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The Capitalist Fair Exchange Act 22/07/2017

The following is not a damn joke:

1. From now on only Capitalism applies.
2. Fuck to socialism, national socialism, communism, aristocracy, bureaucracy, kings, Queen Elizabeth of England, Prime Ministers, Second raters,
3. Everything in this world has a price, measured it does not matter in US$ or Jappy yen or Indian Rupees or even Ukrainian UAH.
4. The price of breathing in polluted American air is that you suffer horrid disease.
5. The price of eating horrid Indian food is that you suffer horrid disease.
6. The price of drinking sewage water is that you suffer horrid disease.
7. The price of living is that you die a horrid death.
8. Love,sex, taxi rides, pain, etc. etc. all have a price.
9. The fair market price of safe sex is USD $2 per hour, approximately, even in Nairobi
10. The fair market price of being given love is that you need to give love of equal intensity.
11. Suppose a taxi driver charges you $10 for a joy ride in Calcutta that if you were to shop around other taxi drivers would charge you $5 for.
12. This taxi driver then owes you $5 being the amount he has overcharged, unless you say to him beforehand 'fuck I will pay you whatever you want even if it 43001 times the market rate'.
13. Now suppose that this criminal taxi driver who deserves to be fried in oil does not pay you back the $ 5.
14. For example suppose he blows this $5 on a blow job with a woman in Calcutta and he cannot pay you back the $5.
15. He gets $5 worth of pain and God gives you the $5 back.
16. Now you may be interested to know how much pain is involved in the $5 rip-off.
17. It is a secret, only Lord Vishnu knows the pain/theft exchange rate. For example $5 of theft might involve cutting out 1 eye. Just by way of example.
18. The amount of pain that Lord Vishnu is able to give someone is actually quite considerable. I mean like INFINITE.
19. Just in case the reader is Hindu {jesting here, no reader is Hindu nowadays}, I should mention that you do not really want, you do not like an INFINITE amount of pain.
20. Now let us take another example of criminal types: women.
21. In the old days all over the world when a man married a woman her family gave him dowry. It was a considerable sum.
22. Why so? It is because the woman then USED his free accomodation,had FREE meals, FREE clothing etc.
23. It is very costly to give a woman FREE accomodation, food, clothing. Hence her family had to cough up dough, $$$.
24. For example, accomodation in New York will soon settle down at [$10000 cost of buying a room*.035 rental yield rate per year/365 days in the year] per night of accomodating a woman in 1 bedroom, divided by 2 if the couple share a bed. So, a woman who wants to bed a man needs to pay him $0.48 per night if she wants a man in New York (price not now but soon).
25. In addition this woman probably wants to eat. If she wants the man to pay, she needs to give him money, love, pain if that is what he wants because he is stupid and Japanese or Korean, or she needs to give him SEX.
26. Suppose that she wants to give him money. The fair market cost of 1 day's worth of food will soon settle down at $10 per day in New York, but actually also in most places in the world.
27. And then suppose the woman wants also to wear clothes. As noted in My article Public Announcements and World Governance,
virtually virtually ALL women for the next year will not wear clothes because they are so rude.
But, Muslim and Hindu women these days are brought up Christian. THey do not like their husbands or anyone seeing their nipples.
So, they will become polite as from 1 year's time and then they will prefer to have clothes.
28. The cost of buying a woman clothes sufficient to cover her upper body and also her lower body and her face is approximately ($ 10 for a dress, $9 for a pair of jeans, $6 for a bra, $8 for a face covering= $33, plus $6 for panties, making $39 total total).
29. Now husbands get really really frustrated when their woman, the woman they own is covered head to toe. So ALL these clothes are ripped off, occassionally.
30. These clothes are then torn and roughly roughly the man will tear off the woman's clothes once per month (very roughly) when his sexual frustration finally builds and cannot be controlled. This varies from country to country. In Africa clothes will be ripped off 1x per week. In USA and Canada once per year..
31. In an average country such as India these tears become so significant after 3 tearings off that the woman's nipples and also vagina can be seen by her husband. This she absolutely hates.
32. So, by way of example, an average small sized Hindu woman will cost her owner ($39*4) per year, which equals about USD $0.43 per day.
33. Of course in cold countries such as Iceland, the woman also needs a coat and then it becomes very very expensive to maintain a woman. So, no-one should live there.
34. So the total cost of a woman is about $0.48 (accomodation, eg New York)+ $10 (food) +$ 0.43 (clothes, Calcutta)= for example $10.91 per night.
35. This is not an inconsiderable sum per night of having to put up with her. If you do the sums, as I have, it is equivalent to a dowry of a cash sum of ($10.91*365/.035)=$113,854. Let us say $100,000 because of course you can starve her or whatever, she belongs to you.
36. But if her family is too poor to give you USD $ 100,000, then obviously she has to give you this, otherwise keeping her is unfair.
37. If she does not have USD$100,000 to give you upfront, she can give IT to you in different ways:
38. Pleasuring you: The sexual pleasuring rate as discussed above is $2/per hour and so she needs to pleasure you for ($10.91/2)= roughly 5.50 hours per day or night, every 24 hours.
39. Or, if you do not like her pleasuring abilities too much, and say only WANT 1 hour per day, then she owes you $10.91-$2= $8.91 per day.
40. She could pay you back by shopping if you do not like doing your own shopping, $ 2 per hour. So, for example if she shops for you for 1 hour per day, then she only owes you $8.91-$2= $6.91 per day.
41. She could become a prostitute, for example, I mean of course she already is a prostitute, but she could give sexual services to other men for say 3.5 hours per day and then give you the $7 that she earns and then the two of you would be evens.
42. Or maybe you need a cleaner or your bottom wiped or whatever. For example, suppose you want your bottom wiped for 1 hour per day. She is giving you service worth $2. You only then need to send her out as an external prostitute for 3 hours per day and the two of you are evens.
43. BUT. Some (ALL) women also like/demand/scream for sexual pleasuring themselves. They want you in them or they want you to rub their vagina etc.
44. The same $ 2 per hour rate applies. So, for example, if you can get away with only pleasuring her for 1 hour per day, she then owes you a further $2.
45. So in this example, you might send her out as an external prostitute not for 3.5 hours but for 4.5 hours and then the two of you would be evens.
46. Now some women (i.e. most all) do not like pleasuring their husbands, and not even other men even if these other men are very handsome.
47. So, they mostly do not like pleasuring you once per month when your need suddenly arises, and they do not like servicing other men.
48. So, in the above examples, they may owe you $10.91 per night of imposing on your goodness, or if you spend your life with her, $100,000 as above.
49. How can she repay you?
50. Love has no $ value. It is priceless. It has a fair exchange rate as everything else, but that is giving and receiving love. She gives you love then God will arrange it so that you give her love of equal value.
51. So, mostly this woman ends up owing you $10.91, for example per night you allow her to stay with you.
52. If she does not repay this with sex, work, cleaning your bottom or whatever, she ends up paying it with pain and God then credits your account with the $10.91 that she deprived you of.
53. There is pain during a life and there is pain at the end of life and there are varying degrees of pain.
54. Some men are squeemish and do not like to see their property with one eye out, for example.
55. Hence in this case Lord Vishnu arranges for you to have an early death and for her eye to be taken out AFTER your death.
56. Well the exact price of pain as I mentioned before is a secret but you need to trust Lord Vishnu that He will indeed make her suffer deeply for having been with you and not paid you a dowry or other cash sum.

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