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The Beauty Act 23 October 585 million BC

Surprisingly perhaps, one of the worst aspects of Western culture is the practice of destroying beauty.
It permeates that culture like the venereal disease that all Westerners have but do not know about.
Everything made from start to finish is ugly.
Now, you may like looking at a metal car or a concrete box or an American woman, but that is because your mind is ugly.
Your soul, the real you who because of Western education you are not in touch with is not fooled.
There is an absolute scale of beauty for everything in this world, running from 0% perfect ugly to 100%
perfect beauty.
Your soul, when through your sense organs, sees something, knows exactly this is 70% beautiful, and every other soul
knows it too.
When I created the world, I created everything of course 100% healthy, but also 100% beautiful.
There were no cockroaches.
Beauty is to do with vision, there were also perfect tastes, perfect sounds, perfect sensations and perfect smells.
About a man, the mind has standards of 'handsomeness' trained with Western or other cultures.
But, the soul of every feeling being, woman or cow or dog,..can see his beauty, whether it is 80% or 20%.
And the soul of every feeling being likes to see beauty.
The amount of ugliness (opposite of beauty) it sees in its 580 million or so years of existence is directly
related to how evil it has been.
So, if you destroy beauty by putting concrete on a grass field, the only person who suffers is you, because
your soul then sees more ugliness (not necessarily that specific concrete).
Beauty is the thing that lifts up one's heart and gives one the joy of life.
So, evil has two effects, it gives you pain and it removes the joy of life.
Your joy of life is determined by how evil you have been in your past lives, because in the past
most things were beautiful
But, of course, you are able to significantly reduce your joy of life by being evil in this life.
You can also increase your joy of life by cash payment or by asking for more pain.

As another example, suppose you want to please a man or woman by being more beautiful for say 2 hours.
For cash or more pain, this can easily be arranged. In fact, it costs you nothing, because obviously the man owes
you money for being more beautiful.
But, suppose you wanted to be beautiful for those occassions when a photo was taken or when you were dating a man or woman
in order to marry him or her. This can also readily be arranged.
But, when you reverted to ugliness after marriage, he or she would be owed huge compensation and you would be in complete shit.

From now on anyone who politely asks Me for something shall be given it for a fair price.

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