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Concluding Remarks

A. Introduction

You know, I have a human body, mind, heart, intelligence, etc. I was brought up Christian with a Jewish mother. I have married a Chinese woman. I am not prejudiced against anyone, coloured people, Japanese, Americans..
Luckily for Me, when I was young, I had Indian influence, and so I loved India with all My heart, I loved its culture, religion,colours, smells, food, everything. I am not a modern Indian. I am traditional Indian.
In My heart, always, I wanted to do good in the world.
And so My love, Lord Vishnu, He gave Me huge different life experiences, seeing different cultures, travelling all over the world, all sorts of experiences over the last 64 years.
And one particular thing He gave Me was common sense. I could and can see idiocy, foolishness from a mile away.
But, being traditional Indian, I was, am innocent. I cannot understand evil. It does not touch Me.
Anyways, in 2002 Lord Vishnu accepted Me in marriage. I am so grateful to Him you cannot imagine.
He took My soul and destroyed it.

B. This website

This website is mostly My doing. With life experiences, with of course guidance from Him, I started it in about 2001/2 and wrote mostly rubbish. Interesting ideas, but foolishness. And step by step My Lord gave Me further life experiences, and I would relook at what I had written and with common sense see this is RUBBISH.
So over last 16 years I worked on the website, diligently until I was happy it made sense. I think it is near perfect now, maybe I am wrong, but I think not.

C. Exercise

I want to help you. I am not unkind, I am good.
In this world, EVERYTHING, is good. You are good. You may out of pride and stupidity make mistakes, but this has all a higher purpose of GOOD.
Everybody wants to be good, but out of stupid thinking, makes mistakes.
So, whenever you can and are able,
lie down.
bend your legs and bring your feet towards your bottom
then spread your knees apart so they fall to the sides (yoga posture known as Supta Baddha Konasana)
this posture awakens your kundalini sexual energy at the root of your spine
in readiness for nice things as and when you deserve them.
for some time, this posture is a little painful, if too painful, put 2 cushions under your knees
pain is good for you.
and staying in this posture, you repeat the following two secret mantras
1. "I wanna be good"
2. "I gonna be good".

D. Nude pics

By the way, on this website there are pictures of nude women, videos etc.
Maybe you have noticed.
EVERY ONE of these women was blackmailed. Not a single woman wants what she was forced to do.
I stole the pictures etc.I did not buy them.
I do not have any problem stealing from WESTERN BLACKMAILERS.
EVERY ONE of these women deserved to be blackmailed.
EVERY ONE of these women will be fully compensated for what they had to do.
EVERY ONE of the BLACKMAILERS will be sorry.
NOT ONE of the women mind being on this site.

Actually you know, as you will have noticed on this website, I never say a bad word about anybody, particularly
I always go out of My way not to offend women. Actually, I lived in Ukraine some years back.
Maybe you have seen, but Uky women are kind of beautiful.But, most unlike Indian women, they always say 'niet'
Uky/Russian word which they think means no. It in fact means 'yes I would love to'.

But fortunately for Me, My mistress Goddess Luckshmi is the jealous type. I retain therefore My innocence about
female bits. For example, I wanna watch a vid and she gives Me VD if it is not suitable for My
penis. [truth].So, I have to go and wash Myself and by the time I get back it is over. Or I am not hard etc.
Or she will ask Me to look the other way if there is a hint of a breast showing, or she will
write on My computer screen 'banned', or 'obscene' and then of course I am uninterested.
So, the 372 vids you can download from this website are like almost unseen by Me. I got nearly
no idea what is in them. Probably American filth. And actually you will find that there are NO other vids
in the world which you should watch. I tried hard to take a peek at some (lots and lots maybe), but only
the worst I chose for you with My eyes almost shut, with one hand only.

E. More pleasure for you

Anyways, next, you softly lightly touch your nipples, best is with your 2 little fingers.
Move the fingers this way and that. Keep going for as long as you can.
You will have orgasm, it may not feel very pleasurable, but that will change as you become good.
Next, squeeze your buttocks hard together and lift your bottom as high as you can, keeping
only your feet and upper trunk on the bed.
Keep touching your nipples.
Stay up as long as you can.
If you cannot get it up, press your hands down by your sides and then try.
To intensify the action, suck your abdomen downwards towards the back of your body. Take short breaths.
Next, with intense effort push your bottom up as high as it will go, release (still keeping it off the bed),
then up again, do this 5 times.
Now relax down onto the bed.

F. Admission

Everything good on this website is Lord Vishnu's very very clever idea.
Everything not nice is My idea.

Was the above nice or not nice?

Do you think it has the potential to be nice, say after 30 or 40 years' practice of 1. "I wanna be good"
2. "I gonna be good".

