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Call Girls and hard men around world, prices, arrangements

You know a call girl or even a hard man is a person, a human being,
with feelings and a heart and kindness just like you or Me
it is not a wonderful job, servicing you
when what he or she really wants is one person only to love and cherish

you treat him or her nicely, smile, thank you, a monetary tip perhaps,
be kind and gentle, maybe a box of chocolates or some roses
and, if he or she is good for you, a dinner for two invitation, or walk hand in hand in a park
and, in any case, you look at him or her tenderly and with love



1. History, India.

1.1 You may have been co-erced into prostitution,2 million women.
ALL pretty Indian women (except 74) are either used for sex and or being blackmailed unless well-connected.
For blackmail, you do not need a photo, you just say 'please can you do.. or can I have..'
1.2 The person or persons responsible for this shall pay you compensation of Rs 500 per hour of you being forced to be with a man.
1.3 If they do not have this money, they will suffer pain, and Raymond or Helen Kwok (Kwok)
from Hong Kong will arrange compensation for you.
1.4 If anyone has raped you, etc. without your consent, you shall be compensated by them Rs 120,000 for the first occassion and Rs 10,000 for each subsequent occassion.
1.5 If they do not have this money, they will suffer pain, and Kwok will arrange compensation for you.
1.6 You may have a minder whom you do not want. You need to come to some amicable arrangement with him for use of his apartment etc. or shift to any hotel, for example.
For example you could say 'go or I will cut your balls off and oh, I will do it anyway'.
1.7 You may have cheated a man, for example by taking his money and not servicing him as agreed. Such amount will be deducted from you.
1.8 Your minder etc. may have cheated you financially. A reasonable minders fee might be 20% of gross takings, plus the cost of food, accomodation, clothes, etc.
1.9 If this was voluntary and you agreed to the arrangement without any coercion, then so be it. If there was coercion, he will compensate you or suffer pain.
1.10 If he cannot afford to compensate you Kwok will do so.
1.11 Any man who has assaulted you or you have assaulted will be debited or credited with a reasonable sum of money, which you will receive or pay.
1.12. Besides for sex crimes specified above, you will also be compensated for other crimes, like pain, loss of liberty, loss of tranquility, loss of pleasure opportunities, etc. See The Important Prices Act 24 October 2017

2. New Arrangements:call girls

2.1 For suggested prices, see below.
2.2 All women will be reasonable and fair in her dealings with men or suffer large pain.
2.3 A reasonable price for prostitution services is between Rs 200 per hour and Rs 7,000 per hour.
2.4 If you are ugly and are non-vegetarian, 90 kg, you will charge a lot lot less.
2.5 If you are very beautiful and not vegetarian, you will charge up to Rs 500 per hour.
2.6 If you are an average plain looking woman, not vegetarian you will charge Rs 250-300 per hour.
2.7 If you are stunning, super fit and strong and vegetarian, you can charge about Rs 7,000 per hour.
2.8 But, what does per hour mean?
2.9 If a man just wants a two minute job, you should not charge an hourly rate, but just charge a flat fee of Rs 100.
2.10 The hourly rates above are for actual giving pleasure to a man, for example, giving him orgasm without release of his semen, for one hour.
2.11 If he just wants you to give him a 2 minute job and then lie with him doing nothing, you will charge about Rs 30 per hour of lying with him, Rs 80 if you are plain looking, Rs 130 if you are pretty, Rs 180 if very pretty and Rs 230 if you are a stunner.
2.12 Similarly, these are the prices you will charge after he has released, if he wants to just lie/sleep with you.
2.13 You should be honest with the man and agree beforehand exactly what he wants and what you will give and agree everything, including price.
2.14 It is advisable to send the man a photograph of yourself.
2.15 Of course the man may wish to negotiate down and the girl may try for a higher price.

2.16 Neither of you should hurt each other unless you want large pain.
2.17 You should not require the woman to do unclean disease generating activities, like sucking your penis,
or touching your anus.

2.18 Both the woman and her client should clean themselves before meeting.
2.19 The woman should relax, eat, sleep etc.appropriately so that she is ready for her client.
2.20 She should not waste time getting undressed etc. unless the man asks for this.
2.21 You can of course increase your price by slimming, exercising, becoming vegetarian or smoking.

2.22 The price for pleasuring is the same whether you do dating or whether you marry.
2.23 You have sexual needs just as much as your client has, and so if you want pleasuring,
you should ask him and reduce your price to reflect the value of his service to you.

2.24 Every man, every woman in fact wants an exclusive arrangement with one person.
Hence, there is no harm in asking your client whether he/she would like Private Dating,
leading to perhaps marriage. See for example,
Private Dating Suggested Agreement

2.25 Since both of you will be pain free while pleasuring each other, both men and women will want to meet.

3. Two categories of call girl

3.1 One is a woman, your wife, who is your property, because she has surrendered her body, mind and soul to you.
3.2 You will send her out as a prostitute to pay off debts or because you need money.

3.3 Other women have also all done wrong and need to pay recompense.

3.4 Also they will want release from pain,and to receive pleasure, see below.

4.List of all prostitutes in world

4.1 ALL 3000 million adult women over 14!, plus all girls under 14.

4.2 Well, Indian women, where a proper dowry has been paid and they properly give their husband pleasure.
and they have not done huge wrong, 74 exceptions.
4.3 One thing should be mentioned is that NO Indian woman other than Christians etc. sleep around.
4.4 This is different from the situation in other countries, even Muslim countries.
4.5 Obviously they are due for a lot of pain, just as are many people.
4.6 So, they will be clean, not hungry, relaxed before they work to 1 second after you have left them.
4.7 You too are likely due a lot of pain. You too need to be at least clean before you set out to meet
them, or your wife or girl friend, to one second after you have finished being relaxed and pleasuring them or being pleasured.
4.8 Obviously, the total number of pain-level-hours does not change for either of you, it just
is increased appropriately for the amount of water you use and for pain free time before pleasure.
4.9 You may also want to buy pain free time to travel back home after pleasure.

5. Hard men

5.1 Actually, the requirements of both men and women are the same.
5.2 Both want pleasuring.
5.3 So, all that I have said in 2. to 4. applies just as much to men.
6. Men and women in your area, prices, details:

6.1 Only details for one specific woman, at present, to start the list going:


1.1 Smt. Rajashree Sudhir Rao ("Sangeeta"), age 61, 359 E-Block, 3rd stage, Vijaynagar, Mysore 570017,,suggested price Rs 1000 per hour for pleasuring a man before release and Rs 130 for lying with him.

Prettyness: 2, with 0 = ugly, 1 = plain, 2 = pretty, 3= very pretty, 4 = stunning

6.2 Lists

Raymond and Helen Kwok and Geeta Iyengar to sort out and maintain, of course I will happily advise on how to do this.

7. Prices

Please complete the following spreadsheet for yourself, or ask your possible prostitute to
complete it and it automatically calculates a reasonable price, for both men and women.

Although I hard coded into it some mathematics, the actual price it gives you is magically determined
in your best interests.

It is not worth using a call girl or hard man if the pleasuring price is less than Rs 300 per hour.

Pleasuring services, suggested prices

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