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The Chakra System

1. You have 11 chakras, but 7 main ones.
Chakradant= cog (needing regular oiling to function well)

2. You know, a brain, a mind is not built to do a desk job, paperwork writing about a completely
uninteresting topic like this.
It resists and says 'stop messing about and do something useful for a change'.
Once this is done it may tolerate another 5 minutes of writing.
So, no pictures, just lie on your bed and do 5 sit ups. Sit up, then lie back, etc.
Then spread your legs wide and do the same thing, but bring your head down in between your legs
and then lie back,
so your trunk moves through a 180 degree arch, lying on bed, coming up and bending forward then lying again. Do 7 times.
Next, go closer to one end of the bed, and same thing, but when you come up,
swing your legs over your head to touch the bed on the other side.
So now your legs are doing a 180 degree arch through the air.
If you are like Me and have not cut your toe nails, you need to scrunch your toes so as not to damage
your toe nails, the tops of the toes then crash into the bed above your head, not the toe nails.
Do 7 times.
Then do the same thing 4 times, this time squeezing your legs together hard.
See how tense your throat becomes. So next 107563410 times, poke out your tongue and repeat,
keep going until you do not over much notice your throat.
Notice how serious you are?
So next 5 times you also frown like you are a solicitor.
Notice how difficult it is to frown? These lawyers they have been practising since two life times ago.
Well now do it 3 times more.
Notice how tense your throat is?
So best is to admit failure, give up and continue reading what I am about to write.

3. The muladhara chakra (see below) is at the bottom of a vessel, kunda, your pelvis.
At the time of your conception, Lord Vishnu pours into this vessel kundalini sexual energy.
There is not too much of this energy, just enough for you, and it all accumulates in the muladhara
When a fetus takes in nutrients from its mother, this energy increases and fills the vessel.
Then as further growth happens, this energy continues to grow, in step with the vessel growth, it remains in the vessel.
As the nerves of the fetus are generated, from the nutrients, they bind into the 11 chakras.
They converge into the chakras, and emerge out of them.

4. Unfortunately, nowadays, there is much pollution and poison in the nutrients and so the nerves
and of course chakra centres are polluted.

Exercises as set out on this website clear the nerves and chakra system, with fresh blood arriving and drawing out poisons and pollutants.
These poisons are then either brought to near the surface of the body
to be excreted in sweat and in little pockets of pimples, blotches
and in the faeces, and nowadays also in urine.
The pimples you mostly scratch off, the blotches mostly are gotten rid of for you by Lord Vishnu, as is the poison which accumulates under your finger nails when you scratch..
In the mouth, the poison accumulates in the saliva which you need
to mix with water and then spit out.
The nerves and chakra centres become clean of Western pollution.
They also regain health as the fresh blood which moves as a result
of the exercises brings fresh nutrients to the nerves and chakra centres, allowing new cells to grow.

5. The mind in your body is one unit, but is located, distributed right across the nervous system.
Every nerve is a part of your mind, which is really a collection of all your nerves.
Each nerve has one single function, but together they have many functions.
Without living nerves, you would be a soul completely detached from your body
with no knowledge about anything in the physical world, no pain, pleasure, hot or cold sensation, no thoughts...

6. Your soul is located in the anahata chakra (see below), penis or vagina and nerves throughout your body feed into the anahata chakra and give it second by second information about your feelings, and also transfer to this chakra information about the soul's feelings.
This of course is a magical transference by Lord Vishnu. It is not possible for physical matter to communicate with spirit.

7. With repeated focussed friction of the penis or vagina, the nerve cells there get bombarded with information in the form of heat.
This heat even though not very hot is sufficient to get the kundalini energy to expand (just like air in a hot air baloon) and rise into the anahata chakra two inches above, and lower chakras. It comes in waves, one full blast of energy, which then dissipates, another wave forms with more sexual activity, another orgasm.
These orgasms give delight to your soul, and to Lord Vishnu because your
soul is a (small) part of Him.
They temporarily shut down your nervous system, clearing away old thoughts and allowing new fresh thoughts to enter.
During the time when your nervous sysem has shut down, Lord Vishnu may allow your mind to experience the joy the soul is experiencing.

8. At the back of the vagina or base of the penis (between the penis and the balls) is the base chakra, the Muladhara chakra.
Mulahin= rootless
The muladhara chakra is the source of your life. There is nothing else that it grows from.
Everything about you grows from there, intelligence, strength, emotionality, ..
It is for you the bearer (dharak) of good tidings.

9. If you place your fingers there, you can feel both bone and fibre:
Manipuraka chakra
Manilla= strong fibre but

A woman is part masculine.

