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The Samsung, Google, Airtel, icici bank and others and Christians be damned Act


Just the simplest things like adding a note to a pdf file and 100 million
other hostile activities from these christians.
I am almost so so tired of having war everyday with these devil worshippers.

B. Who it applies to

All Christians over puberty.Any one who has ever prayed to jesus crist,
mother mary, pope x, mother therea, any christ saint, satan etc. etc.
plus any one who has tried to make the life of ordinary hindus or
ordinary non christians miserable.

C. Status: those currently living.

D. Punishment

At least as bad as for allah worshippers.
Terror to be rained down on them.

E. Exception

They do their very best to love Lord Vishnu (if male) or
a husband (if female) starting from 2 hours of seeing any article on this website.
Clearly, they may not fall in love straight away, it is intent that counts
If this is done then they are treated as if they were human and this Act does
not apply unless
they again
pray or some such to fucking mary or some such when they are consigned to treatment
under this Act with no possibly further remission.

F. Definitions

Make miserable. Put out, make unhappy, steal from, rape,
provide poor quality goods at exhorbitant prices,
make cheap goods that do not deliver what any reasonable man thinks they should,
and similar.
Ordinary Hindu. A typical evil doer who believing in and worshipping Hindu
gods $ etc. with a kind heart.
Ordinary. One who is not a genius like Me.

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