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Lovely pictures for downloading


If you are under 14, you do NOT try this. You listen here and you listen good. And OBEY.
Look at your girl or boyfriend, look at pics, etc. but no messing with extreme exercise.

2. You know, a nice woman does not like to show her anus or vagina to anyone who does not love her, even
though there is nothing to see. Similarly, a nice man does not like to show his anus or penis to anyone he does not love.
You will notice that in the videos and pictures on this website, the women were happy showing, even though
they were being blackmailed. Well there is nothing wrong in that, but a nice man does not like to marry a woman
who has been seen by other men. In My case, you will notice that I was a little shy, but not overly.
No nice woman is going to mind this, unless I was being photographed making love.

Actually, there are masses of photos I could have chosen and the choice was a joint effort between My Lord and Myself.

As He helped Me choose, gradually My ability to see which were the sexiest pictures improved.

3. Sometimes, your penis or vagina needs a rest. Often then you can peacefully look at the pics/vids
while crippling yourself:

You watch the video and at the same time have your feet together, knees wide wide apart and be on your
front. To tone your buttock muscles keep them hard. Press the groins and pubis down as if there
a man or woman under you which hopefully there is/will be soon.Your inner thighs touching the bed:

[Note: you may think when looking at My pics, possibly rightly that I was doing these postures on the ceiling
or on the wall. Well I of course blame Goddess Luckshmi, I wanted her there under Me on the bed but she
just refused to cum. Somehow, whatever I do does not go right with her gone, I cannot even do a 90 or 180 degree swivel adjustment on the photos which if you were a pretty woman and here with Me
you would not need to see were taken right way up.]

[I also blame Samsung for a faulty camera system on My tablet, I blame you the reader for
noticing it now that I have pointed it out to you and I blame also the Queen of England for some reason.

Goddess Lakshmi is now happy in heaven, which brings tears to My eyes, of happiness.]

To increase the chance of being crippled, keep your bottom right down and bring your whole body forward.
Actually moving your bottom to and fro so the pubis touches the bed all the time and goes back and forth
might get you hard/wet.

Then do push ups, pressing your groin down towards her/him so it is in good contact with hers/his
or the bed:

I have not shown it, but you can also move your body from side to side, and also lift your feet towards the ceiling.

Rest, do it a few times.
Then you will get some relief if you straighten your one leg back:

Then do some more push-ups, keeping your groin in contact with her/him, or even better pressed into bed.
Then flick your straight leg foot up towards the ceiling 20 times.
Then bring your bent leg foot forward:

Then do more press-ups and flick your straight leg foot upwards.
Then bring your bent leg foot forward, and raise the knee, and place your foot on the bed:

Rest quietly looking at pictures, maybe you will not easily be able to have your chest on the ground.
If so, rest on your two elbows for a couple of hours, and also when you feel any discomfort at all
do 50 press ups.
After a while your arms will feel tired and the pressure of gravity will also help you to rest your trunk on the bed.

You will be surprised to know how even though you are just resting, with no effort (much), you may sweat a little.
Like even your penis/vagina will sweat even though you are so busy looking at pictures you forget to use your hand.

Western poison is pouring out of you. These postures are EXTREMELY healthy although for a couple of seconds
afterwards you may like to sit and rest.

Western poison even comes out of your heart although from there it does not emerge as sweat.
It just feels nice and healthy and unclogged, as does your whole body.

You feel peaceful just nice, although of course your groin area is a little warm.

And you want to go to the loo. And you are ready, not for more exercise, but for WANKING. So no loo.

4. So, have a 10 minute rest. Then sit on the bed and spread your legs apart. Now, pretend that you are shy.

Move your penis back towards your anus, and bend forward so no one can see anything.Look at some pictures.
Variations are to turn to either side, to rest your chest on the bed in front of you, to spread the legs wider,
to fall backwards onto your back and to lie half way back so your legs are the same but your body
is nearly reaching the bed behind you.Stay.

Next, cum up and bend your legs up towards the ceiling:

and then spread your feet wider and bend forward.

Then stay, then press your chest onto the bed in front of you. After staying about half an hour,
turn to one side, then the other. Then lie backs and sit forwards. Lie back, and then quickly come up
and press your head onto the bed and again quickly lie back, to and fro.
When you have finished,instead of going back and forth, try and take your head down quickly over, ie
beyond your right knee, towards the bed and then quickly come up and take it to the outside of the other knee.
Quickly repeat 10 times.

