, United States IN: USD 57
Irvine, United States CA: USD 58
Jacksonville, United States FL: USD 56
Jersey City, United States NJ: USD 56
Kansas City, United States MO: USD 49
Knoxville, United States TN: USD 47
Las Vegas, United States NV: USD 51
Lexington, United States KY: USD 51
Little Rock, United States AR: USD 56
Los Angeles, United States CA: USD 57
Louisville, United States KY: USD 54
Madison, United States WI: USD 49
Manchester, United States NH: USD 52
Melbourne, United States FL: USD 63
Memphis, United States TN: USD 56
Miami, United States FL: USD 64
Milwaukee, United States WI: USD 56
Minneapolis, United States MN: USD 61
Mobile, United States AL: USD 49
Nashville, United States TN: USD 55
New Haven, United States CT: USD 68
New Orleans, United States LA: USD 58
New York, United States NY: USD 70
Newark, United States NJ: USD 52
Oakland, United States CA: USD 64
Oklahoma City, United States OK: USD 48
Olympia, United States WA: USD 60
Orlando, United States FL: USD 58
Pensacola, United States FL: USD 50
Philadelphia, United States PA: USD 62
Phoenix, United States AZ: USD 49
Pittsburgh, United States PA: USD 58
Plano, United States TX: USD 55
Portland, United States ME: USD 60
Portland, United States OR: USD 57
Queens, United States NY: USD 59
Raleigh, United States NC: USD 54
Reno, United States NV: USD 43
Richmond, United States VA: USD 55
Rochester, United States NY: USD 52
Rockville, United States MD: USD 69
Sacramento, United States CA: USD 58
Saint Louis, United States MO: USD 53
Saint Paul, United States MN: USD 58
Saint Petersburg, United States FL: USD 55
Salem, United States OR: USD 51
Salt Lake City, United States UT: USD 49
San Antonio, United States TX: USD 45
San Diego, United States CA: USD 56
San Francisco, United States CA: USD 73
San Jose, United States CA: USD 60
Santa Barbara, United States CA: USD 56
Santa Rosa, United States CA: USD 65
Seattle, United States WA: USD 66
Shreveport, United States LA: USD 53
Spokane, United States WA: USD 52
Springfield, United States MO: USD 45
Syracuse, United States NY: USD 54
Tacoma, United States WA: USD 61
Tallahassee, United States FL: USD 53
Tampa, United States FL: USD 56
Toledo, United States OH: USD 48
Tucson, United States AZ: USD 46
Tulsa, United States OK: USD 52
Vancouver, United States WA: USD 50
Virginia Beach, United States VA: USD 51
Washington, United States DC: USD 67
West Palm Beach, United States FL: USD 56
Wichita, United States KS: USD 51
Montevideo, Uruguay: USD 49
Caracas, Venezuela: USD 26
Hanoi, Vietnam: USD 31
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: USD 31
Harare, Zimbabwe: USD 37

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