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A Perfectly Bad Day

Now this is something that you may wish to know about.
I mean you will know about but you may NOT wish to know about.
I write from My experience.
In My case, really, I can pick ANY day in last 64 TOUGH TOUGH years and write to you about it.
Let us just take today as an example, 11.35 am IST.
This is about (11.6/24)ths of a BAD DAY.
THE rest of the day will be more loneliness, more agony, etc. such that in total the day is perfectly bad.
Anyway, so far
No sex.
No woman.
No money.
No love.
No vids to look at.
No sleep.
No progress on updating website
Husband not looking at Me.
Wife not looking at Me.
Husband not talking to Me
Wife not talking to Me
Two caterpillars
Me not seeing My husband
Me not seeing My wife.
No wife in prospect ever
No chocolate.
Maximum pain that you can bear.
No pics to look at.
No desire to look at pics.
No friends
Only 3 of 6 dogs meet Me in morning, and that to say goodbye.
1 small fly .03 cm .01 inches lands on bed.
Nothing attempted working.
Eg 12 inches or is it 2
No desire to have it working.
Milk is sour.
What the hell else?
The trick is to laugh about this all, smile to yourself, talk to yourself with remaining teeth, and
burst into tears.
Only another 12 hours 5 minutes to go.
And smile.

For you all it will be
So I am happy.

Pretty nice looker above.
No email address available.

12.14 pm
Internet working.
3 new articles uploaded.
this one in next 3 minutes.
chocolate permitted
3 video sites found.
1 video already downloaded for Me to see etc. whether acceptable viewing for world
New hope:
New desire kindled:

Functioning member.
Husband jealous.
Wife jealous.
Husband so angry that He kills His other wife
Leaving Me grinning
A 60 minute video.
If I could find another 10 today = 60*10/60= 10 hours plus this 1 hour
= 11 hours total
from say 12.30 lunch milk and chocolate time
= plus video download and searching for time = 15 minutes
then takes Me to 11.45 pm.
5 mins sleep.
5 mins dinner.
5 mins updating website.
AND A perfectly GOOD Day:
And tomorrow, hopefully no caterpillars for Me.
I updated Sin City, it did not save.
So I had to retype 5 words all over again.
I nearly cry.
And then I touch the key pad real softly peacefully quietly with love in My heart
a little wetness in My eyes as I remember Him rather than forget Him,
with My finger pad, it takes longer,
but it saved.
Why rush. Am I trying to do a 1 minute mile?
Peace tranquility kindness love.
Why hurt the keyboard?
Is she a woman?
Why hurt your finger when typing?
Is that what fingers are for to hurt them?
Possibly yes.
Everything happens for the good

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