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Be Kind to Buddhists Act

1. Approach any male person who owns a car, or if you know they own an apartment or you have access to their bank details.
2. Ask them whether they want to give Me rent for their home.
3. Ask them whether they want to give Me rent for all their other assets.
4. If female same questions but if she is damned damned pretty then send her email id to Me.
5. If the answer to 2 and 3 is yes, agree with them a rough value of these.
If this is over Rs 1,000, 000 suggest they deposit rent of (this value/50) every 3 months into My bank account.
6. If the answer to 2 or 3 is no, shoot them in left big toe and ask again.
7. If answers still no leave them to Me. Walk away in disgust.
8. You do not need necessarily to use a gun, use knife, smile, hand grenade, whatever.
It does not need to be a toe. You do what you want, except with a pretty woman, I get rent, you get paid:
9. Commission. The second month's rent
10. If they have assets worth less than Rs 1,000, 000 ($15,000) leave them alone.
11. If you get an agreement, please send Me a brief email with your name, your bank ac details
(see below for what is needed) and amount of agreed quarterly rent plus email ID of the Buddhist.
12. If Buddhist threatens you in any way, tough. If he has gun, maybe you want to pay me rent instead,
it is up to you.
I get rent he gets paid. Of course, there is no reason for him to threaten you unless you are rich.

My bank account: see How to Reduce Your Pain

People to target ('Buddhists')= any person with assets worth in excess of Rs 1,000,000.
Example. Assessed Value agreed with Buddhist is say $1,000,000. Or Rs 1,000,000.
Divided by 50 is $20,000 or Rs 20,000.
If this amount is put into My bank account following your email to Me, one month later
I will transfer $20,000 or Rs 20, 000, ie the same amount to you.
Then following months rents come to Me.

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