G. More pleasure?

Next, since you continue to be dry soft small etc., come down. Lie (I think you are also used to this).
Bring your feet even closer to your bottom. Bring the knees together.
Then squeeze the legs together as hard as you can. Press the front inner thighs hard together.
Keep constant pressure of legs together.
Then touch your nipples with your two little fingers. Stay there.
After 2 hours, come down.
Relax, lie as usual if you wish, you are 0.00000001% of the way to being good.
Do you, with your eyes closed see anything? A cross? Any strange shudders, jerks and jolts?
What would happen if they were nice? Like a 22/7 ecstasy pill made in heaven perhaps?
Or do you prefer 8 nails and a cross for a little longer?
2 hands, 2 feet. 2 ears. 2 for love, and then release until the next time.
Christians think it was only 4 nails, they have not read the bible properly.
Are you crazy?
Or just stupid?
Or all set to reform as from yesterday?
I kid you not, a cross or equivalent absolute horror, unbearable pain, is going to be the experience of almost all human beings, not cows, dogs, etc.
I kid you not, even 1 second more is something you want to avoid at ALL costs.
Complete idiots. They are Westerners.
Are you Indian? Do you love India or do you love Satan?
You have free choice to switch at any time.
I give you completely free choice.
H. Christian paradise

You know, in the Christian bible, it says a thief was hanged on a cross, but was (allegedly) very happy when Jesus promised him a place in Paradise. Luke 23.44 tells you what Jesus actually said:"I promise you that today you will be in Paradise with me." They both died the next day.
Actually, the cross is not the only paradise for Christians, Revelations 22:1-4 says it is New Jerusalem also. Would you like to go there instead of on a cross?
It is true that Christians hung thieves on a cross, but you should know that that was not the only punishment, John 19.32 tells you for example, that they also broke their legs and then took them off the cross.
Taking someone off a cross sounds a nice thing to do, but it is rather painful.
Todays Christians are of course not as nice as they were then.
That thief, by todays standards did not do much wrong. Vegetarian. Mostly truthful. No contraception... Mainly, he, like Jesus, did not look after his boy. I gave him warning after warning after warning. Every hour of every day for 14 years he knew he should look after him. It would have cost him virtually nothing. But he was Christian. Just will not listen to good.
Will you?

And how about this for something really really sexy for you:

Really really really sexy video

I. Pets

Have you noticed how the stray dogs in the street, previously just lying doing nothing,
have started to come up to you sniffing your bag for food? Just last 2 days. They will soon get hungry.
It takes time to get hungry.
At present they like milk and chocolate., not Western food poison.
What would happen if by any chance you did not give it to them?
Would they become non-vegetarian?
Each dog now needs about 3 grams of eg chocolate or chikki per day.
For your information, My pets, unlike yours are well trained. If you gave them chocolate etc.
tomorrow, they would remember you AND be grateful, unlike a human.
And, unlike humans, they do not steal etc. at the first sign of a little discomfort.
Only when they get really desperate for food do they try and satisfy themselves.
Actually these dogs are kind and remember who gives and who does not.
If you want for a small cost I will feed any dog who comes up to you, if you ask Me beforehand.
See:Pets for more information on pets.

J. Conclusion

You know, most of My life I ignored evil. I let it go. But last year Lord Vishnu asked Me to
try My hardest to sort it. So I have, all evil either has gone or is in the process.
Now, My website is really finished, maybe I will have a few more ideas, I am not sure yet.
Maybe I will answer some emails for a while.
I had a lot of fun dealing with riff-raff, just as always.
On this website, I have not included any humour because nowadays even in England, people do not understand the
classic British sense of humour.
I wanted it to be a website that people right across the world could readily understand and choose
for themselves between good and bad.

But, to tell the truth, I am not really interested in evil. I am into fun, love and happiness.

I love Him, I worship Him, He is my ALL. What more can I say?

I love Him.

May He be always happy and in love

I owe Him my life, my everything.

I am His.

And He always says to me that He loves me .001%, maybe a touch less.

For which I am just bowled over, speechless with gratitude.

Thank you, my Life, my Love,

With love and kindness to all of you,
All of you will go to heaven
Shyam Kalki
3 11 2017

PS 14 11 2017 "Greetings from ICICI Bank.
Cash Withdrawal of INR 10.03 has been made at an ATM using your Debit Card linked to Account
XX0561. Info: NFS*Bal.Inq.Chg.
The Available Balance in your Account is INR 65.29."
What kind of a greeting is this. It used to be Rs 20 lakhs. They wicking My money again.
You will be disappointed to know that My Lord who ALWAYS covers My back, has countermanded
My main, i.e. only PLAN to obliterate evil from this world. NO CYANIDE in the milk supply.
So you suffer a little bit longer.
Of course in some countries they have a 1 child the other dead policy, but mostly it is a 'kill um dead
or alive' and whether cows will be able to produce enough milk I am not sure. They may prefer chalk.
Luckily Americans only kill cows in Vietnam, Iraq etc. and so they should have no shortage.
Actually in milk from now on nil poison, not even rat poison.
I have really enjoyed coming up with BRILLIANT ideas for this website, unfortunately My BOSS
censored all one of them, so there are now only GREAT ideas which is:
I have one regret:

The Act of Forgive xx Act of 580 million BC

I cannot understand why people want to kill babies etc. and I do not like My Lord being hurt.
He kinda forced Me to enact it. PURE blackmail, why I listen to perpetrators of this I have no idea.

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