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What should you take to Delhi

1. Wear 1 jean, take spare
2. Wear 1 T-shirt, take 1 spare
3. Wear 1 panty, take 1 spare
4. Women, wear 1 bra, take 1 spare.
5. Cash as much as you can high denominations, and debit/credit cards if you have money in ac..
6. 1 pair chappels (Indian sandals)
7. Cold country, wear a coat.

8. Small bag to keep spare things listed above in.

Leave everything else behind.

Babies (under 5.5) , pets, livestock, leave them to starve, or if you feel kind:
84 small bananas, or 30 litres of milk each, plus as a reward for being nice 1.5kg of chocolate.
Or 50 grams of rat poison, open each banana put it in and then close it, etc.
5.5 year to 14 year old children women take girls, men take boys with you, unless you have to take both girl and boy

Pear shape

American woman
Proud of her possessions
203 size Z bras
Size 67 waist
$58,000 breasts
Gucchi handbag to match
Costco $7 fake
African bottom
50Z XXXXL Nude tights $1.50 per pear
Womb extracted and kindly given to charity dog home
53 pairs of wet repellant organic cotton slip-on sneakers at bargain price of $38 each
husband worth $0.25 on a good day
wanted boy-friend worth$175 million
Total worth $61,537 or x breasts at $3,537 going for horror

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