These two chakras are in the same place.

Without exercise or sexual activity, the male and female fibres (both identical) perish, eg over 70 years.
The exercises and activities set out in this website enable you to regenerate them, from which health comes to the:

10. The Anagata chakra
(yoni=vagina, cunt)
This is where the anahata chakra is.
Gata=larynx, the source of your voice.
A woman has a soft voice, a man a hard one.

Yoni sanakraman= thrush, venereal disease, infection of the vagina or penis
Santa, saint, St.=father of children, eg Santa Claus in Western culture.
Kramana=Regularity of performance. Add 'na' in Sanskrit means not. Saha means he, saa means she.

You get VD if you do not regularly do IT.
Have you noticed, for example, that the Catholic pope has a soft voice?
He is unable to be a father at present.
Have you noticed how some women have a hard voice.
They are not able to have children, at present.

11. Vishuhddhi chakra

In a man,

Shu=good, beautiful
Vish=enter into

In a woman
Vi is oppose

A man looks at something beautiful and enters her, a pure (Christian?) woman gives resistance because she practices squeezing her legs shut (not necessary at the time of entry though).
If the lip muscles are not firm or the penis not hard neither person will get much enjoyment.
It so happens that a man too needs to practice keeping his legs squeezed shut, not necessarily to keep modern woman entering, but to give health to his penis.
The vishuddhi chakra is located in the vagina and penis depending on which you have.

12.The Param Vir Chakra (PVC) is India's highest military decoration awarded for displaying distinguished acts of valour during acts of gallentry.
It is located just behind the tail bone (bottom of spine), a little lower down and forward.
It is long and soft and a little furry.
It has yellow colour.

It was first awarded on 3 November 1947, and in total 21 times, 14 on account of posthumous activity, when the woman killed him.

13. Other miscellaneous odds and sods.
Look, I give up.
There are other chakras, somewhere in the body or near etc.
For example there might be one near the nipples, behind or to the front.
Someone once told Me that the sense of I-ness is in the Ajna chakra situated behind the centre of the
It should be noted that God is not situated in the heart but in the back brain in what is know...s the Ajna chakra (near the back of the skull, on a level with the tip of the nose).
I have seen also that for sexual contentment one needs to calm the Svadhishtana chakra (located in the spine, just above the pubis).
And I think I once tasted the Sahashrara chakra at the crown of the head when you become proficient at sniffing.
Even My Lord has given up (on Me?) I am unable even to complete the word 'know...' to 'known' five lines above because My tablet will not obey My fingertips.
Kidding. I am not a quitter.

14. I cannot be bothered telling you more about the Hindi and Sanskrit or Tamil derivations of chakra names.

15. You have a headache ache chakra known in England as a woman stuck in 2 places, your throat and
the base of your skull, at the back, at the top of your neck. 16. Woman throat rests just above your Adams apple at the front of the throat, the bit that sticks out.
In woman it is in the same place but is called womans balls, also like an apple but softer.
In man, womans throat is caused by woman and in woman womans balls are also caused by woman.
Suppose you want to kill a man or woman, this is the place to go for, just catch hold and squeeze.
But, you may just want to upset him or her, maybe as a preliminary to murder.

There are many possibilities of how to do this. I think you are already expert and so will not
bother you with the details, other than to say that there is a certain person who is ALSO expert at

upsetting people.

17. Nipple orgasm is a damn good cure for woman throat and woman balls.
But you have to be in a good mood, you cannot just mess with your nipples like they are Taiwanese.
Taiwanese goods are hard, durable, cheap, long lasting, plastic you know.
So catch #22: you have a disease woman's throat let us say, so you are not in good mood,
you know the cure but can only apply the cure gently when you are in a good mood
Step #1 is to have 20 grams of chocolate.
Step #2 is to put on some music eg any Western ie any classical if you are anxious to get worse
or something to cheer you up like the song I am sure it exists 'I am miserable, hellish
miserable and it is gonna get worse'.
Anything written by a punk or metal robot will do the trick.
Anyway I go for Lagaan tracks 001-26, noticed how ALL the 250 tracks of romantic music on My list
if you have downloaded it is by LAGAAN? Oh I just listened to 001. Maybe best to miss that one out.
Anyways, then you dance. Let Me teach you a lesson.(in English, this means fuck you hard).
You relax, keep jaws, throat, arms, hands, all relaxed. Your mind peaceful and you look straight
ahead, not up not down. Then you keep it nice and relaxed and move your arms this way and that
Maybe, click your fingers, maybe bend your elbows and move your wrists like Greek people do when
showing off that they have a loose fitting $20,000 watch on them.
Feet wise, you keep on moving be on 1 foot then on the other slow like you enjoy being barefoot treading on hot coals.
When your right foot hits the ground you bend your right knee a little.
If you wanna make it tough on yourself then you dance on tip toes eg with broken toes.
Kid you not, it helps heal the toes. Even if not broken it is good for the toes.
I broke a couple of toes 4 months back. I mean I did not take a hammer, it somehow happened.
As you get into the swing of things, when your right foot hits the floor you can sway your right hip to the right, etc.
And of course, if you have a loved one you are dancing for him or her.
And if you want to make his/her soul happy, you can just occassionally touch your naked thigh gentle
or your nude chin, sometimes hard.

