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Computer programmes you may need


All files need computer programmes to access them (to view, read, listen to or watch, for example).

All the web pages you see on this website you are seeing through an internet 'browser' programme on your computer that reads '.html' files

To access the following materials or materials within the following articles, you need some other computer programmes:

*A movie/video player:

Best Movies

*A music player:

Best Devotional Singers

Best Indian Singers

Best Western Romantic Songs and Artists

*An office programme for the spreadsheet that you can download in:

Example service and also marriage agreements

*A photo viewer for the photos you can download from:
Pictures for Downloading

*An unzip programme where I have given you the option of downloading many files from My website all at once.

These programmes may already be on your computer: if you can open up a file by double clicking on it once you have downloaded it
onto your computer, then you do not need to do anything more.

Otherwise, you can download the necessary programmes here, see below.

If you have a mac or an iPhone or android device, rather than a Windows pc, mostly the program programs
you need are already there. If not search the internet with the words
'free download android office programme' etc.

How to download and install any of the programmes I list here:

First, you click on the link I give below for the programme you want.

Next, it will start downloading and on the left bottom of your computer screen you should see progress with the download

Right click on that box and a menu will appear, click on the first one 'Open..' to open i.e. run the programme when it has finished downloading.

That is all that is necessary, for video player it will also ask simple questions, just say 'yes', standard install, not custom install..

Is your computer 32 or 64 bit?

For some programmes you might wish to install, you need to know whether your computer is '32 bit' or '64 bit'.

To tell whether your pc is 32 or 64 bit, right click the bottom left start button on your computer screen and look up on the menu list for the word 'system'.
Click on it and half way down the page it will tell you whether yours is 64 or 32 bit.

To open up i.e. unzip a 'zip' file.

In some of My articles I have 'zipped' up some files so that you can download onto your computer multiple music or pictures all at once.
A ".zip" file is a file which contains some or lots of individual files which have been compressed to a smaller size for ease of downloading.
To unzip them, there are many free unzip/zip programs, the one I like best is "7-Zip" and you can visit,
then select in the second set of boxes labelled "Download 7-Zip 16.04 (2016-10-04) for Windows:" the 64 bit or 32 bit ".exe." file
and download it onto your computer.

Or, instead of visiting, you can download the ".exe" file here:

7_Zip unzip programme if your computer is 32 bit

7_Zip unzip programme if your computer is 64 bit

Click on whichever of these two ".exe" programmes you need and it will download onto your computer.
When you wish to see the photos or listen to the music, once you have downloaded the zip files, right click on one of them,
select from the menu "7-Zip" and then for example,
select from the next menu "Extract to "Breasts - Beautiful\"" and it will then uncompress them and save them into that folder for you to use.

Best video/movie player

VLC Media Player for videos and movies

Viewing photos

A photo viewer I like is called 'Photos' and is standard with Windows. Right click on the first photo you see, and select from the menu 'Open with'
, go to where it says 'Photos' and click on that.
The picture will open, and on the top left of the screen it will say 'View all photos' and on the top right it says for example, 'Slideshow'.
Select whatever you want.

You need a music player installed on your computer to listen to them

To listen to music, you need a music player installed on your computer.

The best is to just play with the standard Windows programme "Windows Player Media".

For example, you can highlight whichever selection of music you want to listen to, right click, and then either select 'Play', or
'Add to Windows Player Media list' and then they will play, one after another.

If you want more music from the internet, you need a music downloader, like Lacey

For example, you download onto your laptop a music downloader (search eg "lacey free music and video downloader" and download the program).
Or, download Lacey here:
Free internet music search and downloader programme

Then in the 'Lacey' program go to the search section and just copy and paste into the search line, the name of the artist you like, ,br> or the title of the song, etc.

Click on it and the song will download to your computer.
The music will normally download into the 'Music' folder on your computer, eg c:\users\Shyam\Music

Office: for word documents, spreadsheets

Most people use Microsoft Office. But there are free programmes that are almost as good, such as:

Office suite: OpenOffice 4.1.3

It lets you use text files (eg ".txt" files), word documents (".doc"), spreadsheets (".xls"), presentations (".ppt") and also
allows you to see the words on a web page file (eg ".html" files).

The three files on My website that you need Office for are Private Dating Suggested Agreement

Driver agreement record keeping

How to Teach a Child Language and General Knowledge

Adobe Acrobat Reader

One of the files in My website is My Book of Paintings

To view this you need a ".pdf" reader.

You can download one and install it on your computer if you wish, for example visit:

for android:
At the bottom of the page you will see the download possibilities for pc, iPhone and mac also.

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