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The Chink Govt Right to Bare Arms Act 22 10 2017´╗┐

I believe that the following several quotes from an internet search explain why the chink govt.
should definitely be allowed to have firearms just as do American citizens:
Everything in these quotes is true, Chinese people absolutely loathe their government.
The term 'kike' is a name given in very very polite circles to Jews.<
The term 'gook' is an alternative name for a Chinese person.
The Confusious quotation is a direct translation from the original.
I did not edit this.

"´╗┐chink government position it China's defenseless citizen disarmament policy is superior
to America 2nd Amendment because Chinese can only stab kindergartners with knives,
beat people with hammers, poison water/food a elementary schools or restaurants,
through gas on a bus full of passengers and set them on fire etc.

The chink government claims that the American government is evil and dangerous.
So dangerous that the chinks need the world largest military, thousands of ICBMs,
hundreds of nuclear bombs, militarize thousands of square miles of international waters
by building fake islands, etc. to defend itself against aggression from the American government."

"Why is the chink unable to comprehend that the citizens of American need the Right to Bear Arms for the exact same reason?"
"Chinks are no different than kikes and niggers,
in that if you do not hate them,
you do not know them."
Ancient Confucian Proverb

"Who cares what these gooks think?

I don't feel threatened by gooks militarily or physically at all...
They are a bunch of cowardly automatons who are no match for Aryans."

"Compared to the Kwa they don't need guns as badly...."

"The chinks would benefit greatly from having access to guns.
Chinks fundamentally cannot defend themselves from being screwed, scammed, cheated,
exploited, etc by other chinks, corporations, government officials, etc."

"If a chink tries to take the issue to court, the chink who cheated him will
just bribe the police or judge to ignore the issue.
And the briber may very well use be the money that would stolen from the accuser."

"Add to this the "black police" and "black prisons", an illegal underground legal system
that deals with trouble makers trying to get justice.
This illegal legal system is allowed to exist because government officials use it
against citizen who are demanding justice after being screwed by government officials."

"The chinks are a race of sneaky, greedy, lying, cheating assholes.
Every interaction with a chink exposes one to chance of to being cheated."

"If the chinks had access to guns, China would literally become a open air shooting gallery
as every chink would finally have a means to redress issues.
Given the cruel nature of chinks, the race would likely exterminate itself with a month."
"Chinks are no different than kikes and niggers,
in that if you do not hate them,
you do not know them.
Ancient Confucian Proverb

"May I remind you friends Anarchy is only 7 missed meals away.
During the race riots in china a few years ago by Tibetans and Uighers the Chinese were
realizing they needed some form of protection people were literally being mutilated in the
street. The Chinese did eventually form gangs to try and protect their neighborhoods,
cant feel much pity as they aren't even in their own country but a "province" of china.
That being said I have heard of Chinese businessmen in india getting hands on shotguns as
mobs of Indians were willing to kill them in the recent anti Chinese riots."

"A tale also to keep in mind during the red youth brigade days so much pent up testosterone
from the Chinese youth resulted in Chinese storming the armories of various provinces to go fight against Vietnam in the 79 war.
The Chinese created a monster they didn't realize they literally tried to keep the news of
the outbreak of war away from the people it was weeks in some area before the regular
peasant even knew they were at war against Vietnam.
People demanded weapons to compliment their violent red youth brigades and when
the government refused the people stormed the barracks and took all the weapons and
arrested their own communist officials and put them in jail due to their zeal.
China cannot afford to let the people have weapons or it would only be a matter of time
before the various issues they cant solve lead the people into open revolt against them."

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