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Best Call Girl Centres in the World

Let Me ask you some questions:

1. Why is it that Mumbai was the richest state in India?
2. Why were property prices there a few years ago the most expensive of ANY city in the world?
3. How many local hard working girls in Kerala can afford to pay Rs 7000 for a boat ride on a Kerala houseboat (when the average monthly
for a call girl is (I kid you not) Rs 10000 which she spends almost entirely on her monthly food shopping?
4. Suppose she manages to save Rs 1 per month, how many months would it take to pay Rs 7000 for a boat ride (or any ride)?
5. How did Kerala become the third richest state in India?
6. Is Kerala wealth because it is one of the largest producers of rubber, pepper, coconut and coir?
7. Or fish production?
8. Or spice production? (these are the only things it has).
9. How did Indira Gandhi, ..Narendra Modi become so wealthy?
10. Is it really true that there are about 430 Secret Service stations in Kerala with an average number of plodders in each of 7.6?
11. Do these wankers protect local working girls or do they rape them?
12. Did you know that about 60 million foreign men cum to Kerala each year?
13. Do you think that any of them want to sunbathe?
14. Did you know that Kerala is famous for its 1480 massage centres?
15. Did you know that when a foreign man comes to Kerala (or Delhi, or Mumbai or ANWHERE in India),
his phone is tracked, his room is searched, his passport details are sent straight to the Secret Servce?
16. Did you know that 79% of these massage centres are owned by rickshaw and taxi drivers?
17. Did you know that a typical massage centre has 17 call girls working for these rickshaw and taxi drivers?
18. Did you know that a typical massage centre is a rather lovely place, expensive furniture.. like 4 star hotel?
19. Did you know that the value of a typical 17 bedroom 4 star hotel in India,
including Kerala, used to be USD 1.6 million (Rs 100 million)?
20. How many rickshaw rides will a rickshaw driver need to make on an average call girl to buy a $1.6 million massage centre?
21. Will he need to rape the girls he owns once a day or 15 times a day?
22. Do you know how many rickshaw drivers have disappeared after meeting Me?
23. Is it because I am a mass murderer?
24. Did you know that Salil Kumar Anil (NOT his real name) of SouthWest Tours & Travels
who rented Me his apartment has NO customers?
25. But that he is always keen to ensure that My room is cleaned by the Indian secret service?
26. And that if he found I was having sex or even looking at a girl in My room he would straight away report Me to the Secret Servce?
27. So, 60 million men each year reported to the Secret Servce, how much revenue does that bring Navendra Modi?
28. Do the Secret Servce ask for $1 each from these foreign men?
29. Is it true that they on average collect $9750 per man?
30. Is it correct that 60 million times $9750 is about $600 billion, 5 times the reported GDP of Kerala?
31. What would happen to a foreign man who did not pay Indian secret service an average of $9750 (actually $6000 - 12000)?
32. Beaten up? Killed? Put in hospitality suite of a massage parlour or lovely Indian jail?
33. No, did you know that it is his balls that are at stake in India?
34. Did you know that men do not like to report to their home countries police department that they have molested an Indian girl?
35. Do you think that these foreign men come back to Kerala or do you think that the 60 million foreign men are new each year?
36. Did you know that about 500 million foreign men come to India each year?
37. Do you think that Mr Modi, and other socialist presidents/prime ministers etc.
since Indira Gandhi, have a different model of revenue generation in other states of India?
38. Where is the $600 billion times 500/60 = $6,000 million EACH year hidden? (Hong Kong)
39. Does some of it go to the 'massage' centre multiple raped (Secret Service plus rickshaw driver) call girls?
40. Is it true that 80% of it goes directly to Mr Modi and then to his bosses? YES.
41. Do you think that NOW Mr Modi has assets in excess of $100?

The answer is that Mr Modi is now cleaned out. Assets DISAPPEARED.
Helen and Raymond Kwok of Hong Kong are no longer running India.
I am.
The Secret Servicemen in India are no longer permitted to rape rickshaw driver owned escort service and other prostitutes.
I am. (But, of course I will not!)
Do you think that local Indians, press, banks, hotels, airlines, travel agents, dating bureaus..have to pay bribes to the Secret Servcemen when they even sneeze?
From now on they do not.
(Incidentally, you should avoid coming to Kerala until further notice because Mr Modi on Chinese instructions put cyanide in the water and milk*
supply a few days ago).
Socialism has gone from India and elswhere.
Now is the time for love and happiness not for fear about losing your balls.
British/American India is a thing of the past.

*milk in Kerala as elsewhere is now pure, you are welcone to cum.

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