And you keep going for say 6 hours or so.
At the end of this you will not be thinking about your womans throat or womans balls problem.
That one stays for the rest of time (possibly).
But dancing is good exercise for you.

Oh and I almost did not forget. Dancing is about your eyes.
You need to screw them up bad like you are watching a horror movie on TV with delight.
Or you can keep them misty like your dog does when looking at the far horizon countryside
on a dark cloudy day thinking about roaming around and making love.
Or happy peaceful and soft like a kangaroo's, not realizing that he/she is in Australia

Living with criminals shipped over in boats from England. Why not copy their eyes?
As they were coming over to kill aboriginees?

Well I have not yet told you how to get your floppy nipples in order.
After dancing for a few hours, you go to sleep or a disco
and after rest sleep etc. you will feel good, maybe a touch sore on those broken toes.

The music you should shut it down after an hour, and keep going in silence.
Prolonged exposure to noise is not good for you.

18.Then there is the second headache chakra, at the base of the skull.
Aches, dull, tense there are caused, you guessed it, by WOMAN trouble, women being troubled or troubling you.

Lie on your bed, relax, and raise your head up high.Keep it lifted for as long as you can
so long as you keep your face relaxed. Easy breathing.
Of course if you keep it up too long you will get a headache..

19. Then there is one more chakra to sort out, after nipple orgasm has sorted your two headache chakras.

I cannot remember which few of My articles tell you how to get wave after wave of orgasm from nipple touching.
Maybe fill this in later.

20. It is your worry chakra. Right at the top of your head. You worry this and you worry that and
it gets you right up the top. You are rightly a worried man/woman(50/50 or really 10%/10% these days).

There is a price on your head and We are coming to get you, alive.
Soon to be walking dead people are worried prior. And then they cannot think.
Actually people worry about silly things, like whether they will have enough food or brains in old age.

21. The solution to worry is to give yourself away to Him/him and let Him/him do the worrying if need be. 22. Well, it is not actually possible to surrender perfectly from your own perspective.
He may accept your surrender as perfect, but from your chakra point of view you will believe that you
have given him your body and mind and soul way way short of perfectly.Even believing this means to you
that you should have done heaps better.
23. So, your worry chakra is still tense, not healthy.

24. And then the world comes crashing in.

25. You have made him as happy as can be, you died your hair blonde, perform as if you are a Swedish woman
26. And he says to you 'look babe, from now on we are a we, you no longer belong to me'

27. And you say to him 'look hun, I am going to cry for 20,000 years if you do this to me,
but if you so decide I obey'.
28. And you add 'please' and a couple of wetnesses.
29. Life is hard sometimes. Anyway a man is a man, he is not a woman to change his mind.
30. So, you are now a couple doing things jointly. It takes a month or two to get over this, and then all ok.
31. But you are now back up, worried. 50/50 joint worried.
32. Aside from that short spell when you were his, worry is back full blast. And of course, it is
because you and he both are cockroaches, evil.

33. Well, the woman has done her best and so My Lord develops a soft spot for her, not so much for the man who has rejected her.
34. Anyways, there is also a kindness chakra, located just slightly beneath the temples
(side of the face, just above the eyes, slight hollow).
You want to be kind, this area needs to become soft, relaxed, and this feeds into your eyes.
35. To make yourself kind, lie on your back and bend your legs, so your knees are by your sides
feet up in the air. No trickery here, this one is a little on the tough side so you may want to
read to the end before trying this out and making decisions.

36. So you been bad and EVERYTHNG about American world makes you unkind:
chocolate, tv, people, pollution, sitting on chairs. Only milk I have now purified.
37. If you exercise, do sexual activity, dance, walk, masses of American poison comes out of you.
38. Having poison in you is not good for your long term health. Eg, in the brain it gets to your eye nerves, particulary.
39. As it comes out of your vital organs, it has to go places, it does not vanish.
Particularly it gets trapped in the eyeballs and toes.
40. So to become kind, you need to catch hold of one foot with your two hands,
and move the mounds of the toes (the ball points, or fleshy part under the foot at the base of each toe)
backwards towards the heels.

