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Breast and Penis Size

A. Introduction

It is a little bit like a plate of food.
A small plate may not satisfy you, but if it is too big it does not fit into your tummy.
You can take radical steps to make it bigger, but you will get no pleasure that way.
You can cut it/them off, chop in half, etc. but you get no additional pleasure that way.
I gave women optimal breast size for the man I introduce them to, and same for the man.
What you do afterwards is up to you.
After puberty, size is fixed, but of course you can make them go floppy etc.
No man or woman is satisfied with floppiness.
Once floppy, you can still with slimming and exercise make them perfect for your man/woman, and hard when excited.

B. Breasts

Breast size is easy to measure. Remove your bra and place a tape measure firmly around
your rib cage just under your breast.
This is also known as 'under bust measurement'. Call this 'A'.
In some countries it is also known as 'bra band size', in other countries bra band size is about 10%-14% (3-5" or 8 cm to 13 cm) bigger.

Next, place the tape measure firmly around your breast, at the fullest part.
This is actually a little less than your 'bust measurement' because if you wear a bra it should not be too tight.
Call this 'B'.
The difference between these two figures, unless your breasts are floppy, is your breast size.
And this corresponds exactly to cup size, again unless your breasts are floppy.
If B-A is 0.5", 1 cm, or less you are cup size AA:

If B-A is 0.5" to 1", 1cm to 2.5cm, you are size A:

If B-A is 1" to 2", 2.5 cm to 5cm, your cup size is B:

If between 2" and 3", 5 cm to 7.5 cm, your cup size is C:

If between 3" and 4", 7.5 cm to 10 cm, your cup size is D:

I did not make bigger breasts (except of course for Americans etc.).
So, two questions:

1. Why do your breasts perhaps not look like these?
It is because of you not looking after yourself. It can be rectified.

2. Why is there not much difference between B,C, and D?
Breast size measures not just breast size but also how far apart are the breasts,
whether they point outwards or forwards. C and D breast size is not perfect, because
for these sizes the breasts point outwards.

Your cup size is just right to satisfy the man I chose for you.

Every man has the potential to be good and therefore could deserve nice looking breasts.
Hence every woman starts off life with beautiful breasts.

C. Penis

Well, as with breasts and nipples, penis size depends on whether you are excited or not.
Typically, from the bone to the tip, when not excited it is 3" to 4", 7.5cm to 10cm.
When excited it is typically about 1.5" bigger, 4cm.
It is a myth that some men* have big penises and others small, but a tall man usually has a correspondingly bigger size according to his height.
A big size does not give a woman more pleasure, and for the man it gives less pleasure.

*This is a true statement but of course Amerucans have mostly bigger size.

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