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I wanna love this bitch

1. Or I wanna love this yank.

2. You always have the ability to be or do good.
And giving love is priceless.
And wanting to give love is a cool thing to wanna do.
Here when I say 'wanna love' I do not mean lecherous desire and forced entry.
3. It so happens that WHEN this DESIRE happens Lord Vishnu simultaneously develops a desire to
love you some more.
Which of course is something you should appreciate and OFFER something valuable to Him in
return. Like $, or more pain, or body parts (eg please accept my left eye in token recompense)..
And the reason for this is that He is a stranger to you, you should of course NOT accept gifts
from strangers otherwise you are a thief and may lose body parts (eg a left eye) or $ etc.
Even if He were not a stranger it is thievery to accept a gift without giving something back.
4. Anyways with this completely new desire to love you more Lord Vishnu gives you gift #2.
He gives you some UNDERSTANDING that this is the worst worst ever decision in your life
or the absolute dumbest or eg maybe not completely completely daft.
Which gift of course you repay with appropriate body parts.
5. And then if you evil, you proceed to love this bitch and Lord Vishnu gives you gift #3.
Some of His love for you. Which of course is far far more valuable, infinitely more,
than anything you own, other than your love for Him.
6. And if you are sataness, you say to yourself 'I wanna love him', 'but I want him to love me first'
so a woman never gets gift #3 from Lord Vishnu.
She either loves a man, in which case of course she wants to love him MORE but this article does not
cover that delightful situation, only the situation where you wanna love him/her in the first place.
7. So, therefore, if the man does not want to love her, eg but not necessarily only because of UNDERSTANDING given by Lord Vishnu her desire to love him comes to nothing. So, she receives gifts #2 and #3 from Lord Vishnu and of course being a thief, gives nothing back.
8. On account of this theft, Lord Vishnu penalizes her and says 'I wanna love her a little' but let
someone else love her first.
9. And so when she exercises and slims etc. some mug will want her and then she will WANT him
and then stupid bitch will argue and annoy him and have headache and blow love desire away.
10. But stupid bitch has been given some UNDERSTANDING from Lord Vishnu, gift#2. So next time she
argues less, and after 17009 or so failed attempts at something so so simple, she gives love.
AND in the process you will get to owe pain and sorrow, excepting that ultimately you will love Lord Vishnu and your pain will be excused and you will only have sorrow for what you did to Him.

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