Then, exercise over, just stay quietly with your legs wide apart and straight for a while, before finding
a comfortable position to wank and look.

5. Some of you might need to learn how to stand now. Well I refuse to reach you. Any 1 year old can do IT.
You go on all fours like a dog or bitch, and then you move one hand forward and then the other, and
then one knee forward and then the other, unless you are as clever as a baby or dog/bitch when you move
one FOOT not knee forward etc.

6. Anyways to sit comfortably, there are two traditional ways in which South Indian women used to sit
while listening to streams of words of wisdom being emitted by their husband (NOT husbands):

In those long gone days, women did not have penises so they could not sit on them, but the pressure of
bending forward is also good for a vagina.

With your straight leg, you can turn it inwards, you can turn it outwards, you can stretch the feet
away from you, and towards you, keeping leg poker straight for 30 minutes, scrunch your toes..

When sitting, you can practice holding in your tummy, contracting your buttocks, gripping your anal sphincter.
And of course staying as long as possible, lying back without REACHING the bed, going from side to side
and bending and praying to the virgin mary (Jesus's mother) that your walking ability will improve.

And after pressure on penis/vagina, you are ready for WANKING.Actually your hand is also a healing force.
If you get sore, you can place your hand around/on your penis/vagina and apply pressure. It brings some relief.

7. After a few hours you can then lie on your back

Then let your legs fall to the side:

And, lift your bottom up, but without using a chair. She is cheating.

8. These are 'zipped' files containing images of naked women, sometimes even including a vagina shot.

Men and women are advised to wank or be wanked slowly, occassionally fast, and before you reach
stop 20 seconds and then slow..

When you press on a file below, it will usually go to your download folder and then you need to unzip them
in order to satisfy yourself.

See Computer programmes you may need

for how to unzip (no not dress or trousers)

zip file 1

zip file 2

zip file 3

zip file 4

Today, My kundalini energy rose I think more than 1 cm (0.4 ins). 615 pics, here they are:

615 pics zip file 5

Anyways next day I am walking to My favourite evil bank, ickicky.
I manage just about 2 km. Then tummy ache gets a little worse.
Just looking at women gives a man tummy ache, what about being with her.
I find chair and sit. Difficult. My Lord tells Me I have crucifiction level pain. It is not good.
After about 30 mins, I bring peace to My mind and just about manage to stand.
Rickhaw wants Rs 50 for 1 km trip and refuses to take Me to ick bank. I walk on real slow.
And then GIVE UP. I pay rickshaw Rs 50 for 2 km trip back home, Indian thief driver.
THEN BAD NEWS. There is a beetle in My room. Shock. Horror. How could He do this to Me?
Anyways the 3.7% solution to crucifiction pain is to be peaceful as soon as you can, and then think of Him/him and then have happiness in your heart and then to smile.

It is just possible that you will be TEMPTED to ask for pain relief. [confession. I was].
Anyways the 3.7% solution to crucifiction pain is to be peaceful as soon as you can, and then think of Him/him and then have happiness in your heart and then to smile.
It is just possible that you will be TEMPTED to ask for pain relief. [confession. I was].
And He will probably say 'OVER MY DEAD BODY'. And so you beg again, possibly.
And then He says 'Sure'. Nothing happens.
So you pick up courage to say 'My Lord, love of My life, I am sorry real sorry to trouble you, but
WHEN am I going to get pain relief'.
And He will possibly say 'in a couple of days or so'.
And then you have the nerve to answer back: 'umm. aaargh. Could it be a couple of minutes sooner'.
And then I think of Him and all I want is to give Him My love and Him happiness, and I offer Him water of love.

As soon as possible, head home, wash your feet, get rid of beetles, strip naked,
crawl onto bed, your head hits the pillow (not gently lowered), be on your side and try and sleep.
Possibly avoid listening to Beethoven or to heavy metal rock music. etc.
Hopefully your home is in quiet place with just birds singing in low volume.
After sleep shower. It does not take long to recover.Then poke out your tongue and avoid smiling.

Note: Beetles do not like water.

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