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Best Weight

A. Best Weight

For optimal pleasure, both the man and woman should try and adjust to the best weight for themselves.
By optimal, I mean the man should have the best weight he can for his woman, and likewise for the woman.
Roughly, if you want your partner to lose weight, or gain, you should give them 1 month's time for every
5 kg weight loss or gain you want.

A good looking 5'2" (157cm) woman weighs about 44 kg, 97 lbs.
At 5'6" (167cm) it is 47 kg, 104 lbs.
At 6" (183cm) she looks best at 53 kg, 117 lbs.

10 lbs 5 kg above these figures and she is still looking good.

To measure your waist, place a tape measure around your middle, above your hipbones, where the belly button is. Breathe normally.
To measure your hips, put the tape measure at the top of the hip bones, the pelvic girdle.

To measure chest size, see My article Breast and Penis Size

A typical beautiful Western woman today, 5'7" to 5'11", 170 to 180 cm tall, has bust size 32 to 34" (81-86 cm),

is bra cup A or B, waist 24 to 26" (61-66cm) and hips 34-35.5" (86-90cm).

This woman typically weighs about 55kg, 121 lb.

If she goes on a diet, she will lose roughly 3.7 lbs for every 1" off the waist, that is 0.66 kg per cm.
For example, if she wants to get to 50 kg (110 lb) from 55 kg, she needs to lose about 7.5 cm off her waist, 3", down to 22", 56 cm.
The maximum she can get down to is 21", 53 cm waist, 106 lbs, 48 kg.
For optimal health and fitness, this woman should have a waist of 21", 53cm, and weigh 48 kg, 106 lbs.
At 48kg, she will be fit, but skinny, ribs protruding, and just about able to enjoy sex.
To get to 37 kg, see below, she needs Lord Vishnu's assistance.
He will have to cut her down to size is the English expression.
The same 3.7 lbs for every 1" off the waist applies to men.

A good looking man 5'6" 167 cm weighs between 136 lbs to 146 lbs, depending on his hip size, 62-66 kg.


Actually, with Western food pollution, men and women have grown taller over the years.
In the old days, men were typically about 5'4" with hip size 33.5", that is height 162 cm, hip size
85 cm.The best weight for such a man is about 50 kg, 110 lbs.
Women were typically about 4'10", 147 cm, with hip size 32" ie 81 cm.
They weighed about 37 kg, 82 lbs.
Obviously, these are the optimal weights for men and women.
Hip size did not vary too much in those days, so if you have a large frame or build, it is just
down to Western pollution.
So, even if a man or woman is taller than these figures, eg 6' tall, he or she should target
50 kg for a man and 37 kg for a woman for best sexiness.

A 6' 183 cm woman who looks good at 53kg, 117 lbs, is going to look kind of bony at 37 kg, 82 lbs.

But, she will be fit and sexy.

B. Effect of being overweight

An overweight man or woman gets 25% less pleasure for each 1 kg of overweight.
For example, if you are a man and weigh 51 kg rather than 50 kg, you will get 75% of the pleasure
that is possible for any given sexual activity. And, if you weigh 54 kg or more then you get nil pleasure.
Of course, everybody needs and is built for having sexual activity, so you want it.
It is just that you get disappointed if you are fat.
Pleasure of course is what your soul receives; your mind may not be in touch with your soul
and in any case is not an entity which receives pleasure.
It may have perversions which lead it to think that it receives pleasure, eg each time it sees a woman's glove.
If you are underweight, you do receive maximum pleasure, but you are on a path towards early death.

Actually, overweightness is simply due to a poor excretion function.

You eat waste product like American rotting or cooked food with zero nutritional value.

Instead of the poison being excreted, some of it stays in you, gradually harming you.

Of course the more genuine rat poison the Westerners put in the food, the harm may not be gradual.

C. Best happiness

Actually, for best happiness as a single person, you should have a weight about 10% greater,
but if you are looking for a partner, or have a partner, the above are the figures you should aim for.

D. Dieting

If you are underweight, you should have plenty of nuts to fatten you up.
If you are overweight, whenever you are hungry, you should have something sweet, for example
chikki or chocolate.
Once in about 30 hours have some milk, do not go hungry. Avoid cooked foods, Western rubbish.
You need about 400 grams of chikki or chocolate per day, until you have got to whatever weight you desire.

E. Effect of going to optimal weight

Obviously, if you are too fat, then you will die sooner, because no man or woman wants a fat partner,
and then you serve no useful purpose.

You will be surprised at how much better you feel (and look) at 50/37 kg than you do at 200kg or whatever.
Magical things do happen.You do your bit, and I will do Mine.

There is no downside. Once you get to this optimal weight, you will be a lot healthier, sexier
and you will find that it is easy to keep up your weight without dieting.

Of course you then revert to about 2.5 litres milk and 150 gram chikki per day.

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