41. Each movement on the toes brings blood to them and helps release poison which otherwise accumulates there.
42. Doing these movements on the toes may be slightly painful.
43. At the same time, you get orgasm after orgasm in the brain. This flushes toxins out of the brain.
44. And makes you kind. Actually, there are a huge number of different functions of yours controlled by this
part of the nervous system. Hearing, intelligence,...Clearing the brain of Western poison is very good for all.
45. The poison gets flushed out into surrounding tissue and is mostly carried away by blood.
But, quite a considerable part goes into the eyeballs.Enough manipulation of your toe mounds
with consequent orgasms in the brain makes you go blind.
46. Well, you may say, no problem, I prefer toes to eyes,or the other way. Or, can I have left toes and right eye?
47. No. The brain orgasm which you get floods the whole brain, not just one side or the other.
So if you like toes, you may as well keep both left and right.
48. Next, a kind man will marry a kind woman, and an unkind one will marry an unkind woman.
49. Now it may be that either type of person has been responsible for keeping a lion or a cow hungry.
There are degrees, this might be only partally true for vegetarians.
Let us assume here that this statement is true, mostly because you are non veg.
50. Let us first consider the position of an unkind woman. She has sight, but no toes.
When an unkind man gets hungry, he wants food. He has kept a cow etc hungry and so he does not get food.
He has wife with no toes. So he asks her for food and if she loves him, she will say yes
and will go to heaven sooner. Or she may say no, in which case it takes a while longer for her to die.
In the case of love, and eyes (because she is unkind), she sees her husband doing it to her,
suffers pain, but she is wet because she sees her husband and so dies happy.
Where she does not love her husband, she is not wet down, only up and she dies miserable.
Of course, death in the second case may not happen for a while, it depends on how much pain
she needs in order surrender to her husband.

51. Now let us consider the case of a kind non veg woman. She has toes, but no sight.
A kind husband will even if hungry not demand a pound of flesh from his wife.
They both have toes and will search out food. But, not too easy with no sight.
A woman in love will then offer her flesh to her husband, and being hungry he will say yes.
With no sight, she will not get wet and so even though she loves her husband, she will not be too
happy about matters. But being kind, Lord Vishnu will be kind to her and she will die
more quickly than in 50.above, but she dies unhappily.

52. So, to sum up, a non veg woman has two choices in the matter of her death:
a. her toes are of no use to her and need not be considered.
b. if she wants to be in love with a husband, she can choose an unkind husband when she will
die happily, or
c. a kind husband when with no sight she will die unhappily, but more quickly.
53. And she can always ask Lord Vishnu which of these two choices is better for her husband.
In the case of an unkind husband he has committed a crime by asking his wife for a pound of flesh
and so will die rather slowly.
54. A pound of flesh is an English expression, first popularised by the English playwriter
Shakespeare, when a Jew wanted payment for a debt owed to him, and the debtor did not have any money
so gave flesh instead. Of course, it never ever happened, now did it?
Real charming stories best English playwriter ever and therefore best in world, wrote.
55. Incidentally, do you know that no English man wants an English woman,
no American wants an American woman, no Hindu buddhist wants a Hindu woman,
no Chink buddhist wants a yellow woman, no Jap wants a Jap wonan,
no Muslim wants a Muslim woman, etc.
Obviously they are very wise in this matter. They all want foreign women.
And, if they are rich enough, they will acquire one.
And then very soon they will not want her, and want another foreigner.
56. Actually, this happy situation for men started with the first Buddhists back 2800 or so years ago.
Being frustrated with what they had bought or acquired, desire built up in them, all over the world
and that was the real reason why Buddhist muslims or British or Dutch etc. went all over the
world raping and plundering other Buddhists.
57. As another example, Krishna, after he had finished disappointing and abandoning his loves
Radha, the gopi cowgirls, Rukmini, etc., he went on a boat not in search of his Guru's son, but
in search of foreign women. But the Hindu (ie Buddhist) story talks of them being lesbians, which was not true.
In those days it was rare except in a Buddhist evil mind to find lesbian women.
Lesbian women and gay men trans-sexuals etc. derive their desires as a result of American ie Western pollution.
But, they too can regain where lost woman and man hood and they too have desire for such,
and to have opposite sex love and pleasure, fun and happiness.

58. About toes, you can walk without toes, but it is a bit painful.

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