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How to Clean a Woman


This article applies also to drains, toilet bowls, sinks, babies, domestic dogs and cats and mice, women, kids, domesticated or captive livestock, zoo animals, etc.

Step 1.
You urinate on them. If short of urine, best is to focus on their dirtiest parts, anus, groins, penis or vagina, in between toes and under toes, then scalp. (in this order of priority or dirtyness).

Urine is a very good disinfectant and these days germs are everywhere and are both
virulent and hard to kill.

Unless you are very healthy germs cause disease, this may not kill you,
but if you are not healthy nowadays are very very unpleasant.

This urination is of course good for you, but is also good for the recipient if a living being.

Step 2.

Rub with 0.5 litres of milk or yoghurt (1 pint).

Obviously, if toilet bowl or sink or drain you should not do this.

It does not matter where you start if you have first urinated on their dirtiest parts,
otherwise start on these parts, have some running water going and clean your hands
after each touching of them.

This kills off germs which actually travel at quite a speed.

Then the rest of the rubbing it does not matter which order you apply the milk or yoghurt.

Step 3.

Wait as long as possible eg 1 hour minimum, for the milk or yoghurt bacteria to eat
bugs etc. on the recipient. Preferably, for proper job, wait 6 hours.

Then rinse, flush etc. with water.

They are then clean and you can dry off with towel or not as needed or appropriate.

If they eat meat or if excrement from meat eater goes into toilet bowl, they should be
cleaned once per day.

If vegetarian, once in 3 weeks.

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